The greatest wedding ever.

Posted in News on March 9th, 2012 by Reagan


Lets talk about my instagram friend, Katrina. She posted a random photo from her wedding (which I believe was about two-ish years ago) and I choked on a jelly bean at the first sight of it. After asking to see more, she sent me a few images and allowed me to show them off to you! There are beautiful weddings all over the blogs, and it seems like every week I see something inspiring or interestingbut to me, Katrina and Guys wedding was to me the most beautiful wedding of all time. They live in a small town in New Zealand, which might explain the amazingly dramatic scenery, and even though the tone seemed romantic, beautiful and breath takingtheir playful personalities shined through the most in these photos. Is there such a thing as a couple crush? I want them to move to America and become our couple friends.

Its hard to see exactly how she wore her hair, but I love that Katrina changed it for the party. A very good idea that I support!

Man, Ive wanted to go to New Zealand my whole life. I cant believe its a real place.

Photography by Camilla Stoddart

7 Responses to The greatest wedding ever.

  1. Maura Says:

    what gorgeous photos! The bride and the groom are soooo cute!

  2. kati Says:

    beautiful! that spot is magical :)

  3. Allison W Says:

    Such amazing photos! I love the tones. And they look so much fun. :)

  4. b.a. Says:

    oh man, those are awesome pictures!

  5. Christina @ Hair Romance Says:

    I died when I saw that Instagram pic too so gorgeous! Love the rest of these shots. You should definitely go to New Zealand and stop by Sydney while youre over here ;)

  6. Adrienne Says:

    What beautiful pictures! And yay for NZ!!! Im a Kiwi living in Germany and love to hear people say how beautiful NZ is (which normally comes after what are you doing living here?!).

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