Divine Caroline: 5 tips to make your color last

Posted in Celebrities on March 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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Today at Divine Caroline, Im giving out my best tips for making color last as long as possible. Great for you color lovers (me!) who are looking for ways to get more of their moneys worth. Heres to pretty color like Jessica Biel!

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Image from Divine Caroline

8 Responses to Divine Caroline: 5 tips to make your color last

  1. Jan Says:

    Hi, just read your DC article what do you mean, sometimes hair pulls red? When I get my light brown hair colored, it often takes on reddish highlights or tones, is this what that is? Why does it do that ?

  2. Reagan Says:

    Yes, jan! Thats exactly it! When you lighten or color your hair, if it easily has red tones it most likely means your natural color has lots of red undertones. So when you color your hair, let your colorist know this happens and he/she can formulate the color to cancel out the red!

  3. melissa Says:

    hi- fellow modsquadder here. ive been stalking for a while- finally commenting. im guilty of coloring my own hair. i had only colored my hair maybe in my life until i was 28. when i got pregnant, it all went downhill- grey city. i think ive picked a good color for myself- it works really well with my hair- but im showing major grey roots in spots after only 2 weeks. ugh. i use a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo- and im pretty good about not washing it daily. still, the grey and the feeling that i need to recolor after just 2 weeks.

    i dont know if a professional color would make a difference (surely the product is 100% better), but its just not in my budget right now- its definitely one of those wish list items. one day.

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