Giveaway: Pocket Mason Pearson

Posted in News, Products on February 28th, 2012 by Reagan

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To celebrate 2,000 likes on our Hairdresser On Fire Facebook page, were doing a great giveaway today. Since 2,000 was a big one, I decided to give away one of my favorite tools, the Pocket Mason Pearson. I have called Mason Pearsons the Rolls Royce of hair brushes, and whoever owns one (or wins this) will understand why. It not only feels amazing just holding it, but it also glides smoothly through your hair with each luxurious bristle. I fancy this brush, I fancy everything about it.

This brush is great for any hair type or length, but with it being the pocket size, it is especially great for short haireds, and be-bangeds. If you want the worlds smoothest bangs (like Zooeys) blow dry them with this brush. Trust. Just trust.

To enter, just leave me a comment. A nice one. Or a funny one! Yeah! For an extra shot at winning, tweet linking to this giveaway and leave your tweets URL in your extra comment. Ill choose a winner in one week!

Good luck, and coming up soon will be another giveaway to celebrate 2,500 likes!

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417 Responses to Giveaway: Pocket Mason Pearson

  1. Jessica Says:

    Congrats on hitting the 2,000 likes milestone. I recommend your blog to everyone! Love all the videos, information and inspiration!

  2. Petunia Says:

    Congrats to you on your new milestone- 2000 likes!!! Im a hairdresser myself and Ive told MANY MANY about your fabulous blog. Keep up the inspiring work!! :)))))

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Yeah for 2000 likes. Thats a lot of people. I like to think I was an original here! Its helped me a lot.

  4. nap Says:

    2000 people who have more fabulous hair because of you congratulations!!!!

  5. Anne Says:

    Congratulations! Youve helped me keep my hair healthier, more volumized, and more fabulous. Thank you!!!

  6. Meme Says:

    I am a new(ish) reader and would LOVE smooth bangs although im a Scot and we call it a fringe heheee! Plus, I dont actually have bangs but have the biggest girl/hair crush on Zooey! Man alive I want this brush :-)

  7. Allison Says:

    Fellow ATL girl here! Love your blog!!!

  8. Audrey Says:

    Hi! Congrats on the 2,000 likes : )
    I read your website everyday and I love your tutorials.

  9. Rachel Says:

    I have always wanted one of these brushes!!

  10. berenice Says:

    Congrats for the 2,588 likes!!! :D
    Thanks for all your tutorials! are amazing!!! :)

  11. Candace Heward Says:

    you are hilarious.
    the best kind of hilarious.
    i love it.

  12. Melly Says:

    Congrats on your success! Great giveaway!

  13. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations on 2000 likes! So glad I found your blog on Pinterest :)

  14. Paige Says:

    Congratulations on so many people liking you!

  15. StacyBrick Says:

    I ♥ your blog.

  16. Ariel Says:

    You are so likeable! I think this brush is what my bangs have been dreaming of.they need help, or maybe just another half inch of length? Love you, love both blogs, love your Pip.

  17. Bryanna Says:

    Congrats on 2000! Your blog is awesome!

  18. Katrina Says:

    I have four daughters, one with mermaid hair past her booty. If this brush could untangle us Id be a believer! Love to try it!! :)

  19. Jess Z. Says:

    I think youre sweet :) and love your blog :)

  20. Dana Stavana Says:

    Congrats on 2,000 likes!!!!

  21. Anna Kathryn Says:

    i have always dreamed of owning one of these kinds of brushes

    your blog makes me happy ;]

  22. Kateastrophe Says:

    My lucious pregnancy hair is DYING for me to win thi brush before it all falls out in four months!!!

  23. Emma Says:

    Congratulations on 2000 likes! If facebook had a love button Im sure you would have 2000 loves! Im a short haired and would love to use the brush :)

  24. Sarah Says:

    I have always wanted one! I love your blog, keep up the fabulous work!

  25. Amy Timm Says:

    Would love to win this brush, thanks for sharing!

  26. Cupboard Love Says:

    Two thousand people with better hair, all thanks to you and Im proud to be one of them! I was always a throw it up into a ponytail and go kind of girl, but mainly because I was completely hair-clueless. Now I have a better understanding of what my hair can do and Im no longer afraid of my blow dryer or volume! Thank you!

  27. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations! I love reading your posts! Best of luck in your next milestone!

  28. Cupboard Love Says:

    And I tweeted to share the love!!/chymerikaen/statuses/174490193502547968

  29. Andrea Says:

    I need smoother fringe for sure!

  30. Holland Says:

    Congrats on 2000 likes! so exciting! makes you able to give more people great hair days! Hairray!!!!/HReavesPierce

  31. Angie Pritchard Says:

    I cyber follow you in so many places Id feel like a stalker if I lived in NYC! Thanks for the giveaway, its a great splurge item that I really wouldnt buy for myself. Even the packaging is lovely!

  32. Carrie Buhler Says:

    You are so awesome. I sincerely love reading your blogs! Thanks for being such an inspiration in both my hair world and my personal world. You rock!

  33. Lisa Sheets Says:

    wow 2000 that is AWESOME!!!Love your blog..been a follower for over a year now!!I read about PIP and then I read hereI want your head of JEL!! I would love to try the brush..Lisa

  34. Silvia Says:

    Congrats from the ATL!

  35. Tate Says:

    With inspiration from one of your tutorials, I did my hair and got so many compliments on it the other day. Of course I gladly gave you all the credit so now my friends are huge fans too!

  36. Alana Shaw Says:

    Would love to blow dry my hairs with this lil fella

  37. Nicole Says:

    I just got bangs this year. It would be awesome to win!!!

  38. Marya Says:

    Love your blog! So much great information and fun interesting things to read about! :)

  39. Lacy Says:

    Hariay!!! I have the big one and love it, but I need the small one because its cuter.

  40. Arianne Says:

    Congratulations! I used to call myself stupid with hair, but since I found your blog Ive been a lot better thanks to your tips and tutorials. :)

  41. Shannon Says:

    A big congrats on 2,000 likes! Even though I have no hair skills (cant even figure out bobby pins) I could handle a brush like this!

  42. Mia Says:

    yay!! congrats on the 2000 likes!! I LOVE your bloggity blog! xo

  43. Arianne Says:

    Oh, and I tweeted

  44. Kristie Says:

    I love checking out your blog and hearing stories of pink hair, Hollywood hairdos, and everything else mane-related (especially braid tutorials!). Also I would just looove to have one of these brushes!

  45. margaret s. Says:

    super fun giveaway! i want to win! :)

  46. Kipin Says:

    A brush for my bangs,
    Smooth and silky I covet.
    This is a haiku.

  47. Marcie Says:

    Youre my girl crush! :D
    Dont be creeped out by that.youre just an inspirational gal, and I totally appreciate it.

  48. Samantha A. Says:

    I am generally a one-exclamation-point-excited kind of girl, but this is so exciting, I am at a two exclamation points level!! So awesome!

