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Posted in News on January 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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One of my favorite ways to wear my hair, is pulled up (full up fat twist below, but it can also be a bun or any other up hair) with my guys down. My guys are all the little wisps around my face. It gives it such a romantic, natural look. And who doesnt love a little romance?

These guys are supposed to look accidental, but they are very intentional. They were undercut to be at just the right parts of my jaw and neck. I prefer some at the hollow of my jaw, the corner of my mouth and just past my chin. My stylist friends and I have a million names for them. I have always called them guys, but others call them fall downs, friends, wisps and my favorite- man catchers. The man catcher is for the guys that fall right around your mouth, all sultry like.

These are pretty easy to do on yourself, and I think Ill do a little tutorial pretty soon! I dont usually recommend cutting your own hair, but these are easily covered/blended if they dont turn out exactly how you like.

Do you like to have some guys around your face when your hair is up? Or are you more of a sleek lady?

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  1. Courtney Says:

    Im so happy to get on here everyday for my daily dose of inspiration, which is exactly what I get every time I read one of your posts :) I am a hairstylist also so its nice to see other peoples ideas. I tell of my other friends about this blog too!! Keep on doing your thing, its inspiring me to do a blog of my own!

  2. Holland Says:

    i love the look of guys on others but im a sleek lady. mostly because i dont have wispy guys just random hairs around my face that curl and dont grow!

  3. Christina @ Hair Romance Says:

    Im going to start calling them my guys too I love a loose updo

  4. Tiffany Says:

    I love your new blog header!!! and your friends I think I may start using that term with my clients. I love how it looks but I cant stand when I have little pieces that fall out

  5. Tiffany Says:

    *meant guys, but either way still so fun!!

  6. kati Says:

    the shorter my guys are, they cowlickier my forehead is. so i like guys and ive had guys multiple times, but right now no guys. maybe i should swing that way again

  7. Jodi Says:

    I need to have them for when I wear updos because Im not crazy about my jaw from the side and the guys make my face look softer :)

    Its usually hard for me to get these cut just right when I go to the hairdresser, but the last time I went I finally got some great ones.

  8. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    Oh I love my guys too! I dont like my hair to look too polished. If it doesnt have a few bumps and loose pieces, its not me.

  9. Marcie Says:

    Im a lover of both sleek and guys. Unfortunately Im incredibly boring when it comes to doing my own hair. Its either down and straight or up in a boring gym-going pony tail. Boring boring boring.but I still love reading your blog and dreaming that I could someday have awesome hair dos like you. {sigh}

    And I LOVE the way your banner or whatever you want to call it turned out. All of the pictures are beautiful. Jake did an awesome job!! I like how its different pics every time you log onyes, Ive already been on here a couple times this morning. What can I say.Im obsessed (in a good way, not a creepy way). Hope you have a good Monday! :)

  10. Vivian Says:

    Yes! Please do a tutorial on how to get guys. Glad to know this is a thing! Ive always wanted to ask for it at the salon but wasnt sure if it would be a weird request or not lol.

  11. Marissa Says:

    Please, please, please do a tutorial soon!!! I love guys, but Im never quite sure how to ask my stylist for them. I love this blog!

  12. Stephanie Says:

    I am more of a sleek girl myself but they look great on you! I have tried to do messy but it doesnt really work for me, so Im just trying to go with a smoother look and put my own spin on it!!

  13. Emily Says:

    I love both looks, but usually opt for a sleek style.
    Can I just say that I love the new look of your blog? Of course I can, I LOVE it!!!

  14. Kelsey Says:

    Yes!!! would LOVE to know how to get a couple of my own guys :D Cant wait for the tutorial!

  15. Danielle Says:

    You blog is amazing ! Youve inspired me to start blogging!!

  16. tina Says:

    The guys are a great way to not feel so naked in your updo!

  17. tina Says:

    Try a little light weight texture cream to control your guys. http://www.helpfulhairstylist.com :)

  18. Danica Says:

    I want guys! Would love a tutorial :)

  19. Jessi Says:

    Im so glad to hear that these are intentional. Ive always wondered why some were blessed with this look but not others. I need them asap! Would really love a tutorial! Thanks!

  20. aletta Says:

    i love your guys too! so pretty! a tutorial would be great, thanks!
    PS: i am your number one italian fan :)

  21. Maura Says:

    I LOVE YOUR GUYS! Definitely need a tutorial otherwise I am sure I would ruin my hair trying style them my way:)

  22. Jessi Says:

    Depends on the outfit wether or not i will create a sleek up do or a more effortless look (hair around the face). Either way with the right hair color these looks can define facial features and look very sexy.

  23. Deb Says:

    Would love to see the tutorial on this one!! Also adore your blog. You are the cutest :)

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  25. Ray Says:

    Would love to see a tutorial on cutting your own guys.

    Awesome blog!

  26. Meredith Says:

    Lol, mancatchers.

  27. Sisse Says:

    Oooooh! Guys! I want them, asap. I am sort of a newbie when it comes to hair-stuff, or at least thats how Ive always felt.. Maybe the year of 2013 will bring me cool hair-doing abilities? Well, I am sure a tutorial on guys (!) will help me a lot!

  28. Jessica Says:

    In the Hispanic culture (I know for sure in the Dominican Republic) we call them busca novios (boyfriend seekers in English) which is basically the same as your man catchers how funny :)

  29. Cassandra Says:

    I love thispleeease post a tutoial I have been waiting since this post haha


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