The anti March blues hair sprucing challenge.

Posted in News on February 29th, 2012 by Reagan

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I try very hard to not let the weather get me down, but every year, I hate March. In Tennessee, where Im from, March is springtime. The dogwoods bloom and the temps rise into the 70s. But in NYC its usually pretty rainy and cold with the occasional tease of spring for a day. I struggle with this more in March than in February or January, because it feels like its not supposed to be cold anymore. Also, after February Im just over the cold. A few years ago, my New Years resolution was to not complain about the weather anymore, and Im proud to say Ive done a pretty good job of sticking to it. However, by the time March rolls around, I feel like I need a little help to keep my non-compainy mood up.

This year, I came up with an idea to accessorize my hair every day for the whole month of March. Its my attempt at keeping my hair and wardrobe playful and sprucey when Im in the depths of my annual March blues. Im really looking forward to this challenge! I plan to take a photo of my hair/outfit every day, and posting the pics every Friday.

I think March wont be so bad this year!

(ps no offense to any of you March bday people. mine is in february and that is universally the most hated month in the union.)

17 Responses to The anti March blues hair sprucing challenge.

  1. Brit Says:

    Love it! I make a lot of my own hair accessories I might have to try this just for kicks!

    What a great idea!

  2. Rae Says:

    March totally does suck. I always hated it growing up because it was such a long month between the shorter months of February and April, and not to mention theres no holidays that get you off work or out of school.
    Living in New York I especially hate it for the same reasons you do. This year I FINALLY got smart and booked a long weekend trip to Miami to look forward to. That makes it a whole lot better! (Although theres really been no reason to complain this winter.)

  3. Katie Says:

    omg, yes! I feel the same way. I always loved spring (in the south) until I moved to NYC and decided spring is the worst. summer cant come quickly enough! x

  4. anna Says:

    this is a fun challenge! except if i do it all i can wear are a lot of headbands haha

  5. Says:

    I have found some amazing head bands that are backed in velvet. They dont slip! Who knew?

  6. Amanda Blair Says:

    I love March! I love March in California way better though because last year on my birthday (march baby!) in NYC, it was sleeting. Sleeting. On My birthday. In march! I mean what?! Its always so beautiful and spring-y in Cali too. Buuuutt I still love March. I think its the most magical month :)

  7. Katherine Says:

    Love this!!! This year I made a resolution to do more things with my hair (I always wear it down and curly, down and straight, or down with the front pinned up. Boring, I know.) But I havent done anything about it yet! I think I may just partake in this little challenge to overcome my boring hair/spring blahs.

  8. kati Says:

    march is the pits. wet pant legs, no suede shoes, frizzy hair, needing the lights on all day long it gets me down, too. ive decided to wear hot pink lipstick to keep my mood up. cheers to a pretty march!

  9. Julie J Says:

    I love March too Amanda!! (march baby)

  10. Zoe Says:

    Im really excited about this!

  11. eliza Says:

    I too Accept the challenge!
    Im from CA but now live in Utah and its sucks when its March and still snowing!
    This will add some brightness and love to the dark cold month.

  12. whitney Says:

    No need to apologize. My birthday is in March and I still cant stand the month!

  13. Lauren Says:

    I was just thinking along those same lines today! But I love your idea of accessorizing, and cant wait to see your pictures!

  14. Maura Says:

    March in Northwest Washington (state) is the worst! It teases you about spring, one day you have sunshine, but its 30 degrees out! Another day you just have rain, rain, and more rain! And its still in the 30s. You pretty much have no choice but to go with the whole granola look! I think this is a great idea I think I will make a resolution to look good every day, at least to wear a pretty rain jacket :)

  15. Jessica Says:

    I love March! In Kentucky pretty much anything goes weather wise, but at least its warmer for the most part and I know summer is close! Also, being from Kentucky means Im a huge basketball freak and March means March Madness! Go Cats!!!!

  16. rose Says:

    I love March! In the Place I lived , It is very beautiful in March.

  17. Aubrey Says:

    Im kind of in the same boat. I grew up in NC where winter (if you can call it that) was for sure done by February, and now I live in Utah. Winter just started here 2 days ago. Ugh! I did a different hair challenge in February and kind of felt like doing something else. Thanks for the idea. Im totally doing it. I have so many hair accessories that need to be worn. Cant wait to see your pictures.


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