  49. Kipin Says:

    I also tweeted! Love your blog(s)!!/kipin/statuses/174495729090433024

  50. Katie Says:

    Oooh great giveaway!

  51. Caroline Says:

    Ahhh this is so exciting!! Ive been dying for one of these ever since you talked about it before. Practically swooned upon seeing this post. :)

  52. Caroline Says:

    Tweeted about it here, too :)!/jabberbabyc/status/174496653422768128

  53. LeAnn Says:

    Talk about awesome.. Reagan you are so popular! Yeah, you should have 50,000 likes!! Cool hairbrush!

  54. Lauren Tunberg Says:


  55. Courtney Says:

    Love both of your blogs! This brush looks super fancy, and Ive been known to like super fancy things. Congrats on all your likes!

  56. Kristie Says:

    I also tweeted about your blog!!/Violet_Olive

  57. Jillian Says:

    Love your it religiously!! I hope I win!!

  58. Magalie Says:

    Yeah for you! Your blog is fresh and I love to come see your great advices. I cross my fingers to win, my bang do need a bit of Zooey Deschanels greatness!!!

  59. Morgan Says:

    As a newly licensed Cosmetologist ive been loving your blog! That pocket brush would be aweome tpp

  60. Emma Says:

    Hooray! I recently tweeted about successfully attempting your halo braid on my 8YO niece. It was so much fun! I would absolutely LOVE one of these brushes, ive wanted one since you first posted about them!

  61. Heather Says:

    I ust got some of those cute shorty short bangs and since I have NO IDEA what to do with them yet, this is perfect!!

  62. Caro Says:

    Love the hair tutorials! Would love to win the pocket brush.

  63. Carrie Says:

    You are awesome, Reags! Ive been following you for ages and youve inspired me to do so much more with my hair :)

  64. Nikki Says:

    I have always wanted to try one of these but the price scares me off every time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Jessica McManus Says:

    Ive been on the fence about cutting bangs, If I won this I would definitely be on the way to the salon~!

  66. amy Says:

    If you saw how thick, and how hard to handle my hair is, you would know that I need to use the rolls royce of hairbrushes. Thank goodness I do because I tried to wax my own eyebrows on Sunday. Bad idea as I cannot cut or draw a straight line, or slice an even piece of bread. I moved to a small town about six months ago and have not found a hairdresser or esthetician. DIY is not good for me. Anyways, I swear they are crooked. I skyped with my best friend and she was nice to tell me they were fine. Gotta love that liar! :) I am using my hair frame my face more than usual to hide these whack eyebrows until they start growing back. This hairbrush would help me hide the brows, boost my wounded ego, and give me a reason to contemplate if I should go for it and get bangs, but not DIY! :)

  67. jennypenny Says:

    I love your blog(s)! You rock!

  68. Jbird Says:

    Yaaaay!!!!!! So many people who love your brilliant work, and are inspired by the love and light you share. Congrats on 2000 fans!!!!!!!!

  69. Tara Says:

    i fantasize about owning this brush. kind of you to give so generously, and thank you for your rad and sassy blog!!

  70. kara Says:

    I have wanted one of these for sooo long! PICK ME! Your blog has helped me have so much fun with my hair and embrace my naturally wavy, semi-big hair. Thank you!!

  71. Abby Adams Says:

    2,000 (well 2,500 actually)? Youre famous!

  72. Jen Crowe Says:

    You are such an inspiration!! I found you from pinterest! Crazy what the Internet connects us to;) Thanks for all your time and passion you have committed to what you love & are so talented at:) You definitely keep me inspired <3

  73. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations on hitting 2,000!!

  74. jen Says:

    love the blog!

  75. Kat Says:

    Yay for giveaways! I really need a pick me up right now. Crossing my fingers!!

  76. Barbara Says:

    congrats & thanks for the giveaway.

  77. laurel Says:

    Oh girl if you pick me Ill be Jolie-ing all day in your honor.

  78. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    I love your blog (both of them!) and have been a long time follower. I use your tutorials on my hair all of the time. Especially the front french braid and messy side bun. I think you are a rock star Reagan!

  79. Heather Strasser Says:

    Way to get 2000 likes! I really enjoy reading the hdofblog. I have to say that I scrub my head with much more vigor since I began reading, and I scrub my boys heads too (and sometimes they complain) and I think of you while Im doing it!!

    A Rolls Royce of hair brushes sounds awesome!

  80. coni Says:

    I love you and zooey and I just got bangs!

  81. Becki D. Says:

    Yours is the only hairsite Ill ever be interested in! And if you recommend this brush, I must have it! Congrats on the 2k count! <3

  82. Allie Says:

    I have bangs and when I brush them they are anything but smooth. I need to win this brush!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  83. Danielle Bates Says:

    I have bangs and I want them to feel like Christmas? Is that what you said. Maybe it was some kind of car. Either way I really want to win!

  84. marina Says:

    Hi!! I love your blog it is the only place where I can learn about hair! I love your post!!

    Thanks a lot for this giveaway

    love xxxx

  85. Amy Says:

    Eek! This is so exciting!! Both the 2,000 likes AND this fantastic giveaway! I would brush my hair all day and all night(but not really because thats bad)if I had this lovely jewel of a tool!


  86. Emily Says:

    Ooh how fun! Congrats on the likes!

  87. Nicole Says:

    So glad i found your blog! What a great giveaway!

  88. Lindsee G Says:

    OH.EM.GEE. When I seen that you were giving away the best of the best, elite, golden,VIP, needs its own red carpet & paparazzi brush, a Mason Pearson brush, I almost thought it was too good to be true! However, I then remembered that you are awesome like that and got very excited for such a great giveaway. :) I desperately want this brush. No, actually my hair desperately wants & needs this brush.

    Congrats on the 2,000! That is awesome.

  89. Amy B Says:

    I love your site! Its so funny, fun, and informative. Ive always been pretty hopeless at doing my hair, but my life is so much better because of your tutorials! Congrats on your success!

  90. Brooke Says:

    Congratulations on 2000 followers, I love your blog!

  91. Jennifer Walters Says:

    I could always use a new brush, especially a Mason Pearson!

  92. Becca Says:

    Love this brush! Also anything that is pocket sized is the best.


  93. Domanique Says:

    Congrats on reaching 2,000. Youre an inspiration to us all!! Love your blog!

  94. Renee Says:

    If I win, Ill name my first born Mason Pearson!

  95. Lauren Says:

    2,000 is fantastic! Heres a confession: I dont own a brush! Have been making do with a comb and fingers, desperately in need!! Thanks for the amazing tutorials!

  96. Jen Says:

    Congrats on your 2000th! Ive been long tempted by the Mason Pearson but never used a paddle brush beforewill you give the winner a personal how-to lesson? ;)

  97. Helen and The Fox Says:

    Love it!

  98. Jenny Says:

    I love your blog! You give me the best ideas about hair. I am still fantasizing over that LV platinum hair color, although Id be afraid if I actually did it to my hair this rad brush wouldnt have anything worth brushing.

