Androgynous Hair trends.

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The other day I was consulting a male client who wanted his hair cut like one of the girls I work with. Yes, she has a long pixie, but you still don’t see a guy pointing to a girl for hair inspiration every day. It’s happened a few different times, with both men and women. Men are wearing more feminine hair cuts and clothes (skinny jeans, etc.) and women are also going more simple with hair and wardrobe (blazers, trousers and oxfords are everywhere!). Ultra layered cuts are definitely making their exit and more natural, flowing styles are what I’m doing more every day at the salon. Women are wearing more soft, natural looks..less “done” altogether.

Whenever I think about how the lines are blurring more and more with men and women’s styles, I think about the late 70s and early 80s. Specifically David Bowie. He looked very much like a beautiful woman. (I mean that in the nicest way)


Also, if you take away their beards and sexy hairy chests, the Bee Gees all have lady hair.


Annie Lenox was all about the dude do.


Ok, both Annie Lenox and Jamie Lee Curtis look crazy similar to David Bowie. Also in a good way.


What do you think about the newest “androgynous” hair trends?

~In case it wasn’t obvious, this was one of my all time favorite posts to write and research. Thanks to David and the Bee Gees having such nice, slender legs and chests.~

8 Responses to “Androgynous Hair trends.”

  1. Brit Says:

    I LOVE androgynous hair! For about two years, my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I had very similar hair… Long pixies that grew out to a trendy take on Molly Ringwald circa Sixteen Candles and back to pixies again. It was fun, but now he’s sporting a vintage-y look similar to Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and my hair is past my shoulders again. But one day, I want to go short and androgynous again!

  2. Jen Says:

    i love the trend! i have a very ‘michelle williams’ pixie, but i often slick it back into my ‘wall street’/joan chen/twin peaks hair. it’s almost like a short haired girls version of an updo.

  3. eliza Says:

    David Bowie is the king of transformations…I love that he is always evolving and trying new things. Thats what I love about this industry its always changing and keeping me inspired. Can I just say one more time… I LOVE David Bowie!

  4. kati Says:

    i’m a little disturbed by annie’s neck fuzz but other than that es ok ;)

  5. Heather Says:

    Don’t forget these pretty ladies:)

  6. brad Says:

    I love the blurred lines between male and female styles. And Bowie and Annie Lennox are the best examples of it.

  7. links of london uk Says:

    i love your opiniopn

  8. Hairdressers Eastbourne Says:

    I love the trends, it is fascinating to see the amount of styles which have been on our screens for years!


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