My bad hair habit confession.

Posted in News on January 29th, 2012 by Reagan

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Confession: I pick my split ends. The worst part is, I actually know how bad this is for my hair, but I cant stop myself once I get started. I dont really split them, I just pull them off in one satisfying pluck. Im pretty much staring my hair straight in the imaginary hair eye while I do itsilently apologizing each time I snap off an end.

I try to meet my hair halfway by only plucking at the front bits. Theyre my short guys anyway, I dont mind if they are a little more damaged. But truthfully, they are getting slightly velcro-y. And this bad habit needs to stop.

Do any of yall have a seriously bad hair habit like mine? Do you trim your own bangs (dont do it!), twist with your fingers, or maybe skip haircuts? I know a few girls who have bald spots from nervously pulling out their own hair!

PS nose shot!

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  1. Ashley Says:

    I skip trims. I want my hair to grow grow grow so I skip em. Even an inch off is painful! I know, I know.

  2. S. Says:

    Is twirling your hair a bad hair habit? I do it allll the time.

  3. Ally Says:

    I pick my splits all the time! I bite them off (gross I know). I only get a trim 1 or 2 times a year. Im really bad at taking care of my hair.

  4. noelle Says:

    I have the trich, i pull hair, but not from my head, my eyebrows have taken a beating from time to time :(

  5. Carlie Says:

    I used to be a receptionist at a really slow office. During my down time I used to snip my split ends off one by one with a pair of scissors. Is that terrible?

    On the flip side, I am religious about getting regular trims. I get at least four a year if not more.

  6. Reagan Says:

    Carlie, i would normally say its terrible, because you are messing with the shape your stylist has carefully given you..but in your case you might get a haircut often enough that it isnt the worst thing ever! plus its better than picking them off!

  7. Heather Says:

    I totally cut my own bangs. And totally and completely regret it after EACH TIME I DO IT!! Once my stylist punished me and wouldnt cut them when I went in for a proper cut. I have learned my lesson, almost

  8. Christina @ Hair Romance Says:

    I used to do that too but I rarely get split ends now Ive stopped ironing my hair as often. Im still a hair twirler though

  9. Virginia Says:

    Ewww, I do that too. Bad bad habit. But I havent done it today (yet), thats good, isnt it? ;)
    Happy week to you,

  10. Michelle Says:

    Ok so Ive always had thick hair. But now that Im getting older, its still kinda thick but very coarse. Im obsessed with touching random strands to check how coarse they are. I rub my fingers along the strand it it sounds like plastic-y hair. I cant explain it. If I style my hair in the morning either loose waves or flat ironed, Im less likely to mess with it. Eeesh.

  11. kati Says:

    sometimes i get addicted to searching for and pulling out coarser hairs. like most of my hairs are fine, but there are a few that grow from the top of my head that are coarser, and i like to get rid of them :p

    also, when i have a habit of twirling the left side of my hair into my hand and then putting the ends under my nose. like some weird mustache. i do that stopped at a stop light or when im watching tv. i probably look like a crazy person.

  12. Melissa Says:

    Is pulling out gray hairs considered a bad habit? If so Im the worst. Im a gray hair assassin.

  13. Anya Says:

    I do that, too! I am awful. Pick my split ends, barely brush my hair ( I always wear it wavy, curled, crimped, with some kind of texture) until I have to pick dreadlocks apart, dont cut it nearly enough, and always re-cut my fringe after a haircut. I do work in a salon as a colour technician, so some of these things are permittable. Not all, though. Sigh.

  14. Juliette Says:

    I do a lot of backpacking in the summer and more than a few times Ive let my hair stay unwashed and dirty for close to 10 days. Sorry hair Can you say eww:) Im trying to think of ways to revamp my hair in the backcountry. If I cant actually wash it I was thinking dry shampoo?.

  15. Lacy Says:

    We all do it!!! Even us hairstylists!! My split ends have split ends and so forth because I need a hair cut sooo bad!

  16. viks Says:

    before the last time i was at the hairdressers (november) i hadnt been in to get my hair seen to in 18months :S hairdressers make me nervous , i dont like going, luckily since i dont use heat on my hair too often my hair doesnt get in too bad a condition, its just thin and looks crap

  17. Kim Says:

    But of course I cut my own bangs!! :-) My hair grows incredibly fast so I can never make it to the next appointment without having my hair in my eyes. The scissors come out around week three after a cut!

  18. jessica Says:

    i am a hair twirler as fact, reading katis comment-well that sounds like me. i also pull out the coarse hairs I find(& shh, the grays too) but Im always twisting my hair & giving myself a mustache. BAD BAD ME!