  99. Nevy Says:

    Ever since I had bangs cut I have wanted one of these brushes! Would love to win this!

  100. Jeanelle Says:

    I have wanted one of these hair brushes since seeing them in The Devil Wears Prada!
    Mazel on 2,000 likes.

  101. Jana Says:

    Love you, love your blog, love that brush! Xoxo

  102. Lisa Says:


  103. Wendy Says:

    Oooh I would love to get my hands (and hair) on that thing! Your blog is inspiring!!

  104. reta wallis Says:

    I always though you were cool but then you went and met Dexter. Coolest. I wanna win.

  105. melissa Says:

    You are my hair hero! Congrats on the success of the blog. Its amazing. <3

    I would love love love that brush :)

  106. Ann Says:

    Oh how I would love that little brush, almost as much as I love your blog!

  107. Becca Says:

    You have inspired me to be more hair conscious, and my hair thanks you!

  108. Cassie Hansen Says:

    Oh how my locks would love to be brushed with this

  109. Carrie M Says:

    Pick me, pick me!!

  110. Erin Thiele Says:

    Congrats on 2000!! Your site has renewed my interest in my hair. And this brush is awesome I want one but am too frugal/cheap to justify the cost.

  111. brissa Says:

    my hair needs this brush. if my hair doesnt get this brush, it will probably cry. please. oh PLEASE let my hair win this brush.

  112. Tracy Says:

    Congrats and thanks for the giveaway!

  113. Becca Says:

    hey! Would love to win this I have been a faithful follower of your blog for a few months now, and i LOVE it!

  114. Jan Says:

    Congratulations, love your blog and your hair advice! Great giveaway Id love this brush !

  115. annalee uptain Says:

    your hair visions inspire my blah, boring hair into things that they can actually hope for. if i were in new york, i would be in your chair immediately upon arrival. congratulations on 2000!

  116. annalee uptain Says:!/annaleeU/status/174526960968548354

  117. Laurel Says:

    What you love I loveI am a total copy cat!

  118. Amy Says:

    This is awesome. You are awesome. Please continue the awesome-ness! :)

  119. Emmelie Says:

    Reagan! My hair is better because of you! Congrats on 2k likes!

  120. Martha Says:

    Congratulations! In August, my daughter Emma and I visited your salon and having my hair cut by you was the highlight of our trip to NYC! We still reminisce about how nice it was to meet you. Winning the brush would give us a reminder of our wonderful experience! Thanks for writing such interesting, informative and special blobs!

  121. Marcie Says:

    Wow, congrats!! I absolutely adore your blog. And have learned some great tricks and tips!! I could definitely use a new, nice brush. My bangs need all the help I can get!! lol

  122. Sandhya Says:

    Love your blog-gives me inspiration to do things other than just toss my hair in a ponytail!

  123. Chelsea Says:

    Congrats on 2000! There is better hair in Nashville, TN because of you!

  124. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Sometimes when I dont know what to do with my hair, I ask myself, WWRD? (What would Reagan do?) And something happens that was better than before, maybe not great, but better. So yeah, thanks.

  125. April Says:

    Oh! I (and my fierce fringe) need this brush! Plus, all my fellow stylists would be super jealous when I whip that bad boy out in the salon. Congrats on 2000 likesheres to 2000 more!

  126. Susan Says:

    Love love love your blogs!

  127. Mary Says:

    I would love to have this brush!!! My hair might decide to be my friend again! Love your blob, love this blog ~ I get to experience everything NYC through you!

  128. MicheleB Says:

    Does it work on huge thick hair too? Cuz thats what Ive got. Love your blog. Wo
    uld love to win!

  129. Julie J Says:

    Piper Jane is a cutie patootie yes indeed!

  130. sarahannerw Says:

    congrats Reags! just love you!

  131. Verity D Says:

    I love love love the blog. You are so helpful with tips and tricks, and Id love to win this one! Crossing my fingers!!!

  132. Tif Says:

    This brush sounds like a dream! My hair wants!

  133. Cynthia Says:

    Love your blog, hope i get that awesome brush!!!!

  134. Maura Says:

    AH!!! I need this brush, I have been wanting it FOREVER and when I saw this I swear my eyes lit up and my heart started beating a hundred miles an hour! My hair would be your best friend for life if I won this please like me random generator!!!
    Is it possible to have crush on a hair brush? :)

  135. Leanna Says:

    I love your videos the best, you are just too cute! Your punk rock curl made me wnt to shave the side of my head! I hope I win!!!

  136. Madi Rasmussen Says:

    this would be great in the salon!

  137. Hadley Says:

    i hope that i can enter to win! would love an mp, but lets be fair, i really just love you. : )

  138. DriverB Says:

    Even the box is adorable. Just like you! So glad I found this blog. :)

  139. Jennifer Says:

    Yay! Its because youre so rad! :)

  140. Ruth Says:

    Ill believe it when I try itand I want to!

  141. Cheerbs Says:

    Of course I will leave you a nice comment! Totally enjoy your blogging. Honesty is refreshing this day in age! And of course, we all would love to win the brush. At least we know you will actually give one away; not sure about some of the other bloggers out there. (Mixers, mixers and more mixers.) LOL

    Have a most excellent week!

  142. Diana Says:

    luv luv luv your site! and this give away is awesome! Ive been dreaming about this brush ever since i read about it in one of your past posts!

  143. Kara Says:

    Who would have thought someone could be obsessed with a brushthat i dont even own.
    I NEED this brush so i can stop looking it up daily on websites and dreaming of what it would be like for my hair and that gorgeous mason pearson to meet. You have the best blogs, hair and style and i need, i repeat, NEED that brush!

  144. Nicole Says:

    Yay! Love your blog and get compliments on my hair every time I style it from one of your tutorials!

  145. Nonny Says:

    I need this brush in my life. Im always busy, busy, busy, busy brushing!

  146. Katrina Says:

    Cool giveaway! I discovered your blog over the summer, and I gotta say, its made a big difference in how I think about what I can do with my hair! Thanks for all the tutorials! :)

  147. alex Says:

    I would love to try that brush out on my clients! (Or myself)

  148. Susan Says:!/MintTCat/status/174551242033463296

    The Cream of the crop hair blog! My favorite one!

  149. Erin Says:

    Yay for being awesome Reagan! Lord knows I need a good hairbrush

  150. Tiffany Says:

    This was one of my favorite brushes til I sadly lost it! :(

  151. Lisa Says:

    My bangs would love it!

  152. Margaret Says:

    Congrats on the 2,000 likes! You deserve it. Thanks for making such a fun, inspiring blog!

  153. Darci Says:

    Yahoo for 2,000 likes. Id LOVE this brush.

