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Posted in News on May 15th, 2012 by Reagan

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Im having bang envy right now. I dont want to cut them, because Im worried about the summertime sweaty bang. So holding out for fall it is!

In the meantime, I thought Id show you my bang terminology. I get a little carried away sometimes

First up..

Block-y Bangs. I call Zooeys bangs Blockies or Block-y Bangs because they are a big block of hair right there on your forehead. Dont worry, this is the kind of block that is sexy and cool.

(ps the above one of Zooey is maybe the greatest photo of hair ever)

Next up..

Shake-y bangs. These are similar to blockies, but they are a little messed up. They have more texture and separation and you can see forehead skin. Kate Moss perfected the shakies.

And another.

Then we have..

Sweepies! These go to the side. They are for the girly-girl. Or the girl growing out her bangs.


Curtain-y bangs. These are parted in the middle and sweep outwards like a curtain, unveiling your forehead for possibly the first time in blocky bang months. I was going to post a photo of my two Queens of curtainiesAlexa Chung and Brigitte Bardot, but I thought that would be a wee predictable. So we are going with random hot girl below! She kills the curtainies! And I miss that length of hair.

There are several bangs not mentioned. Straighties, Betties, Pointies, Featheries, Softies

Ill do a part two for them.

(All photo sources lost in translation, unfortunately)

20 Responses to Reagans Bang Slang

  1. Emma Says:

    Hey Reags! Ive heard that some shaped faces should not do certain types of bangs. Id love it if you would do a post on it. Im thinking of changing my hair up and would love some advice!

  2. Nicola Says:

    I believe random hot girl is Freja Beha Erichsen. All those hours of fashion blog reading finally pay off!

  3. isabelle Says:

    i agree with emma! a post on faces/bangs would be great. i really want bangs, but i keep being told that they wouldnt look good on me. any suggestions for the un-bang-able? oh wait, no

  4. Barbara Says:

    I second Emma and isabelle, Id love you forever if you would share which face shape to pair with which bang type. I love Zooeys hair, and sooooooo want to ask for her bangs, but Im scared it wont look right with my face shape.

  5. Erin Says:

    I am with you sister, although I dont think I can wait for fall. I had long hair with blockies for quite awhile, grew them out, and chopped my hair to my collar bone. But now I miss my bangs.

  6. jeannie Says:

    Great bangs talk. One thing: people gotta have the right kind of hair to pull off these various bangs. I love Zooeys, but I dont have her type of hair. Im a sweepies-only girl. Wouldnt pull off or look good in anything else.

  7. Katherine Says:

    Oh I can totally relate to this post!! I started growing my bangs out about a year ago and am sooo ready to cut them again. As desperate as I may be, Im holding out for fall too.

  8. tammy Says:

    I have sweepies at the moment. I wish I could pull of blockies but I dont think I have thick enough hair. I am going to send you a pic of my favorite bangs and what I tried to get when i cut mine but I think I am just not as pretty as the girl in the pic.

  9. Kim Says:

    I always have sweepies even though I really long for blockie. My face just looks too round and weird with blockiesighI tried blockie for a while and while I liked the look, I also looked like I was 20 pounds heavier so Im back to sweepie. However, I have naturally curly hair so in humid weather I have sweepie, curly, blech ;-) (Id also love a post on what face type looks good with what type of bangAnd are bangs still in, do they ever go out of style??)

  10. kati Says:

    so you know my girl lola, well she insists on the curtainies. she is always swapping (thats her word, which is now my word) her bangs to the sides with both hands, resulting in the curtains. but on her it just looks dumb and mullet-y, and not in the cool way. i dont know, im constantly having to swap one side over so that she has sweepies instead (we tried cutting them super school girl short but she still managed to part them in the middle). and she wants to grow out her hair (we always do the bob to avoid the mullet) but its killiiiinnnng me.

    me, i just have the worlds biggest cowlick so no bangs for me :)

  11. David Says:

    Im looking for exact this information that youve shared with us. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  12. julie Says:

    The unknown woman in the last photo (curtainy bang) ist supermodel Freja Beja Erichsen. I adore her!

  13. Says:

    I like to call mine non-commital bangs. Use this fringe as a bang or just part of your layers. *RULE OF THUMB* (or rule of bangs, if you prefer :) ) Bangs that reach your bottom lip will often reach behind your ear! Try it.

  14. Katrina Says:

    You are the cutest. I will be using these in the salon xx

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  16. alexis Says:

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  17. sarah Says:

    nicole- you read my mindI thought, will anyone else know that the last pic is Freja; and if so, does that make me a tool ;)

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