Divine Caroline: 3 ways to get Mermaid hair.

Posted in News on April 18th, 2012 by Reagan

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UPDATE: The link works now! So sorry for my mistake!

Ever since I saw the movie Splash I was obsessed with mermaids. My parents had to replace the floor of the bathroom because I splashed too much in the tub. I used to tie my feet together to make a mer-fin and go to town.

All these years later Im still into the whole mermaid look. Go here to read my post at Divine Caroline to see my 3 ways of achieving mermaid hair.

Photo layout and graphic by Tiffany Breinholt for Hairdresser on Fire.

6 Responses to Divine Caroline: 3 ways to get Mermaid hair.

  1. Candice Says:

    Hey my dear, the link wont work, I think its cuz theres an extra http in there somewhere.

  2. Molly Says:

    Ive had trouble with all of your divine caroline links :(
    But! I cant wait to try the twist and dry tonight!

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  4. lighters Says:

    love the hair, its super cute!

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