Elvis: My longest running crush.

Posted in Celebrities on February 12th, 2012 by Reagan

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It’s Valentine’s week. Let’s talk about sexy hair!

Elvis was my first crush. I grew up listening to his music and watching his movies with my parents. Seeing these photobooth pictures made me so happy! I started laughing when I first saw them, because what the H was he up to? Was this at a party? I love the smolder in photo 1 and 2, but the 3rd photo where he is distracted adds a certain mystery to the set. Did he take off his tie for the second picture and then put it back on for the third? Once my mom&dad’s best friend met Elvis while she was living in Hawaii. That is the #1 ultimate celeb sighting of all time.

I wish I knew him.

Anyway, Elvis is sexy.

So is his hair.

PS my Elvis crush may be one of the nerdiest things about me. I was only about 8 when it started, and I spent the next 5 years gathering collectables and memorizing lyrics. Only to eventually start crushing on real boys my own age. I kind of miss us, me and Elvis.

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12 Responses to “Elvis: My longest running crush.”

  1. Lacy Says:

    I wish we would have gone to the Elvis show at Aria when I could get free tickets!! You would have loved it!! Lets go though srsly… you down?

  2. Maura Says:

    LOVE Elvis! He’s definitely a crush! (BTW I am 16 and I’m sayin’ that!) you should do a tut on the “UnElvis” (sp???) hairdo that you wore awhile back… I would wear it, like, everyday!

  3. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    His usually perfectly combed Pompadour looks a bit disheveled, doesn’t it? It is said that his “product” of choice was Vaseline! http://www.helpfulhairstylist.com

  4. helpfulhairstylist.com Says:

    Grammy Pompadour Count: Bruno Mars, Ryan Seacrest, Adam Lavine, Alicia Keys. Did I miss any? He he he! http://www.helpfulhairstylist.com

  5. Amy M Says:

    You and Jake as Elvis and Priscilla next Halloween! You guys could so rock it out.

  6. Brittany Y. Says:

    Okay, Elvis was my first crush, too! In fact, I did the very things you did. One day, my mom sat me down and had to tell me that “Elvis was no longer with us.” Ha! Anyways, I was at Target yesterday and found cute, vintagey notecards with Elvis on them for $.50! I was reminded (again) of those Elvis crush days. :)

  7. Rae Says:

    My dad once saw Elvis while they were both driving. :)

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  9. Julie Says:

    Elvis still has it after all these years! I had such a crush on him too. I would photocopy his pictures from library books and put them on my wall. My first pinups. :-)

  10. Erin Says:

    Ok…your Elvis crush is NOT the least bit nerdy. I still can’t believe I never got to see him live. I saw the show in Las Vegas recently and bawled my eyes out. Nerdy? No. Problems…probably ;)

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