Divine Caroline: Backcombing

Posted in News on February 16th, 2012 by Reagan

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This week over at Divine Caroline, Im talking about how to get volume at your crown that lasts by backcombing. Go check out the article here!

Are you a teaser?

11 Responses to Divine Caroline: Backcombing

  1. Jessi Says:

    heeeeeeeeey i have that shirt! Jason Wu for Target what what? :)

  2. Rae Says:

    I love me some big hair, but my teasing always falls flat, so then its just a falt snarled mess. Boo. I have a rat tail comb that even has little pokey guys between the teeth but still no dice. Wtf. Ive tried using the texture spray youve recommended, although maybe thats not for that? I will admit to being a product dummy.
    Maybe one days Ill get this down!

  3. rebecca Says:

    this gives me the willies imagining trying to comb it out afterwards. OUCH! not that i dont need some volume up in my stick straight head of hair.

  4. Amber Says:

    No matter what I do my teasing always still parts in the middle at the back of my head. So. Annoying. But Ill try your tips. :)

  5. Rachel C Says:

    Im a teaser, thanks to you!! Love it.

  6. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    I love that you are demonstrating back combing on the underside of the section. Very important if you require lift and a smooth top layer, both. Back combing before adding a headband keeps it in place! Big Tease!

  7. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    Reagan, just came across March, Vanity Fair spread that you are going to want to check out.
    The Temptress of St. Tropez: Bridget Bardot!

  8. Amy Says:

    I love a good tease. Then again, Im from Texas where everything is huge even our hair. :)

  9. λουσιμο Says:

    I am indeed a teaser!! Will try your tips!!

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  11. prosfores Says:

    i also have this shirt! Great post!


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