Sprucing challenge update.

Posted in News on March 26th, 2012 by Reagan

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This challenge is killing me! I think next time Ill just go for a one week challenge. A month is too far away, and frankly you have no idea what sort of events will take place to create the most dramatic of obstacles. Next March Ill be doing a week long sprucing challenge.

Headband (worn as a scrunchy!)-Urban Outfitters, top-swapped (but i think its from F21), jeans-American Apparel, flats-swapped years ago so I dont know their source.

Hair Bow-Emi Jay, Dress-H&M, Tights-Target, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Bag-Jason Wu for Target, Necklace-F21, Lipstick-Revlon Pink About It.

(funny story about the above photo..that person coming down the stairs with the baby carriage is my friend EMILY! haha. It was funny/embarrassing running into a friend while taking photos)

Headband-Emi Jay, Dress-Urban Outfitters, Flats-same mystery swaps from above.

Headband-Hollys Apartment, Dress-Forever 21, Boots-Urban Outfitters, Lipstick-MAC Rebel.

March is over soon. I cant wait to bid its riddance.

(PS Ive read that its actual science that makes me hate March? Its some kind of thing that happens since the light pattern shifts so quickly.)

7 Responses to Sprucing challenge update.

  1. Molly Says:

    Next year, you should do a month long challenge in March but for just like 2 or 3 days a week. That way you have something fun every week!

  2. eliza Says:

    Im glad you are staying strongafter 2 weeks i gave upbut im gonna try and work it for the final week of March. Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  3. dakota Says:

    Have you heard of this company in San Francisco? They use jewelry for headbands, etc.


  4. Emily Says:

    oh my goodness! shoot, I should have spruced! i was thinking as I left your glamorous self how awesome you look LIVE too! how is that possible? I think the last with the roses and the roll-up is my favorite! Pushing through is giving good results! youre going to have to get some tiaras and fancy combs soon. I was a big fan of the ribbons in the heidi braids though. maybe you could make some ribbon-y feathery barrettes like my sister had in 1983! or cornrows with little tiny plastic bows like my students little sisters!

  5. Andreakj Says:

    you are doing so good w/ all of the sprucing, I feel inspired to decorate my hair. How do you hide your headband so well (in 3.21 photos) and get it to stay? it looks perf.

  6. Carly Says:

    I love this!! So cute and easy. Has anyone see the Kitsch ones?


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