Divine Caroline: Tips for Conditioning

Posted in News on May 11th, 2012 by Reagan

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Last week was shampoo, this week is conditioner! Hairray!

To see this week’s Divine Caroline post, click here! And have a great weekend!

Random photo of Carey Mulligan from Elle.

PS Two giveaways coming up next week. Tell your hair to get pumped.

13 Responses to “Divine Caroline: Tips for Conditioning”

  1. Julia Says:

    Another great Reagan-read… & which was your fave Kerastase conditioner?

  2. Caitlin B Says:

    Sally Sparrow… don’t blink!

  3. Nicole Says:

    You talked about not conditioning near the roots, and you don’t go above your chin. What a about for shirt hair?

  4. Nicole Says:

    Previous comment should read short not shirt :) I really should proof read.

  5. Maura Says:

    I want to know what to do with short hair too, mine is a very short bob. Should I condition or should I just let the natural oils do their thing?

  6. kati Says:

    i always start by putting a regular pharmacy-bought conditioner on my ends from the chin down, comb it in with my fingers and then just kind of brush off whatever is left on my hands onto the top/head area of my hair so that it doesn’t feel too, too different from the ends but so that it doesn’t get too weighed down. i don’t like when the top feels squeaky clean and the ends feel all silky smooth. but then, on top of the regular conditioner that’s already on my ends, i put the sachajuan hair repair. since i’m only shampoo-ing every few days, i do it every time i shampoo. love that stuff! i get all thinking-off-into-the-distance while i let it soak in. i totally credit my “system” with why even though my face and body are lookin’ 90, my hair keeps lookin’ 20 :) :)

  7. grow hair fast Says:

    have style good

  8. ps Says:

    Hey Reagan,

    I know you said you wash your hair every 3 or 4 days. I’m curious, do wet your hair in the shower on the other days? Do you rinse it? Do you put in additional hair product (mousse, etc) on the nonwash days?

    I, too, only wash my hair 3X a week or so, but I haven’t been able to figure out what to do on the off days, so I usually wear it down the next day, but by the second day, it’s in a ponytail — mainly because it could use a little more hold from some spray or mousse, but I’m not sure it won’t look greasy if add on some more.

    What say you? (Tips from other readers also good!)

  9. Maura Says:

    Dear PS,
    I personally rinse my hair every other day in the shower and shampoo twice a week. I find that rinsing gets out enough of the product that I can add more product that day without it looking greasy. But if your hair is different, a dry shampoo (thanks for introducing it to me Reagan!) will give you hold and help zap the grease. Hope this helps!

  10. ps Says:

    Thanks, Maura! I’ll try your regimen of rinsing alternate days and using product and see what happens. I have seen Reagan recommend the dry shampoo, but I’ve always felt too much of a hair novice to try! But I’ll check it out, too!

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