Hair Sixth Sense.

Posted in Products on May 23rd, 2012 by Reagan

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Today Im here to report a magical, miraculous power my hair has.

And that is.

My hair can make it rain.

All I have to do is blow dry my hair straight, and it will be raining, Im talking catsing and dogsing within 12 hours.

When the left photo was taken, it was nothing but summer sun and clear skies. The photo on the right was taken the next morning, when the old man was definitely snoring and I had to go outside for a few seconds.

Does anyone else have this kind of magical hair? Does anyone know how to monetize such a gift?

My solution? Throw in a quarter size amount of Je Veux and do a once over taking big sections with my blow dryer and brush. Im like the first picture again. Until its time to go outside.

21 Responses to Hair Sixth Sense.

  1. Katie Says:

    You like this better than Moroccan Oil?

  2. Reagan Says:

    Yes! its similar, but i like the smell, consistency and packaging better!

  3. Ali Says:

    Orofluido oil is also awesome!

  4. Rachel Malis Says:

    My hair does this ALL. THE. TIME. It never looks as nice as yours does once its recurl-ified itself, though.

  5. Tracy Says:

    Oh yeah, this is my hair too! Magic, poof! lol

  6. jessica Says:

    This is why I rarely straighten my hair, its guaranteed to be 1000% humidity as song as Im finished. Then all my hard work & arm aching is for naught. Thats why Im almost always rocking the curls :) I wish my hair looked more like yours though, mine is much curlier.

  7. Stephie Says:

    The photo on the right with the awesome wavesis that al natural (with a french accent) or did you style it a bitbe honest:-) I have a natural wave in my hair and I let it air dry and if I am lucky it will be semi attractive but most days needs some extra love from a curling iron or a cute braid etc So what product do you use/ recommend to enhance your natural wave/ curl like the photo on the right. I never use product cause I am lazy and semi afraid I will get addicted and then over load my hair with product?

  8. Twinkle Teacher Says:

    Ive recently learned to just roll with it, blow out my hair and see what happens. And then I take it from there. If I try to get it to do what I really want to do, I get mad. I dont do mad. Im all about the happy. Happy hair and happy life! ;)

  9. Janeal Says:

    I personally prefer the full/wavy look! My two daughters both have gorgeous, thick wavy hair, and they both spend hours every week blowing out and straightening! They look very pretty like that too, but I wish they would be content with their natural, beautiful style, For some reason many of us want what we do not have. Your hair is gorgeous in both pictures.

  10. Paula Morales Says:

    Oh! I love that product. Its perfect for my fine hair. Morroccan Oil is so heavy for me. This NY rain even made my hair wave and I thought that was impossible! But mine just looks a mess.

  11. Carly Hairdressing Jobs Says:

    Ive tried this product myself, thought it was great and will def try again. Morroccan oil is nice too though:)

  12. askvivi Says:

    Interesting article! I love argan oil because it has tons of benefits and it’s super light on my hair, not greasy. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil hair treatment and my hair is shinier, stronger, healthier and longer :)

  13. Angela Says:

    The photo on the right is so pretty, though!

  14. Anna Says:

    My hair does the exact same thing with the wind. If my hair ever looks really good then I know it will be the windiest day ever!

  15. vanessa Says:

    Where can i find this magical stuff. Do they sell this at cosmoprof ?

  16. Monique Says:

    I prefer the product that Im using, its Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which works amazing, it protects my hair , makes it stronger and keeps it soft, shiny, resilient and healthy. I luv it :D

  17. Samantha Says:

    I cant wait to try this product. I love good morning hair!


  18. Isobel Says:

    Just came across this post and thought I should say I can top it- I have a friend who attracts the, uh, attentions of passing birds whenever she straightens her hair. Seriously, its crazy. Love the solution to the rain problem though, I live in Dublin so rain is definitely an issue for me!

  19. MBT Billig Says:

    Temperere forkant av MBT, og som lyden betydningen gitt sin LOGO ånd tilhører sterk fysikk, vil skinne.

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