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Posted in News on February 20th, 2012 by Reagan

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When all these youtube videos started coming out, my friends at work and I start joking about what wed say if there was a hairstylist version. Well, there is a hairstylist version! One of the creators emailed this to me a few weeks ago, and Ive watched it probably 10 times. I love when he compares hair color to food* and other lines like short but long, messy but clean, and I was thinking Kate.

Pretty clever.

*chocolate brown, honey blonde, cherry red are all commonly used to describe hair color!

9 Responses to **** Hair Stylists Say

  1. Alysia Merriman Says:

    Theres also a **** Clients Say to Their Hairstylist. Can you give me a whole new cut but dont take anything off? Can you give me like three layers? and one that I have clients do to me quite often: Sorry Im late, traffic was crazy! (as they walk in with a Starbucks cup)!!!

  2. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    Cant wait to check out clients! Turn-about is fair play.:)

  3. jenny page Says:

    WHAT??? You mean, Im not REALLY my hairstylists favorite??!!! But.he seems so sincere. lol

  4. kati Says:

    ahh, i love it! next time im going to do less forehead :)

    youre checks gonna clear this time, right?

  5. Shae Says:

    AH! Love it. I want messy but clean k?

  6. Jessica Says:

    Love it! Short but long how about the short side of long? lol

  7. Kristen @ More Than Mulberries Says:

    That was really funny!

  8. Caitlyn Miller Says:

    As a hairdresser I have totally said the short but long thing. This is amazing.

  9. Amanda Blair Says:

    I want to be friends with this guy! Hes so cute!


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