Hair Sprucing Challenge:

Posted in News on March 5th, 2012 by Reagan

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Welcome to my first anti March blues hair sprucing challenge update! Ive decided to update twice a week because I feel that once a week would make the post too long and boring. So far March has been cold, windy, gray and rainy for 3 out of 4 days. Ive needed the extra hair play!

Yay! I like this challenge!

Two velvety rosette clips-Hollys Apartment, Dress-Think Closet.

Turban-Boutiqe in London, Dress-H&M, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Beaded hair trinket (its actually a bracelet!)-swapped, Leather Jacket-Old Urban Outfitters, Top-H&M, Jeans-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell.

Twist scarf-American Apparel, Kimono Blazer-H&M, Jeans, Urban Outfitters, Shoes-crappy cheap store that sells $10 shoes in my neighborhood, Sunnies-Norma Kamali.

If you are just joining, I hate March. So to cope with the March blues, Im wearing (and documenting) hair accessories every day this month. Hair Sprucing design by my good friend (and cousin through marriage!) Tiffany Breinholt!

11 Responses to Hair Sprucing Challenge:

  1. Amanda Blair Says:

    Holy crapReagansometimes I am amazed that I know someone as incredible as you. I know thats a big statement but these pictures are blowing me away. you are really stepping up your game creatively and its so fun to watch. Now if only I could get you to hang out with me!

  2. Val Says:

    You are TOO FREAKIN CUTE!! I love the pics, and you look amazing. Love it!

  3. Gloria Says:

    LOVE LOVE your posts and get so excited when I get one in my email. By the way how did you put the date on your pics? That looks really cool :)

  4. lindsey Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN! if i could braid my own hair in the back like that, i would rock it everyday. i never have enough time to get it perfect and wearable in public. but im def going to decorate my fun bun with some jewelry. thanks for the inspiration and spreading the hair love!

  5. Says:

    I see the sun peeking out in the last set of picsmust be inspired by this cheery (not dreary) lovely, springtime ensemble!!

  6. Erin Says:

    Im digging the looks! Great inspiration!

  7. kati Says:

    the bracelet topknot (and the colored pants with toile tee) is my fave! fun!

  8. Rae Says:

    Loving the love V on day four. Shout out to the cheer days, holla!

  9. Aubrey Says:

    Im doing this challenge too, and Im already getting bored with my hair accessories. So glad you posted. Yours are all so cute and fun!

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