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Hello there! Im cleaning some things out and decided to put these items up for sale on the blog! If you are interested (seriously interested) please email me about any of these items. I will do a first come first serve type sale, so the first to email me ready to buy an item, gets it. The payment will be done by paypal, its really just the fastest and most convenient way.

I wish I had more items to get rid of, but these three are just ready to go to a good home right now. Ill miss them dearly.

I better not get mushy or Ill change my mind!

. . .
Ok, first item. A 1960s vintage Fur coat from Paris, size Medium. It has an adorable tag (unattached) and everything. This coat is made of rabbit fur and is in great condition. Even though its not my size, I bought it anyway because its beautiful and I like to think that the more owners this vintage piece has, the more valuable the animals lives were to make it. Call me naive, but Im an animal lover and I really do believe this.

This coat is so incredibly warm. You could go topless in the dead of winter under this thing and not feel the slightest hint of cold. Fur coats are meant to be a little on the big side, so if you are in-between size small and medium this coat would probably work for you.

Im asking $300 for this coat.

Next item is a beautiful Bottega Veneta handbag. Its a deep chocolate brown and completely gorgeous. Its Italian leather and in really great condition. It has an amazing braided leather strap which is both sturdy and stunning! There is a little wear on the backside of it just from rubbing on my hip, but it doesnt effect the bag at all, and will only be noticed if you are the kind of person who is into wearing their bags with the in-side facing out. Ive got a picture below so you can see the wear that I speak of. I have gotten tons of compliments on this bag and Im sort of hoping it doesnt sell, haha! Ill be so sad to see it go. Please love it for me.

These bags sell in the stores for about $2,200,  and Im asking $600.


My last item is a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin heels in a size 38. These kicks are hot. I wish I could keep these, but I dont wear them enough to justify it. In fact, Ive only worn them twice! As you can see, these are a a rich caramel color with a cool rubbery sole/heel. There is a great stitching detail curving around the toe and also lining up the back. These come with the original red sack and shoe box.

Im asking $500.


Thank you for taking a look! Please email me only if you are seriously considering an item and I can answer any questions you might have, and figure out shipping charges. These will go to the first person ready to purchase.

Email me at

Thank you again!

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  1. romeo37 Says:

    Thank you very successful in

  2. Chrissy Says:

    Um, I really want those shoes. And theyre my size

  3. Chrissy Says:

    But unfortunately Im more of a target/F21 shopper myself these days.

  4. Amy Says:

    I wish!

  5. romeo37 Says:

    yes, very nice shoes

  6. Lauren in GA Says:

    That final picture is fantastic. You know how to present the items perfectly. I want to buy them allbutsadly, nothing would fit. I do want to compliment your pictures, though. :)

  7. Kristen @ More Than Mulberries Says:

    Id be sad to let those go to but there is always something new and cute around the corner! I am trying to sell a large Chanel denim airplane tote for my sister in law. Do you know anyone who might be into something like that? (Im guessing more New York girls than Utah suburban moms!) You can see it here:

  8. Nike Sko Billig Says:

    Hver bit av finnene nøye utformet, er en spesiell vinkel og størrelse for å hjelpe spillerne til å ønske å kontrollere ballen. Og vil berøre ballen når tett sammen, for å oppnå den beste effekt ballen og berøring.


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