My Favorite Movie Hair: Romeo + Juliet

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I present to you, a Valentine’s themed Movie Hair post!


Romeo + Juliet is maybe my favorite movie ever. It came out when I was in 7th grade (15 years ago!!) and my friends and I were obsessed. Obsessed with the hero (LEO!) obsessed with the soundtrack (Love Fool!) and obsessed with the hair (half up halo!). Still to this day, I think it is one of the most visually pleasing movies of all time. I am drawn in to every scene with the juxtaposition of the sets mix of old/new props. I love how they have pops of neon lights randomly, in the chapel even!

So onto the hair. In the first 30 minutes of the movie, Juliet is dressed for the costume party as an angel. She has her hair in a half up halo. I get nostalgic when I watch the scenes with her hair like this, and I wonder why I’ve never done it to my hair. I still think it’s the sweetest hair ever.

Here are a few crappy screen grabs I got while watching it on my iPad recently.

I would have DIED to be an extra at the costume party. How fun, right? Also, Paul Rudd’s character is hilarious.

While writing this post, I noticed that the above halos appear to be a braid, and the below halos look like twists! I guess these were filmed on different days. Also, the below photos cover more of her ears than the above. If you’re not a hair person, you may not have noticed, ever.

I’ve met the actor who plays Tybalt a few times, and I have to hold myself back from saying “PEACE! I hate the word…As I hate hell, all Montegues…and Thee.”

Weren’t Claire and Leo the perfect J+R? Ahh, this movie. I want to watch it right now.

PS don’t laugh at me that I’m nerding out because I just realized that Jake and I also make J+R.

22 Responses to “My Favorite Movie Hair: Romeo + Juliet”

  1. Marcie Says:

    Aww, this was a sweet post. And I actually did notice the braid halo vs. the twist halo. I like them both, too. I wanna try it out on my hair…though I know I could never do it myself. But I can dream. And just an FYI, I’m a total nerd myself….so I adore that you and Jake make “J+R”! So cute!

  2. rebecca Says:

    oh good grief… memories of middle school!

  3. Amanda Blair Says:

    I was just telling my friend how much this movie influenced me. I love this movie so much that sometimes it causes physical pain because I get so involved in their love story. Leo is the hottest he’s ever been in this movie…oy vey. Claire Danes was perfect too…and John L (I can’t spell his last name)…everyone…the whole thing was PERFECT! I love love!

  4. Kaila Says:

    I could not agree more! I absolutely loved every moment of this movie! I love the modern day mixed with Shakespeare’s beautiful words…and I too love Tybalt. Every time you mention this movie I get all nerdy excited!

  5. Alissa Says:

    I heard the song #1 Crush by Garbage the other day and instantly thought of this movie!

  6. Chelsea Says:

    How cool is this? How they filmed the elevator kissing scene:

    I loved that movie so much! It was a staple at sleepovers growing up.

  7. Katherine Says:

    Obviously, you know what your next tutorial should be… :)

  8. Ashley Says:

    Ahh, 9th grade all over again. I’ve always been in love with the costumes and hair in this movie. I also wanted their wedding rings. Thanks for sharing, it’s great to know that others are nerdy too.

  9. Millie Says:

    I LOVE this movie. Clarie+Leo=masterpiece. Plus, you’re right, her hair is beautiful, even though it’s a wig.

  10. Rae Says:

    Love this ‘do.

  11. Lizzi Says:

    I remember when this came out my sister was OBSESSED and had so much emotional turmoil because of it! I liked it a lot (I listened to the soundtrack NON-STOP), but I wasn’t completely floored by it like she was. THEN.. then Moulin Rouge came out. That movie completely absorbed my emotions for months! I have never cried in a movie like I cried in Moulin Rouge (I was 16 :) And I could finally understand what my sister had gone through :) We’re just too fancifal for our own good! Ahh.. what is it about that Baz Lurhman?!

    I recently re-watched Romeo + Juliet and it was so much fun! So great to remember those raging teenage hormones!

  12. Alisha Says:

    I love this hair!!

  13. jenny page Says:

    I think this is another shameless opportunity for you to talk about your crush on Tybalt. haha. Seriously, for Baz Luhrman to have every word of that movie exactly straight from Shakespeare in such a WILD setting was incredible. I kept getting lost in the fact that it was just Shakespeare – no filler. Claire Danes is too cute.

  14. dakota Says:

    Don’t freak out, but I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS MOVIE!! I know! This is next on my to do list…

  15. Katrina Says:

    lovely!!! and i love this movie too. . . you should totally do a tutorial on that hair please :)

  16. Says:

    I noticed the continuity issue, as well. Must have been different stylists on different days. She looks sweet either way.

  17. melaniebaker Says:

    Probably one of my favorites as well. Ahh, now i have to watch it! :)

  18. Allison W Says:

    This is one of my favorite movies EVER. I love Claire’s hair!

  19. bridget Says:

    holy shit reags! this post speaks to my soul. that movie made me weak in the knees and stomach and… uh, groin. um, i loved leo like a mad woman.

    and the soundtrack! my fave was ‘angel’. i listened to that song so many times.

  20. chatting online Says:

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  21. Carmen Says:

    I love this movie too! Came out while I was in the prime of my Leo obsession in high school (I’m a tad older than you it seems!) I had no idea that Baz Luhrmann would become one of my all time favorite artists when he created Moulin Rouge years later. These are two of my very favorite movies of all time. I actually did a paper on this version of Romeo & Juliet for an English class in high school. Between this and My So Called Life, Claire Danes became (and will remain) one of my favorite actresses even though she’s done so little that I can recall since then. It’s funny how those impressions that you have as a teen are so strong even years later. Must be all the hormones. Keanu Reeves, Eddie Vedder, and Brian Austin Green are all still faves too. I don’t even know if I have any new heart throbs since then? Other than my hubby of course. I still just watch all those cuties! Well, maybe Jude Law too. But that’s mostly the accent. Well, and the hotness.

  22. LeeAnn Says:

    LOL! I have seen this movie once a year for the past seven years when I show it to my freshman English classes after we read R&J and have never noticed the twists versus braids! It must be a hair thing! :)


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