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Posted in News on January 19th, 2012 by Reagan

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Ive been excited for this Louis Vuitton ad to come out for months! The blonde model in the ad spent almost a whole day at my salon getting the most perfect platinum hair for this campaign with one of the owners, Victoria. My bosses are both color masters, and I love watching the process of their work. If you could have seen the color in person, your jaw would drop at how flawless it is. Not a single spot. It is so evenly white, it looks like its her natural color. So beautiful!

Have you ever had platinum color? I am too scared of the possible damage and upkeep, but Ive always been a little tempted to try it. Its so striking!

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  1. Amanda Says:

    I have! After keeping my hair exactly the same for over a year getting ready for my wedding, I had a moment of insanity, hacked it all off, and had it dyed platinum. Im naturally a dark dirty/ashy blonde. Frankly, it looked awful on me (I have too much red in my skin), and upkeep was a bear (it BURNS!!!) but.it was pretty fun for a few months. I cant lie. It was really brutal on my hair, so I dont think I would have done it if my hair was long but on a slightly grown-out pixie? Totally fine and FUN!

  2. Kristin U. Says:

    These pics are stunning and the blondes hair? Flawless :) Personally, I LOVE seeing platinum blonde atop beautiful women that it works on, but I know I could never pull it off. Thanks for sharing these and what a great environment you get to work and learn in!


  3. Erin Says:

    Flawless! Nothing stand out more than beautiful platinum hair eh? Thats so cool that you have such an insiders perspective on stuff like this!

  4. Marcie Says:

    Those are some pretty cool photos. I love the platinum hair. Ive never been brave enough to go fully platinum, Ive always just done the highlights. Right now I have peek-a-boos..which I LOVE!! But thats about as daring as Ive ever gotten.

    On a side note.Im still SOOOO excited to see HDOFs makeover after seeing that Holly Golightly inspired black and white of you. B-E-A-utiful!! Just sayin.

  5. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    The ads are beautiful. I have always been fascinated with platinum hair. Especially those that are born with close to platinum hair. As a natural brunette, you always think its greener on the other side though.

  6. Jen Says:

    What salon do you work at? Love the blog!

  7. On Stage Hair Design Says:

    Ive had this color! It wasnt the damage that was so bad, but the upkeep. It doesnt blend as well as highlights do when your hair grows out. So I was in the chair every 3 weeks. I was tired of it, so then I dyed it hot pink! Quite a change!


  8. Lola_Here Says:

    I love platinum it just doesnt love me. I did it for a solid year when I was 22. I am naturally very pale (grey eyes) and my hair is dark blonde.

    For that magical year I sported a short bob with blunt baby bangs. Important in my year of extreme blondeness was my awesome colorist at the local salon. Without her I would have been brassy and had yellow undertones.

    My favourite platinum look that I would never have the guts for was a friend of mine from Berlin who had platinum dreadlocks.

    At the end of my year I chopped all my hair off, the damage was done. I became a red-haired pixie for the next year as I grew it out. Now I have long brown locks with a full set of bangs but grey hair is coming in now and I can see a platinum bob in my later years.

  9. Maura Says:

    Love it! Ive always wanted platinum hair, but the idea of getting my hair chopped off again, I got a pixie last April, because of the potential damage well Im chicken! Maybe when I go to cosmetology school (just another year!!) and have more experience with hair, I may just be the daredevil

  10. Emily Says:

    I just dont know! I am naturally blonde and Ive never colored my hair, so seeing as I dont have a trusted colorist . . . Id be too scared of it coming out looking like a Playboy bunnys bad dye job! I also feel like it does only work on short hair. My hair is well past my shoulders and on the thin/small side so I think with that whiteness it could end up looking see-through!

  11. Michele Says:

    I had mine that color twice, the first time i just got tired of it and colored it brown. The second time it was so damaged that I shaved my head to get rid of all of the damage. I think if you do it right it is amazing, but never go from black to that color in one day, it doesnt end well. :)

  12. Hadley Says:

    I want to do this to my hair now.

  13. kati Says:

    my daughter is so lucky, she has the kind of light brown hair/eyebrows that shell someday be able to go either lighter or darker and shell be able to pull of either look. i have such dark hair on the other hand, that i could never go blond, let alone platinum. but i would love to! so fun! luckily, my natural dark is a really nice color on its own, so i dont even color it (yet, i will when i start to go grey!) if my roots wouldnt show 6 hours after having it done, i think that platinum would be so fun :)

  14. chelsea Says:

    i love the color. if there wasnt so much up keep i would go platinum in a hot minute!

  15. Chrissy Says:

    Yes! I want to do this. Before my hair grows out.

  16. sarah Says:

    I just got to the all over platinum stage and now its maintenance time. thank goodness for purple shampoo and mending from bumble and bumble :) haha so cool thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Kristianna Says:

    I think my coloring would work with it, but I suck at upkeep SO, it would be hein on me about 3 weeks in, unless I embraced the roots look. :D

  18. Amanda Says:

    That platinum is ridiculously perfectwow! It makes me want to go back. I think anyone who is naturally blonde can pull off platinum. Youve already done pink, so I say go for it!

  19. Tina Says:

    Terrific look- super, high-maintenance! Great work out of your shop!

  20. Jenny Says:

    I would love it but cant handle the maintenance. Her hair is gorgeous.

  21. liss Says:

    ive had white hair for nearly 3 years now and never got it that flawless and white, mine is more on the silver end. Ive been trying to formulate my shades eq 9v with clear gloss so it tones the brass just enough without too much silver left behind; any help to achieve her look? or perfect ratio for clear gloss & Shades EQ? <3

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