Oscars best and more best.

Posted in Celebrities on February 27th, 2012 by Reagan

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I had so much fun watching the Red Carpet specials last night. Everyone looks so beautiful and there wasnt a single gown I wouldnt wear myself. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mila Jovavich was tied for my favorite head to toe. Her dark hair with her deep lips and textured white gown were all a hit with me. She is so slinky and just looks plain hot.

Rooney Mara is my girl who tied with Mila. You can probably see why, with her having the same color scheme as Mila, I guess thats what I was feeling last night. I think Rooney may have done better because her colors contrasted a little more. Her hair is so dark, her skin is so white, her lips were the perfect plum and her gown was just beautiful. I loved her bangs and her little bun in the back. When I was in middle school, I called that bun an egg.

Something else I loved about Rooney, is that she is still new to red carpets, and has no idea how to pose. I mean that in a good way. She looks like a normal person instead of the same old hand on hip, over the shoulder peek that we always see.

I love Rose Byrne for having a cute bob with heavy bangs. I saw people ripping her bangs on twitter, but I thought they went great with her overall look. I just love her anyway.


Michelle Williams wins for best dress color. I am obsessed with this tomato red gown. The fabric, the texture, the peplum, the broach..all perfect. And that blonde with the red. I just love her. I wanted her to win. I still havent seen her as Marilyn, but Im dying to.


Jessica Chastain had one of my favorite gowns on. I thought the pattern was beautiful, and only wish she would have had a low bun at her nape. Her hair color looked much better than a blonde would in this gown, but I like hair up when there is such a busy pattern. Those are my little adjustments, but she did look gorgeous anyway. Also, I loved her in The Help.

Angelina Jolie looked gorgeous. Her make up, her hair, her velvetylicious gown.but her posing had me going bonkers. Her leg sticking out in every single picture just started to bother me. Shes beautiful and talented and still on my best list, but just because your gown has a high slit doesnt mean you have to do the splits down the red carpet so everyone can see your leg. Ok?

Im so relieved to not be doing a worst list. Everyone just looked to good to rip on. Even the correspondents! Kelly Osborne! Giuliana Rancic! Some other blonde girl that I never heard of!

The show was actually pretty fun this year, with all the clips they did and the funny spoofs. I loved that cirque performance. But as usual, I enjoy the hair/dresses the most.

Who were your favorites of the night?


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  1. bridget Says:

    i liked tina feys hair that big bun (youll have a better name for it, probs. big bun doesnt seem to suffice). and YES, jessica chastain last night and in the helploved her both times. her dress was awesome. and michelle williams, YES. her gown mightve been my fave. and agreed. angelina jolies posing (esp when she presented) seemed so contrived. but i love to love her and hate to hate her (girl crush) so i wont dwell on it. youre welcome, angie. and penelope cruz, always a hottie.

  2. Heather Says:

    Dont hate me for this but Angelina drove me insane. I thought her leg poking out was ridiculous and wanted to scream to tell her to stop. We all know you are hot, quit showing it off!!

    Everyone else was amazing! I loved Michelle! I would love to spend a day with her, she seems lovely on every account.

  3. Miggy Says:

    Michelle Williams dress was my fav by far. And I felt the same way about Angie. Especially when she stood up to present and sticks her leg outthat was just annoying. But I like the guy who accepted an award right after that and mimicked her obnoxious pose. He had me laughing.

  4. Rae Says:

    My favorites are pretty much identical to yours. I also loved Gwyneth and I think Giuliana Rancic was in my top two. LOVED her dress. She tied with Rooney for me. I have a huge girl crush on Rooney so Im a little biased, but I thought she just looked phenom. Also loved Glen Close. So age appropriate and still so fab.

  5. emily Says:

    This insane leg thing caught everyones attention!!

    check out d listeds thoughts on it.. hilarious!

  6. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    Loved Penelope, Rooney, and Mila best! Article in Denver Post yesterday, suggested an Oscar for best hair.YEAH! Why should makeup and costuming have all the fun?

  7. Jenny Says:

    Rooney Maras top reminds me of a funky nursing bra and I keep expecting her to whip out her boob and feed a baby. Seriously. But maybe its just me. Jessica Chastain is my favorite.

  8. Carol-Anne (Use The Good Dishes!) Says:

    Loved Michelle Williams the best! Also thought Gwyneth looked cool. SICK TO DEATH of Angelinas stupid leg sticking out! And she really is just TOO skinny!

  9. Lisa Says:

    Ellie Kempers sparkly rust dress was beyond perfection with her red hair I only wish her hair had been down, with just a bit pinned back, like Jessica Chastains hair.

  10. Malia Says:

    I loved Emma Stones dress and overall look! The color was just beautiful on her. And I totally agree about Angelina. She looked hot and sexy when she was walking across the stage to present but once she got there and started stomping her leg out of her dress during her presentation she just looked like a tramp.

  11. Briana Says:

    I loved Gwyneth. Head to toe. She was my favorite last night.

    Angelina and her leg! Haha. I guess she had to show a little leg to up the wow factor of her dress, otherwise it wouldve been sorta a bore. No?

  12. Jane Little Says:

    I was annoyed by the leg toountil I saw this, noe its going in every photo I take for awhile. Hilarious.


  13. Jessica Says:

    Omg I know! Angelina even did the tacky leg poking out when she got up to present. It was weird. And really detracted from her look because, honestly, apart from that, she was FLAWLESS.

    Im also really glad Rooney made your best list! I hated her gown when I first saw it in photos, but after I saw it live and moving around, I instantly loved it, and her hair and makeup were just so spectack! Im so glad she finally wore something not black!

    I loved Rose Byrnes hair, and I dont understand how anyone could bag on it.

    My personal fave was Emma Stone. Gorgeous, wearable, classy gown. And shes just so fun to watch :)

  14. kati Says:

    michelle williams was my favorite and i have to admit (sorry meryl) that i was one of the ones going ugh! when she won not because meryl doesnt deserve it, she does, but just because i wanted michelle to get up there in that dress! and i usually love that michelle covers her arms and is so demure, but she surprised me going strapless. she just kills it every time.
    and emma stone kinda bugs me, but i was so happy to see her in a pink dress (claire danes, too, even though i didnt love her hair) because i was thinking to myself that not enough people wear hot pink to the stuffy oscars :)
    and angelina, that leg thing. not a fan.

  15. carolyn Says:

    Cameron Diaz stole the show for me; Angelina is a husband-stealer with a raging eating disorder. And she looked terrible. Loved that her pose was mocked.

  16. Maura Says:

    So glad you mentioned Mara. I LOVED her dress and her hair? *sigh* Gorgeous! Gives me hope that us pale blue eyed ladies (or gentleman) can do the whole snow-white-high-contrast-skin-hair thing!
    Also Angelina? I absolutely love you sweetheart, but just because you have great legs does not mean you have to flash them every chance you get Okay? Your at the Oscars for goodness sake, not a strip club!

  17. Brad Bykkonen Says:

    Penelope Cruz was my favorite of the night with Michelle Williams as a close second. The best red carpet of the year.

  18. Jessica Lange Says:

    I look forward to awards season every year, and the Academy Awards are the ultimate awards show and I absolutely love it, especially the fashion. My favorites were Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, who both tend to disappoint on the red carpet but in this case both looked absolutely stunning. I did not like Rooney Maras look at all, I understand that she has a different style, but the blunt bangs and such harsh colors are not my favorite look. Other than that, I thought overall no one looked completely awful, which is unusual at an awards show! Normally you get at least one dress that is just way off the mark. Too bad awards season is over now though. Just have to wait until next year!


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