Dont mind me..Im just side-parting.

Posted in News on May 30th, 2012 by Reagan

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I re-discovered my love for a heavy side part recently. I consider myself a girl who loves growing out my bangs as much as I love actually having bangs since with each stage, you have a new look! Right now my bangs (well, they are to my really bangs anymore) are at a stage where they look the best to the side. They can be swept downwards or up off my forehead. Give me that deep side part and I kind of like it all right now.

It seems like only yesterday they were working it out in the center. My how they grow so fast..

(Apologies for the non manicured nails. Ew.)

Also, me and my side part (and my laptop) are currently in a cafe in the West Village devouring the free wifi. My internet at home is being worked out so this is how we do it right now. I miss you all!

14 Responses to Dont mind me..Im just side-parting.

  1. Ashley Says:

    You and your blog are so inspiring! I love your energy and passion for hair. As a fellow hairstylist, way over on the opposite coast in California, youre truly an inspiration to me! Thank you

  2. Lana Says:

    Hello! Please check my site with hairstyles ))))

  3. lisa Says:

    you need to show the whole top of your head, I am about at the same stage. I am struggling with cutting some layers up top for lift, but have struggled to grow them out. But because my scissors are always there on my dresser, I am forever saying step away from the scissors. love the blog~!

  4. Ariel Says:

    I am also a fan of the All-stages-bang-grow-outI do it about every 2 years or so. It feels liberating to chop them offbut then I miss my old hair after about 4 weeks :)

  5. Jenny Kersting Says:

    Love your side part!

  6. kati Says:

    love it! you look like SUMMAH.

  7. Joni C. Says:

    Could you do a tutorial of how you styled your side bangs? Im growing out my hair and my bangs are a little long, and Im having a hard time styling them.

  8. Emma Says:

    Yes Joni C! I would love that too.

  9. Marix Says:

    Your side part reminds me of Julia Roberts in her film Pretty Woman.Pretty indeed:)

  10. Whoopi Alice Says:

    You looking so cool, this product any site effect or not. please tell me

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  12. Jared Lowenstein Says:

    Nice hairstyle. Its definitely going to be in my list of hairstyle collection book.

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