  154. Catherine Says:

    Woo! Ive always wanted a MP brush. I fantasize about the perfect hair I would garner from such a formidable instrument of coiffing. As always, this is a terrific blog, and Ive gotten much inspiration and useful advice from following it! :)

  155. Rachel Says:

    Oooooh, I would LOVE to win this! Im growing out a pixie cut, so it would be great for my shorty hair ;-) Congrats on the fans!

  156. Ashley P. Says:

    Congrats on all the Likes. I would love to try this brush on myself and my daughter.

  157. Barbara Says:

    Congratulations on 2000 likes! :) Id LOVE to win this, maybe it would help me with my wavy tangles

  158. Hayley Says:

    I love reading your blogs! You are so entertaining and brighten up my days :) So thank you!

  159. Hannah Says:

    Congratulations on the 2000 likes! My stylist uses a Mason Pearson on my hair, and it calms my frizzies like no other!

  160. Brit Says:

    Ive just started following your blog recently, but i think Ive read all of your posts already! I love that your hair is a lot like mine in length/texture/shape and you give awesome tutorials! I have had medium to super long hair my entire life and at 23, I just learned how to do a decent blowout from your tutorial! I still need practice, but thats ok :) I do some things you tell us not to do (DIY ombre, trim your own bangs) and lots of things you tell us to do (wash your hair less frequently! messy can be good! buy japanese bobbies! have fun!) and I just think you and this blog is awesome.

  161. Amy Says:

    Congrats! You always have interesting and informative posts, and cant wait to see new posts from you!

  162. Lora Says:

    Congrats on the 2,000 likes! Very cool. I love love love Zooeys bangs, I would love this brush!

  163. Angi Wood Says:

    Congratulations! I love your tutorials. sometimes I watch them and pretend that someone is doing my hair, because I love it when people do my hairis that creepy. Also, my daughter (7) loves the party bun, she just requested a party bun for her piano recital.

  164. Elisabeth Says:

    Love, love your website. Ive always been HOPELESS at doing my own hair, but thanks to your sweet tutorials, I can actually rock a pretty good party bun! :) Thanks for the super generous and wonderful giveawayIve tried my best to explain to my husband whats so great about a Mason Pearson brush, but he totally doesnt get it. Then again, he lacks in the hair department, so what does he know?!

  165. Shannon Says:

    I add this brush to my online shopping cart about every month or so, just because I can, then quickly hit the red x in the upper right hand corner as I cannot afford it.

    I love your blog, you are always so upbeat and funny!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  166. Amy Says:

    I just got a keratin treatment and would love this brush to keep my hair smooth! : )

  167. Jessi Says:

    Oh, a Mason Pearson! How fabulous. Thanks for the giveaway, and for blogging so that a)my hair looks fabulous and b)i can live my NYC fantasy life vicariously though you! :)

  168. Jessi Says:

    I tweeted your link! :)!/ruthmarie86/status/174566665726595072

  169. Sarah Snodgrass Says:

    Congrats on 2000 likes! Now make my dream come true of having a mason pearson :)

  170. sands Says:

    ooooo, please me? i wish i wish.

  171. Maria Says:

    I havent brushed my hair since my littlest one was born and hes now 1 1/2kidding! Thank you for the giveaway!

  172. SsummerSsarah Says:

    Love the blog, love the pictures, love the videos too. Youve given me a reason to try new things with my hair that I didnt think were possible with my fine, baby hair. Cant wait for more more more!

  173. Andrea B. Says:

    Im nice and I should win! :)

  174. Märri Says:

    Oh mei, Oh mei, where is Gwynnie at your Oscars-list? :)

    I love your blog, it`s sooo entertaining and helpful at the same time! Keep it up!
    And i absolutely adore your giveaway.. keeping my fingers crossed ;)

    Just the best from Germany,

  175. Adrienne Says:

    yay i love your blog! congrats on all the likes :)

  176. sam Says:

    I have so so so coveted this brush for oh so very long. I have bangs just like Zooeys and I NEED them to look that polished and perfect. I could create all the tutorial hair I have learned here with such silky, smooth, beautiful, luxurious easeI hope it is me!

  177. Lori M. Says:

    What a generous giveaway! Ive been coveting this brush so I hope I win!

  178. Whitney Says:

    Hurray for 2000 facebook likes!

    I tweeted it too, of course!!/WhitJay/status/174572532442210305

  179. Shannon C. Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love your blogs!

  180. Monica Says:

    oh man! The box it comes in is so cute too :)

  181. Rebecca Says:

    I only just got a heavy fringe like Zoeys but with my natural curly hair having a Rolls Royce of hair brushes would be very useful :D

    Fantastic giveway glad you got to 2000 likes (its a alot of people) and love the tutorials and the blog

    Rebecca xxx

  182. Rebecca Says:

    i also tweeted about the giveaway as well :D!/becki_boooops

  183. Brodie Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Id love to try out this brush and it has the same last name as me!

  184. Dawn Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  185. Anna Says:

    Awesome! Congrats on the 2000 likes!

  186. Jen Says:

    Im hoping that this brush, being from London, will help me acquire a British accent by osmosis/hair care. Let me win!

  187. Tammy Says:

    I just got bangs so this brush is meant for me!

  188. Lindsay T. Says:

    I dream of owning a Mason Pearson Brush. I hope its my lucky year :) Congratulation, Reagan, on all of your Hair success. Inspiring.

  189. Amanda Says:

    My hair would love it if I won this brush.

  190. Rachel Malis Says:

    Yours is a blog I always look forward to reading. Thanks for always seeming like such a real girl, even when your talent and beauty seems otherworldly!

  191. MLLB Says:

    I trust you completely. I got the hair dryer you recommended and I love it. You are the best!!

  192. nikki Says:

    Love your site! Got me some Japanese bobbies as a gift from a fireind who visited Japan- Hola! you wernt kidding, best bobbies ever! God help me when I use them all up.

  193. Amanda M. Says:

    Yes to looking like Zooey. My husband and I both have a crush on her! Love your blog(s) forever!

  194. Martha Says:

    Yep, I want this. For sure. Plus, 2000way to go!!

  195. BettyG Says:

    My bangs have recently turned on me. Why cant we go back to how things were?

  196. ak Says:

    you are hilarious, kind and a hair guru. i wish i lived in NY so we could be real life friends!

    PS: your garnier wave spray recommendation CHANGED MY HAIR LIFE!


  197. September Says:

    Dig the blog! And I love how you can rock all your looks fearlessly. I have a little hair jealousy ;)

  198. Natalie Says:

    Congrats on hitting 2,000! I would love to win this brush.I have always wanted one. Fingers crossed!!

  199. Kim Says:

    Thanks for your great tips and inspiration! I love your blog!

  200. Shannon Says:

    thanks for all the wonderful posts you do on here :) i always look forward to reading them!!

  201. Amy Says:

    I took your 2 handfuls of mousse advice. it was the best hair advice EVER.

  202. Carly Says:

    Mason Pearson, I need you in my life! Thanks for your blog, Ive tried pretty much all of your tutorials, and, though I dont have your skill, feel like I still look like a more fun person when my hair looks good!

