Hairdresser on Fire-Tiny edition.

Posted in News on April 3rd, 2012 by Reagan

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Photo taken in 1988

Thats me, little Reagan, in the centerbeing busy busy busy fingers (I probably wasnt allowed to use scissors yet). Thats my cousin, Jenny, getting her hair done by me. Possibly my very first client!

I remember this 4th birthday party of mine like it was yesterday. We played dress ups, and then had an exquisitely fancy tea party. And I practiced my hair skills.

PS my moms caption to this photo Reagan grew into her lips and Jenny grew into her cheeks..
Also, the little girl on the left was my best friend when I was 4. I called her by her last name, Shinney. I wish I could find her.

20 Responses to Hairdresser on Fire-Tiny edition.

  1. Rae Says:

    This is freaking adorbs.

  2. Chrissy Says:

    SO CUTE. This put a smile on my face this morning.

  3. Katie Says:

    omg you are adorable. i see a little pip in you.

    ps real sad about your last post. courage.

  4. Julia Says:

    Aw look at those gorgeous blond locks of yours! What a little babe.

  5. ellen patton Says:

    Look at you! Thats so cute. I used to play beauty shop too.

  6. Trina Pace Says:

    Piper looks just like you! Love it!

    Keep your chin up, sending you love from Utah!

  7. Kelvis Says:

    This may be Shinney?

  8. Reagan Says:

    @kelvis, I found her blog!!!!

  9. Tanya B Says:

    Oh my goodness . I so see Piper in that picture!!!

  10. Kristen @ More Than Mulberries Says:

    All you Baker girls look so much alike! I think Kate looks a lot like you here! What a darling picture!

  11. Shara Says:

    Okay, after you mentioned wanting to find Shinney, I thought what if they find each other because of this post? And you found her! Its a small world after allsorry the song may now be stuck in your head :)

  12. Linsday Says:

    Wow Pip looks so much like you when you were little! How sweet!

  13. Christina @ Hair Romance Says:

    That picture is SO cute Reags! And I love that you found Shinney too x

  14. AJ Says:

    Stop it with that cuteness!

  15. AmyinBC Says:

    WAY Cute! And yes, the Pip very much looks like her Mama did as a girl :)

  16. Lauren Says:

    How adorable! I can totally see you in your four year old self!

  17. Terrie Says:

    This picture is way too cute! You look so intense. :)

  18. Lauren in GA Says:

    You were (and still are) so DARLING!!!!

  19. Says:

    Ill bet a lot of stylists see ourselves in this snap! This gives a whole new meaning to Jr. stylist. Love it!

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