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Posted in News on April 25th, 2012 by Reagan

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Over the weekend I was at my local drug store picking up cleaning supplies and hint o lime chips, when I happened to find colored Batiste. You know, for those of us who dont have white hair? I love dry shampoo, I love it so much. Long love story shortened, I bought the blonde and tried it once. I already like it much better than normal white Batiste Dry Shampoo, but still think its too light since I like to keep my roots nice and rooty. Im going to try the medium color next, and Im crossing my fingers that well be the perfect match.

I always get complaints about brunettes not being able to use dry shampoo because its white, so this is a good way for everyone to use it.

Tip: dont throw away that old can of white dry shampoo yet! I use it on my brunette clients all the time, but just put it on little by little, working it in between layers. That way it soaks up the oil without depositing too much white powder.

If you cant find it in a store near you, buy it here!


18 Responses to Batiste Tones Dry Shampoo

  1. Holland Says:

    Dont use the one for deep dark brown hair. Beware! It is no where near brown. Its blue-gray!

  2. Tif Says:

    Im so excited about this find! I love the magic of dry shampoo but I do hate how it makes my color look dull.

  3. kati Says:

    dont get me talking about dry shampoo, i could discuss it forever! i picked up some psssst the other day, like you said and it works pretty well, and isnt white, its easily rubbed in. why didnt i know to buy the ghetto red and white bottle on the bottom shelf before?? haha. is this batiste going to color my pillowcase if i get the dark?

  4. kati Says:

    oh wait, seeing the labels in the pic and reading the comment above, id prob need the medium. not the dark!

  5. tara polly Says:

    rad! i just snagged some lush dry shampoo and while i love it, i do always walk the fine line of suddenly having gray roots.

  6. Rachel Says:

    Im brunette and use dry shampoo quite regularly; I dont have any problems with the dry shampoo, because I just wipe off the excess with a hair towel after its had time to soak up the oil. But these are great if you dont want to bother with the extra step of combing your hair or wiping it off.

  7. Courtney Says:

    Loreal Professional has a new one called Fresh Dust (isnt that an oxymoron?)
    The name is horrible but as far as the product, im still on the fence. I used it once on myself and still felt really really dirty, just didnt look as dirty. Is it supposed to feel like that?
    I do find it works great on my clients that ive maybe curled a bit too tight and need their curls to relax a bit.

    Seriously they couldnt come up with a better name than Fresh Dust??

  8. Nicole Says:

    Im a dry shampoo freak!!!! Batiste is the best out one out there! I would suggest buying it at or and i usually buy 7 cans at once to get free shipping and then i use a coupon code that you can find on! I have very dark brown, sometimes black hair and i use the original Batiste. If you put too much on just dab your finger tips in water and rub over the grey areas. I can usually go 3-4 days without washing my hair!!!

  9. Ashley Says:

    Be careful with the colored ones!! They do tend to bleed onto fabrics, or if you happen to sweat that day Ive seen it running down the hairline on a few clients :/

  10. Julie Says:

    Bumble & Bumble makes some great colored dry shampoos, too. Ive used them and like them, though they are def more pricey that Batiste.

  11. Amelia Says:

    I LOVE dry shampoo!!! Thank you so much for telling me about it! You seriously save me 2-3 hours a week. I have very dark brunette hair but I still use regular Batiste. You just have to apply sparingly by layer and BRUSH. Its amazing. But I now have a bad habit of bragging about how much I never wash my hair

  12. HeatherKY Says:

    So funnyI just bought two cans of the blonde at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago. I had never heard of it, but thought it sounded good. I have loved it!

  13. Ashli Says:

    My cousin recently made her own dry shampoo with baby powder and cocoa powder She loves it! And for brunettes? Why not;)

  14. anna Says:

    oh, you mean the dry shampoo i told you about ?? ;)

  15. Nothing Cutesy Says:

    I bought the medium brown one, which works awesomely on my own hair, and then tried it on my boyfriends thinning hair and it made his hair appear thicker! Hes completely addicted to it now, cos hes self-conscious about starting to go bald, and he thinks it makes him look 5 years younger, lol. Shh, dont tell him I told you ;)

  16. Lea Anne Says:

    This stuff is amazing! I have such a hard time with dry shampoos since my hair is so dark but I really love this stuff and Ive tried almost every dry shampoo out there!

  17. Ava Says:

    Im a redhead, should I get the blonde dry shampoo? I hate it when they forget about red as a hair colour. :( Batiste is the best though ;)

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