  203. Geeni Says:

    I could definitely use the smoothest bangs on earth! Congrats on your milestone, and thanks again for all the recommendations!

  204. Jane Says:

    Oh, Id my tresses would love a Mason Pearson to smooth out all the little fuzzys that drive me insane. Congratulations on 2,000!

  205. Jane Says:

    I tweeted, too!/Janel1101

  206. Casey Says:

    My bangs are definitely excited about this brush. Also, they love you and your blog(s)!

  207. Kim Says:

    I would LOVE to try out your favorite brush!
    And I adore your blog :) Thanks for all the great tips!

  208. Melissa Says:

    Love your blog, especially since I am kind of obsessive compulsive about my hair. They really need to have a group of professional counselors for people like me!

  209. Katie Says:

    ooh, Ive always wanted a Mason Pearson brush. congrats on the 2,000 likes!

  210. Lacey Says:

    I love your blog! Especially the tutorials :). Thanks for doing them! And I have always wanted to try a REAL brush!

  211. Malia Says:

    I didnt know the type of brush could even make a difference! I hope I get to feel these bristles in my newly ombre dyed hair

  212. Kim Says:

    Hurray!! We love to win stuff!!! Pick me !!! XOX

  213. holly Says:

    steep competition, but im gonna enter anyways.

    i need a new brush! mine is actually old and tattered and from the tween section at tj maxx. i need a big girl brush :)

  214. Lisa Hendrick Says:

    I have brand new bangs that NEED this brush!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  215. kati Says:

    the other day when you asked what you should give away i thought, a pocket mason pearson! so its obviously kismet pick me :)

  216. Melisa Says:

    I have been growing my hair for a couple of months because I want to donate it. Ive had longer hair my whole life, the only short haircut Ive had was a bowl cut when I was 6. I am thrilled to part with my hair for the following reasons:
    - Washing and brushing my hair has become a full out odyssey, where I spend more time getting newly formed dreadlocks out than putting makeup on or even dressing. I try to find the humour in it
    -I want a pretty short haircut! with bangs! so this wonderful brush would be great for the little hair Ill have left and new fabulous bangs
    -My hair will be given to either a child or adult with cancer. This is the biggest reason why I continue to brush, condition, and air dry my hair, so someone else can enjoy having healthy and shiny hair

  217. jenna Says:


  218. jenna Says:

    congrats! loving looking around and ill be back for sure :)

  219. Callie Says:

    I <3 Piper Jane. I <3 Hairdresser On Fire. I<3 Reagans Blob.

  220. Kelsey Says:

    I love this brush so much I feel obligated to name my first born Mason Pearson, or Hairdresser OnFire. :)

  221. Erika Says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway! I have wanted a Mason Pearson since you blogged about how awesome they are:)

  222. Emily Says:

    Would love to test drive this Rolls Royce!

  223. Tiffani C Says:

    Man I need that brush. Thanks!

  224. Lauren W Says:

    Congrats on the 2,000 likes! Anyway, I love your blog, not only because Im obsessed with keeping my hair healthy and finding new ideas for styling, but reading your blog is like listening to one of your girlfriends give you some good advice. Love it! Keep it up, Reagan!

  225. Roxanne Says:

    Ooh, what a fun giveaway! Heres to hoping!

  226. Lauren Horton Says:

    I was really hoping that you would give away a Mason Pearson! I have been wanting one for a while. I always end up spending my money on clothes for my baby girl! Love your blog!

  227. Mrs. Mari Says:

    You are a superstar (I cant help but think of SNL:) Love your blogs and FB, and you.
    PS I could really use this brush . . .

  228. Lauren R Says:

    this is so fun!

  229. Lindsay Says:

    Fellow hairstylist who loves your blog!! Would love to win this :)

  230. brandilyn Says:

    yay for 2,000 likes! go HDOF!

  231. brandilyn Says:

    heres my tweet:!/thebrandilyn/status/174644601146195969
    my hair desperately needs the TLC this little beauty offers

  232. Stacy Says:

    Just found your site through a tutorial on pinterest. Youre my new fave! (Dont tell my stylist Im cheating. ;))

  233. Gail Says:

    I read you all the time. I started off with kiddie hair blogs (Ive learned some amazing things!), so it just followed that I needed a grown up hair blog, too. Love it!

  234. Alex Says:

    Girl. I can only hope my locks will be as luscious as yours by using this brush.

  235. Abby N Says:

    finally, i could own a nicer hairbrush than my dog! :)

  236. eliza Says:

    Please, this brush will change my life! I have frizzy lion poof hair that needs a little pocket sized love ;)

  237. Kate Says:

    Im dying to try a Mason Pearson dying. But I just cant bite the bullet and commit to buying one. I need this little travel guy to test drive!

  238. Sharlie Says:

    Congrats! Keep blogging, I love the way you inspire us all!

  239. Cami Says:

    I absolutely love your blog! You give such great advice and I (and my hair!) are so thinkful for this blog!!!

    Oh, now that I think about it, I could use a need a new brush. :)

  240. robin Says:

    Your blog has saved me from a lifetime of ponytails! Because of you I have tried bangs (LUV THEM!), bought dry shampoo, stopped flat-ironing my hair so much, and embraced the waves. Even if I dont win the magic brush, thank you!

  241. Danica Says:

    I am so happy to have discovered your blog! You are so stinkin adorable and talented! And Ive had my eye on one of these beauties for awhile now. :)

  242. Kim Says:

    Your blog has helped me so much with my hair and my daughters hair. I LOVE your tutorials!

  243. Miss Z Says:

    You make me and my hair happy!

  244. Alyssa Milazzo Says:

    darling Reagan,
    I lovelovelove
    you & your work & your style.
    You are absolutely fantastic and I think that if
    I hadnt found your blog I wouldnt enjoy
    doing hair as much as I do now.
    xxxxxxxo -Alyssa

    tweet link :!/alyssamilazzo_/status/174672576147234817

  245. Vanessa Says:

    Congratulations on 2000 likes! I would love to try a Mason Pearson, Ive heard such good things!

  246. Lisa Says:

    It would be fun to say Ive won something besides the mile run at my junior high track meet 26 years ago. ;) Thanks for the opportunity at this nice giveaway. My 14 yr. old daughter and I love reading your blog and getting great hair tips and fun new styles.

  247. jessicaf Says:

    Id love a new brush Congrats on the 2000 likes, wish youll get many more!

  248. Christa M. Says:

    Congrats on the milestone! I would love a new Mason Pearson!

  249. marlo of Says:

    Congratulations on hitting 2000! I do hair myself and have major brush envy on those with one of these bad boys in their kits. Cheers to an additional 2000 likes! :)

  250. Amalia Says:

    When I was a kid I had hair down to my butt. We only used Mason Pearsons, my Mom said they were the best brushes out there. She swears by them! I had a big one and a pocket one, but they are long gone and I stopped buying them for some reason. Now, with my bob, I think its time to bring back the pocket Mason Pearson in my life!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  251. Cortney Says:

    Dear Hairdresser on Fire,

    First, congrats on 2,000 likes! I am happy to report that I am 1 of those likes :) Next, I would love this pocket Mason Pearson/miracle brush because my wonderful but brutally honest students who seem to all be missing filters, are constantly judging my mood by how out of control my hair gets. I hear them sending warnings down the hall: watch out for Ms. T, crazy hair today! So this brush would be sure to change my life!


