My favorite Movie Hair: My Week With Marilyn

Posted in News on April 10th, 2012 by Reagan

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I know Im a little late to this, but I dont see movies in the theater often. I watched My Week With Marilyn on the plane ride home from Buenos Aires and it was so good. Michelle Williams was amazing. I love her anyway, but I thought she did such a great performance showing the pain Marilyn had in her life. She was the most beautiful and famous woman in the world, but she felt insecure and lonely anyway. I loved the movie.

Anywho (anyhair? no?)the hair was great. See for yourself.

Did you see My Week With Marilyn?

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9 Responses to My favorite Movie Hair: My Week With Marilyn

  1. Sarah Says:

    Please do a tutorial on Marilyn hair! That would be so fabulous.

  2. Rachel C Says:

    I second the tutorial idea. fun!

  3. Gerladine Says:

    Love the hair and the movie! Michelle Williams is a very convincing Marilyn.

  4. Geraldine Says:

    Love the hair and the movie! Michelle Williams is a very convincing Marilyn .

  5. Alexia M Says:

    I have not had a chance to see this well talked about movie yet but I cannot wait as I know Michelle Williams is an amazing actress. Her hair is beautiful and I am sure they had someone either who had studied Marilyn or who had to research the subject. I am a traveling fool doing frequent trips for Dish on work related business so I watch all my films from an online site. With laptop in hand, I board the plane armed with access to dishonline where I can stream movies or rent more recent films right to my laptop. As soon as possible, I will be watching this amazing film because everything I have seen and heard about it has been positive. If only we could all get away with that hairdo, it would be fantastic.

  6. Ashley Taylor Says:

    I did and I loved it! I am with you on Michelle and I thought she did amazing! Awwwthe hairswoon and I am posititive you could recreate perfectly!

    Great movie to have on the flight, always love when its a good one I havent seen!

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