Shampoo and Conditioner for color treated hair.

Posted in Products on February 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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I get a lot of emails asking if color shampoo and conditioner is necessary.


Well, yes if youre trying to make your color last.

Shampoo is made to strip your hair of oils and dirt, and unfortunately this also means it strips hair color, making it look dull and faded. Color shampoo protects your hair color from fading. If that doesnt convince you, and youre holding back because you dont want one more thing to buy, remember that you are getting more money out of your color service if you are making it last longer! Not taking care of it properly is kind of a waste, right?

So, color shampoos and conditioners really work!

Here are a few that I like


Although I dont recommend low end shampoos and conditioners, here are a few if your pocket book doesnt agree with the above.

Herbal Essences

Then all you have left to do is chant to your hair colorwilling it to obey you.

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23 Responses to Shampoo and Conditioner for color treated hair.

  1. Greetings From Texas! Says:

    I love hearing your recs. Nice shampoo is definitely an indulgence for me but I always love it and can tell the difference when I splurge.

  2. Kipin Says:

    If Im looking for volume and color care, what should I get?

  3. Reagan Says:

    Kipin, the whole Pureology line specializes in color treating, but they have one that protects color and is also good for volume! you should be able to find it easily by clicking the Pureology link above! Get that volume girl!

  4. Amanda Blair Says:

    i love how long your hair is getting. Im also seriously obsessed with this amazing cardigan/wrap/sweater you are wearing. Its beautiful!

  5. Says:

    Professional shampoo and conditioner is your insurance policy on that expensive color service. No skimping, girls! :)

  6. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    Well Im glad Ive been splurging for my Pureology then! I use the volumizing one and its wonderful.

  7. lena Says:

    same advice i give:)

  8. Kat Says:

    You are looking so Ascot Friday in that photo! Cant get over it.

  9. Jan Says:

    Is color-preserving conditioner worth it? Does conditioner strip off color like shampoos ?

  10. Reagan Says:

    Jan, Im much more relaxed about color conditioner than color shampoo. I dont feel like its as important, however, it does prevent from conditioner buildup that can cause dull ends. If youre using a light conditioner, youll be fine!

    Kat, haha, what a compliment! I love that Laura!

    Amanda Blair, thank you! Its so cozy and perfect for anywhere!

  11. Krissy Says:

    Reagan love your hair and your boots! Where did you get them?

  12. Kelly Says:

    Do you know of any color safe shampoo that will also take care of dandruff??

  13. Jessica Says:

    Have you used products from evo? I just recently started using some of their products and I really REALLY love them! Thoughts?

  14. cbeerbs Says:

    Quality products do matter! This is one time you get what you pay for. Takes less product and the results are noticeable. Aveda is my choice.

  15. Courtney Says:

    Pureology is the bomb. A litre usually lasts me a year! Sulfate free is the way to go with colour preserving. There is 4% more concentration of salt in shampoo than there is in the ocean and you know how drying the ocean is. Pureology has none! Its also 100% vegan and doesnt test on animals.

  16. Shaeken Says:

    Do the shampoos for brown, blonde, red, etc. work? I have naturally dark brown hair and dont dye it or tan anymore because I was tired of not having my pretty dark brown hair. BUT sometimes it looks faded And thats just gross.

  17. domain and hosting services companies Says:

    This post is very interesting. I love youre writing style, I pray you keep up the amazing blogging, Ill definitly come back

  18. Kelley Says:

    Usually when you post hair health tips I start to feel all guilty because theyre not things I normally do, and I feel bad about how Im treating my poor hair. But this time it IS something I already do (and I even use a brand you recommend!) so now I feel all happy for my hair!

  19. amber Says:

    What I want you to blog about is the no-poo movement! What do you think about it? Do you think its good for your hair? What do you think of sulfates and parabens?

  20. laura Says:

    For me the best color protection shampoo is one called pro naturals moroccan argan oil shampoo/conditioner. I got them online at beyas and woooow they make my hair so soft and shiny its unbelievable! Seriously, more people should know about them. I had to spend more than I usually would on hair products but it was worth it, has anyone else tried this brand out?

  21. Revie Maine Says:

    I started using Shielos Color Protect Shampoo with the Shielo HYDRATE Conditioner (NOT the color protect conditioner) when my over treated hair had become dry. This is because the Shielo Color Protect Shampoo cleans my hair without removing the color, and the Hydrate Conditioner DEEP conditions it, without removing color. AMAZING!

    It smells wonderful and lathers without having to use very much. My hair that use to be a RATS NEST after washing has become much easier to manage, plus my hair isnt falling out as much..Try it and see what you thinkof course like anything else, give it a couple of months to give it a chance to correct the damage your hair is in.MIRACLE PRODUCT!!

  22. mau Says:

    hello, thanks for your advice.really help :)
    but, can I use a shampoo for dry hair and conditionner for coloured hair because my hair are coloured & ralaxed?
    thnks :)

  23. Tyfer Says:

    Mau, I would suggest the oppositeuse a shampoo for colour and a conditioner for the dryness, I would suggest using Loreals colour protection shampoo or higher end WITH Loreals Total Repair line of pro-keratine and ceramide treatments, you can use the instant miracle as an overnight treatment and it leaves no pillow residue and if you dont have time to wash it out in the morning its still good to go and has absorbed well.also works great as a leave in on wet hairceramides are changing the face of haircare so look out!!! ;-)


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