    A crazy-haired English teacher

  252. marlo of Says:

    I tweeted!

  253. Natalia Says:

    I absolutely love your blog and have been cutting my own whispy guys for years. I love when they look natural, but I have gotton a little scissor happy lately. 0:-) Cant wait for the toot and be a pro!

  254. Christine Fox Says:

    Love the site. Congrats!

  255. Bri Howard Says:

    Woot woot! 2,000 likes is super exciting. I dont even have a Facebook page for my blog yet, but some day I will be FREAKING OUT if I hit 2,000 likes haha! Honestly Ive never heard of this brush before but from your review and reading comments, it sounds amazing. I wish myself luck to win it! :D Regardless, you and your blog are awesome. Keep up the great work!

  256. Bri Howard Says:

    I tweeted it as well. It was my first tweet ever!

  257. makenna Says:

    Oh how I love mason pearson and pocket sized things!

  258. Emily Says:

    Congrats! And thanks for all you do heremy hair is very grateful!!

  259. Jessica Says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  260. Sara Says:

    Congrats on the 2000!!!! I love your blog. Good hair makes hearts happy!

  261. Melanee Says:

    Love your blog Love the tools you recommend.

  262. Sarah Says:

    Would love to win this brush and have Zooeys hair. :)

  263. Jessica Says:

    I love hairdresser on puts the B in da Bomb! Just keeping true to
    90s roots:)

    Seriously though I love this blog and all the tutorials are great keep up the good work:)

  264. Tara Says:

    Love your blog! Awesome giveaway!

  265. Sara Says:

    Im debating growing out my bangs, maybe all I really need is a better brush

  266. Ruth Says:

    Although I worry my thick mane of bobby pin eating hair will gobble that wee Mason Pearson right up, I am willing to chance it! Ive always wanted to try MP, and since EVERY single tip Ive tried on HDOF has been an absolute life changer (ombre, bang blow drying technique, party bun.. ) I figure you would not steer a girl or her hair in the wrong direction. Hooray for 2k likes!

  267. Shea Says:

    Id love to win this! How nice! Also- if ur looking for tutorial inspiration Id love ideas of what to do with a bob!

  268. lisa Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Thanks for all of the hair care tips. I have so much fun trying out your tutorials on my daughters longer hair. Ive been drooling over the Mason Pearson since I first learned of it from your site!

  269. Shauna Says:

    So excited about this giveaway. I just barely cut off about 6 inches of my hair this past weekend and got bangs and dyed my brown locks BLONDE. My hair is in shockwell more like the owner of the hair is in shock. Im lost! An amazing brush would help my confidence in ruling this mop on my head!!/Shavslewis/status/174710848097501184

    oh please oh please oh please!

  270. anna Says:

    i love the oldschool packaging of this brush, and that its pink! haha

  271. Stephanie Says:

    You must have known that my bangs need some help! Congrats on 2000!

  272. Alex Says:

    I am totally convinced my hair is out to get me and this would be a cure straight from the heavens! I love your blog (the night I found it I stayed up ALL night and finished reading the whole blog!)

  273. Kirstie Says:

    sqwefmaha what?! favorite. blog. ever!!!

  274. Riley Says:

    I really really want to win!!!! Love your Blog!!!!

  275. tarynn Says:

    I could sure use a magical brush!

  276. mercedes Says:

    if i win this brush i will videotape myself doing the perfect strangers dance of joy. that is how excited i will be. not messing around her. i have hair that is curly in the back and straight in the front. blow drying my own hair is a freakin nightmare. i need all the help i can get!

  277. Jill J Says:

    Congrats! Love your site and all the tutorials!

  278. Victoria Says:

    i have always wanted a mason pearson brush!

  279. Lauren Says:

    Aww, thanks for doing this giveaway! I would so love to try a mason pearson brush! And I love your blog, btw!

  280. Kristie Says:

    In about 2 weeks, my best friend and I are officially going to take the plunge and get pixie cuts together! My hair has always been within just a few inches of my shoulders, so its a pretty dramatic decision. I would love to have this fancy brush to help me look awesome with my new look and throughout all the inevitable crazy growing-out stages!

  281. Lauren Says:

    I tweeted, too!!/Ellaurence/status/174743240233324545

  282. Carlie P. Says:

    you are the darlingest. love this idea for a giveaway. :)

  283. Angel Says:

    Pick me. I would love to win! Me. Me. Me. Please.

  284. Laura Says:

    Love your blog!!!! congrats on 2,000 likes!

  285. Julie Says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I love your blog!
    Greetings from Norway

  286. Vicky Says:

    I love your blogs. Now send me that brush!!

  287. Candice Brown Says:

    Congrats on all the FB LIKES!! me
    Candice, the public wasnt liking me. Im just a brush. Mason P.
    But youre a fantastical brush that will smooth my thick-as-wool bangular area. Mr. Pearson, I need you. me
    I suppose Ill put a good word in with Reagan. I make NO PROMISES! Mason P.

    Reagan Mason and I are already on a first name basis ;-)

    SERIOUSLY Congrats! Your blog is my fave (and I have a problem with reading too many blogs).

    (Ps I tweeted)!/elle_McB/status/174830826054365184

  288. Jas Says:

    I LOVE your blog the tutorials, celebrity/model hair pics, product suggestions, your outfits everything! I didnt realize you had a Facebook page. Im off to like it now!

  289. Olive Says:

    Mmmmm love me some Mason Pearson! Just got my first regular sized Bumble and bumble. edition and Im obsessed. Wondering why I didnt pull the trigger sooner? I would love to win the pocket sized and give it away to a client (especially an extension client Happy brushes make happy bump-ups :)

  290. Jessca Says:

    Ooh lala, that looks fancy! The packaging is amazing too! Would love to try this lovely brush on my impossible to brush out hair (when wet) love your blog!

  291. Says:

    I think you surpassed the 2500 mark! Nothing like the Rolls Royce of brushes to get you there!

  292. Julie Says:

    Ooooh, great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on getting so many FB looks. Though, I cant say Im surprised!

  293. Amanda Blair Says:

    Can I still enter even though we are friends? I feel like that gives me a worse chance of winningshit.

  294. Jenna Says:

    I l.o.v.e. love HDOF. I am sad to read that March might be cold and rainy. I am coming from Seattle in a couple weeks with my hubby for a birthday celebration. I just cut my hair into a pixie but I still need that brush :)

  295. Kati Says:

    Congratulations on the 2000 (and the number is growing)! The giveaway is a lovely idea, and the brush looks perfect!