  19. Juliette Says:

    Also I meant to say this a bit ago but I love your new blog header. Really cute pictures:)

  20. Julie Says:

    oh god, I cut my own bangs once out of desperation, and for the next two days I had a red eye. like something was stuck in it and try as I might, I just couldnt get it out. After the redness and irritation wouldnt go away, I went to the eye doctor who looked into my eyeball with a magnifying glass to find that a teeny tiny hair from when I trimmed my bangs had gotten stuck inside my tear duct. I had to sit incredibly still while he used tweezers (yes TWEEZERS IN MY EYEBALL!) and a magnifying glass to get it out. Oh, and it cost my $50! Never ever ever again will I cut my own bangs.

  21. Tif Says:

    I used to be an everyday washer, bang trimmer, hair fryer and much more until you taught me how to treat my hair right! Now i wash 2 times a week, get my bangs trimmed and enjoy my natural curl. My hair thanks you!

  22. Jenessa Says:

    I trim my own bangs AND skip haircuts. Dangit! Im the worst. Its only because I live in the arctic, though. Seriously, I do. Sometimes after I trim my bangs I look in the mirror and laugh because Ive done something slightly ridiculous to them. Theyre forgiving side bangs, though.

  23. Rae Says:

    Is twirling your hair bad? Or just an annoying habit? When my hair is straight I twirl twirl twirl..

  24. CarrieO Says:

    I skip haircuts all the time and I pick my split ends too. My husband makes fun of me whenever he catches me doing it.

  25. Valerie Says:

    My sister does this and it drives me absolutely crazy!! To make matters worst, she has a routine hour and saystime to pluck!! I need stop her before she goes bald in the middle.

  26. Kerry W Says:

    Ugh, I do that to any split ends too. Why?! I know its bad for my hair, but for some reason its just so satisfying!
    P.S. I really like your new blog header!

  27. Charolette Says:

    I do this weird thing with my tiny, broken off sections of hair. I grab a piece, fold it, and pick it with my nail so it make a satisfying grr sound. Its weird but I do it all the time.

  28. Liz Says:

    I have the exact same habit as you, LOL. My husband goes insane when he sees me grab my hair and start to pluck it. Hence the reason Im here with my New Years resolution to end this insane habit. And Im styling my haireveryday. I work from home, so this is a challenge as I dont have to style my hair, but I want my, now long hair, to be pretty. So here I am. :)

  29. Camila Fuenzalida Says:

    Why is it bad to pick you split ends? Ive never done it but I have a friend and I always catch her doing it and she told me it was bad one time so I started to slap her hand every time Id catch her doing it. But when I tried to explain to her why she shouldnt do it I couldnt cus I kinda dont know why. is it because you are breaking your hair and it grows weak? thats just me guessing there haha

  30. Hairdresser_in_Perth Says:

    Aww dont worry !! Youll get over it and have wonderful habits in no time :)

  31. MS Mom Says:

    I trim my own ends between haircuts. My budget only allows for a haircut every 3-4 months so i sit with a super-sharp set of hair-only scissors and twist sections, then start snipping all the frazzled splits that stick out. My mom used to do this for me when I was a child. Maybe thats why Im compelled to do it.
    I am also a splitend snapper.

  32. Says:

    Im not a picker however, Im a nipper! My hair is also long enough that I can pull it forward and see any split ends. Twist sections around your finger and the split bits will revile themselves. Nip away! This is actually a service I provide at my salon. Tina xox

  33. Says:

    Meant to say that this twisting and nipping technique is the only way to get the broken bits that show themselves on really long hair. (without loosing length, of course) Tina xox

  34. Lindsay Says:

    I dont think I have a bad hair habit (maybe not getting trims as I should) but my sister and my mom are hair twisters. They do it subconsciously. It is funny when they do it at the same time. My sister was so bad as a little kid, if she slept in bed with my mom she would twist my moms hair into knots.

  35. Julee Says:

    This is really bad. Someone told me once, her first impression of me was me, cross-eyed picking at my split ends. That is sooooooooo attractive. LOL I pluck, pull, cut each hair with scissors, bite, etc. Sigh

  36. aqua Says:

    Its a bad habbit !! I pick my split ends ..and trim my hair ..and gosh bite them too sumtyms ..gross i knw

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  38. Ally Says:

    I used to pick, bite, and cut my split ends all the time! As of a couple months ago, I just search for them. I cant wait until Im finally over the habit!

  39. CaroleCarey18 Says:

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  40. Sarah Jane Says:

    Im a splitend picker i got my hair cut into a bob to stop me but i still find the little rascas! I use my straighteners to calm my weird hair out but makes my hair split more its a vicious circle i neef to stop ive ruined my hair but i find ot impossible to stop! HELP!!

  41. tasha Says:

    When Im bored I sometimes catch myself plucking the very short broken off section in the crown of my head. I hate my hair right there no matter what I do it breaks off really short. So my hands creep up there and strand by strand pull out hairs. Its really addicting and Im surprised Im not bald right there. I wish it would just grow and be the same length as the rest of my hair.


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