  296. linde Says:

    love the blog!


  297. justine Says:

    ive dreamed of owning an MP brush for so long! now that i only need to wash my hair once or twice a week, it gets much much knottier, and i absolutely dread brushing it out.

  298. Christi Says:

    I would love to get some boar in my hair!

  299. Peas Says:

    I had a lovely mini one of these as a kid, but ruined it brushing Pops our old farm draught-horse. I did continue to brush my own hair afterwards, it took my Mum a good week to figure out why my hair smelled so awful. True story Ill post a photo of Pops for you later :)
    Everyones hair deserves a Mason Pearson!

  300. Jaclyn Says:

    Love your blog Reagan I read it every morning. Er, every morning you update! Thanks for arranging this giveaway for us! <3

  301. Candice Says:

    I cant see how this would not make my hair static-y but Im wiling to give it a try! ;)

  302. Rachel Says:

    Congrats! :) I love love love your blog!!

  303. Ruth M. Says:

    Thanks to you, I picked up hair bungees this week and love them. I bet they would work even better with this brush as their accomplice.

  304. Nicole Says:

    Ive been secretly stalking your blogs for a couple years. Now that youre getting famous, its not so creepy anymore! For me, anyways. :)

  305. heather Says:

    congrats. thats exciting. Love everything you do. And i think it is so funny when I start talking to people about our blog, and they say, Hey do you know that Hairdresser on Fire blog that is on the side bar of yours? I looked at that once and loved her! I look at her all the time now! Congrats on your success, you deserve it!

  306. Nikki Says:

    Woah. I need this brush in a bad way. Keep up the great work!

  307. AJ Says:

    I cant wait to comb my toe hair with this bad boy. *of all the inappropriate comments I came up with I decided on this not as funny but more appropriate one. Heres to winning!

  308. Susan Says:

    Thats awesome Reagan! And Id really love that brush!!

  309. Michelle Says:

    Love your blog, and would love this brush! So exciting!

  310. Megan Says:

    Love your blog. Id love the brush for my new short bob!

  311. Leah Says:

    congrats on the 2000 likes!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE checking out this blog for new tips and ideas for mah hair!

  312. Erica Livingston Says:

    Congrats! Love this blog! My new mommy hair could use a nice brush to smooth out the ever growing bald spots from post baby hair loss. Sigh. :)

  313. Sherri Says:

    Congrats on all the likes!!! I found your blog a few months ago and reading it has encouraged me to try new things with my hair-proving that it is never too late to learn to style your hair :)

  314. Keatra Says:

    I have short hair and bangs! Would love to try this brush. Congrats on your growing blog. I love reading your posts and getting inspired!

  315. Wendy Grimm Says:

    My bangs want this so so so bad.

    And your blog is GENIUS.

  316. Laura B Says:

    I want a fancy MP brush, but even more I want you and Jake to come visit Wallis and Ty so I can meet yall in person! And you know, we are already having spring here in TX :)

  317. Laura B Says:

    Spreading the love:!/ohheypearl/status/174953430526328833

  318. Erin Says:

    I would love to try this brush out!

  319. Rachel C Says:

    thanks! gotta love giveaways!

  320. Anna Says:

    Hooray for a fancy brush to fancy! Thanks for the giveaway, and thanks for your hair and style inspiration all the time. Im looking forward to my ombre beachy + long bangs new do, cause of you.

  321. Kiera Says:

    OHHHH, I want one of these. My hair needs it soo bad. Just ask my boyfriend.

  322. Genevieve Says:

    Love the blog and love this giveaway!! Ooh! Ooh! Pick ME! :)

  323. Kristen Says:

    Oh pick me pick me!! I would love one of these!!

  324. dawn Says:

    Excellent giveaway!

  325. Alex Says:

    2000! Thats great. I have learned so much from this blog. So, what could be better than the Rolls Royce of hair brushes? I would love to be selected! Heres my tweet:!/missalexjones37

  326. Karina Says:

    How fun! I once got away for a few months with just finger-combing my hair since it was so short. But now that I am trying to grow my hair out, I have to use a brush to get the tangles out. I also have unruly bangs that get pinned back since that is the only way to tame them.

    I hope I win.

    p.s. I have switched over to saying Hairray! in my head when I am having a good hair day.

  327. Jennifer Says:

    Congrats on reaching 2,000! I would feel so blessed to win this!

  328. elizabeth Says:

    I absolutely love your site and pick up really great ideas to use on my clients congratulations on your accomplishments

  329. Christina Says:

    I just had bangs cut and brought in a pic of Zooey to show what I wanted, I NEED that brush!!!

  330. Meagan Says:

    Ive always wanted a Mason Pearson brush! Thanks so much for the giveaway. :)

  331. lindsey Says:

    oh oh oooooohhhhh! my hair is just salivating for this brush! being from good ole humid memphis, tn, believe me, i know what a difference a tool or good product can do for hair that has the tendency to frizz. i discovered your blog on pinterest back in the fall, and have been a hopeless stalker ever since. i have learned so much and have learned to embrace my hair the way it is and when it doesnt work out, do a party bun or a braid (usually about 10 times until i get it right.) thanks for spreading the hair and fashion love. youre part of my internet website routine every night and i look forward to seeing what the new post is everyday!

  332. Stacie Says:

    Whoo for the Mason Pearson!! My hair needs all the help it can get. :) Thanks for the give away!!

  333. Becca Says:

    I just recently found your blog and absolutely fell in love with it! Doing hair is what I want to do when I graduate from high school. So, I love reading all of the tips and such. I absolutely adore you!

    PS) I would also really adore that Mason Pearson brush. :]

  334. Jan Says:

    Would love another chance to win I tweeted about it (see user jcsc)

  335. Paula Says:

    Congrats on all the likes! Heres to two grand more. Now please allow me to win :)

  336. Amy Says:

    Congratulations! Heres to LOTS more fans and readers.

  337. Baker Says:

    2,000 likes…you deserve it and much more!! Im a hairdresser, but I learn so much from you every time you post.

  338. Karen Says:

    I owe it to you for teaching me the proper way to use hairpins. Couldnt figure them out until I watched your video, and your countless other hair tutorials are all so helpful. May your scissors continue to fly. :D

  339. April Says:

    I wish I had some vodka, I wish I had a yacht.
    I wish I had a Mason Pearson, but sadly I do not.

    Thank you for curing my hair styling incompetence one great tutorial at a time.

  340. Misti Says:

    lmao at Aprils commentjust sayin.
    I love your idea to accessorize your hair everyday in Marchthanks for that. Living in Alabama, I can totally understand what you mean about how March is supposed be WARM! Hate that you are suffering in rainy cold NY!

  341. Lisa Says:

    I would love a free brush.

    I could love it.

  342. Christine Says:

    What a great contest!

    My friend Shannon (from A Girls Gotta Spa) posted pics of herself at a BlogHer conference recently, and immediately I spied you sitting next to her! If you go back and read the comments on the pics now it is pretty funny. I was a bit fan girl over you. :D

    Congrats on the followers!

  343. Melissa Says:

    I recently got the worst haircut ever..a grey and green mullet. In order to make it look half way decent, I had to get some serious color correction and bangs. I havent had bangs since I was six, and there is a good reason why. I have curly hair. I could use this brush to get me through a long, humid summer trying to grow out these bangs.

  344. Jennie f Says:

    This would be THE PERFECT piece to start my styling arsenal!! Im graduating hair school next month yay! (more like hallelujah!!!;))!!!! Youve been such an inspiration! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!!!

  345. Margaret Says:

    I dream of Zooey bangs!! Love your positive, happy blog!

  346. Suzi Says:

    My love for all things hair is kind of freaking out. A Mason Pearson brush? *sigh* If I won, itd be like I died and went to beautiful bang heaven.

    Love your blog, Raegen!

  347. Dani Says:

    I like your blog! I love it too ;)!

  348. Joanna Says:

    I dont really plan to have any kind of Rolls Royce in my lifetime, so having a Rolls Royce of brushes could be a nice consolation! ;)

  349. Amanda Says:

    Im about to cut my super long hair down to a very short style and donate to Lock of Love. This would be a nice karma gift to recieve for my donation! :)

  350. Shannon Says:

    Love your blog! Found you via Pinterest. Thx for all the info and tips!

  351. Stephanie Says:

    I think this would be just the thing to spruce up my crazy pregnancy hair. Fingers and Toes are all crossed! :)

  352. Ashley Says:

    Congrats on 2,000. Thats awesome, Im sure itll keep going up!

  353. Malia Says:

    Yay for 2000!! I would love this brush cause my bangs are making a get away as I type this. I definitely need something to wrangle them!

  354. megan chadwick Says:

    ive been looking for the perfect brush for this! i took a picture of zooey to my hair gal for the bangin style!

  355. Stacie Says:

    Congratulations! So exciting!!

  356. Natalie Says:

    Im always up for trying something new! And anythings got to be better than the cheap-os I typically buy :)

  357. Nina Says:

    I love BOTH your blogs Reagan! The tutys are my fav, always easy to understand & funny! Plus this brush wasnts to tangle with my hair SO bad!!

  358. Barb @ getupandplay Says:

    Ooh, I want Zooey bangs!

  359. Cara Says:

    LOVE your blog!!

  360. ashley Says:

    the greatest hair blog around! I wish I lived in NYC so you could do my hair. Luck to everyone!

  361. Vanessa Says:

    I just saw that copy of Alice and Wonderland at Barnes and Nobles and had to have it! I want the whole collection of the classics in bright colors love it. Then when I read my books, it would be so nice to have a brush, to fix my hair, in case I get couch head while reading! Thanks for the chance!

  362. Mags Says:

    Maybe its time to get rid of my jalopy brushes and upgrade to a Rolls.

  363. Erin K Says:

    I have had the same paul mitchell brush since high school, I could definitely use an upgrade!

  364. Amy Says:

    2,000! That is fantastic! You give such great advice, I am not surprised. Love your tutorials! Thanks for all you do to promote awesome hair. :)

  365. alison Says:

    Oh no, Id love to find out what a fancy hairbrush feels like! HDOF makes me want to have fancier hair all the time, LOVE THIS BLOG!

  366. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down Says:

    Hmm, its apparently been awhile since I actually clicked over to your blog instead of reading it in the reader. I like the new header!
    Congrats on 2000 likes! (and 2500!)

  367. Lisa Says:

    My hair and I really like you and your blog!

  368. Johnna Says:

    I need, oh how I need! Make my heart and hair oh so happy! I am in the need of some smooth and awesome hair, seeing as it has been the SAME for 15 years! Ridiculous!

  369. Alexandra S. Says:

    love the blog! and would love to win the giveaway!!!

  370. Annie Says:

    Id love to win a brush like this! My hair is so long, I wonder if it could handle it! Love your blog! Off reading your Oscar post :D

  371. Christine Says:

    There was a hairdresser named Reagan
    Whose brush was athere for the takin
    Some lucky commenter
    Snagged it right offa her
    For a beautiful fringe in the makin!

  372. JB Says:

    The tipsy topsy turvy children ran home for a day.

  373. Linda Says:

    I really want to win a brush like this one! My hair is so long, I wonder if it could handle it very well! Love your blog!

  374. Rhiana Says:

    I love love love your website! :D This is such a great prize, and your hair never fails to amaze me. :)

  375. Jamie C. Says:

    Love your blog. Look forward to reading your posts!


  376. Aly Says:

    Look forward to each post and all the tips, tutorials and tricks you share! Thankswould love to win!!

  377. Mary Says:

    congrats on 2000! Ive gotten so many good ideas from your blog.

  378. shea Says:

    This brush is the Roles Royce of hair splendor! I had one a few years back, and lost it during one of my moves. My heart still aches for it- and I may or may not be all drooly faced over it currently. Congrats on the 2000!

  379. Kristi Says:

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  380. Lacretia Says:

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  381. Lacretia Says:

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  383. Jessie Says:

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  388. {sue} Says:

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  395. Ashley Bone Says:

    Ive been meaning to leave one of these comments and I think today is better than ever Here is my little love affair with my hair and hairdresser on fire. I change my hair like my underwear, yeah, its an everyday type of thing. After a long awaited search for a savvy blog written on topics of hair, google brought me to you.

    Youve brought life to this New York girls hair! This might sound a little funny but before work or a day out on the town- Ill play with one of your tutorials, mimic your actions and boom, I look like I know what Im doing. I have always had an interest in hair but gawked at the glossy pages of elle, vogue and (insert whatever magazine name here), puzzled that stylists could achieve such things. I guess Im leaving this comment to thank you for helping me and my hair. I spent a good amount of time with very short hair, since then I have grown my hair, cut my own bangs (I know, its not a good idea but I think I did well) and I am playing around with the resources you have provided.

    So thank you from one femme to another! I dont usually leave comments but it seemed quite fitting.
    Sincerely me,


    P.S. If my boyfriend only knew how much this brush costs hahaha He would riot. No one understands us girls.

  396. Michelle Says:

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    - a faithful minion

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    In United States slang in the 1910s and early 1920s a Jellybean or Jelly-Bean was a young man who dressed stylishly to attract women but had little else to recommend him; similar to the older terms dandy and fop and the slightly later drugstore cowboy. wikipedia

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    I recently discovered your blog (via Pinterest!) and have spent hours scouring the archives and enjoying some hair play. Your posts are so joyful to read and immensely practical & helpful as well. Thank you! xoxo

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    I would also love to win this brush!!

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    ive been jonesing after a mason pearson brush for about three years now, but ESPECIALLY that little pink number! my hair is so fine that i think i could use that baby all over, not just on my bangs.

    please dont give me the BRUSH-OFF, reagan!!! pick me!

  415. brigid Says:

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