2012 Golden Globes

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Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I did an impromptu live discussion on my facebook page of the show and it was so fun! I think now that its award season, Ill have to do it more!

I have to say, I was very impressed with the women last night. The gowns, the make up, the hair. I wish I could say the same for the men. They were all way too tan. Oh well, they cant all be as suave as Leonardo DiCaprio I guess.

Alright, here are my favorite looks of the night!

The cut and color of Reeses dress are perfect. The blood red looked great against her skin and hair. Normally, I would prefer a slicked pony with a structured gown like this, but she looked fresh and beautiful as she was. I couldnt find a photo of her without her hands on her waist, which was a shame because she was a hippy goddess in that red number, and her hands took away from that.


Kate Beckinsales gown was such a great color on her. I loved the sharp neckline and her updo was the perfect choice.


Nicole Richie walked onto the red carpet with straight up dinosaur hair, and I was feeling it. You know she had 20lbs of hair extensions in there, and it was beautiful. I want to recreate this look with some wave. Hot!


Zooey Deschanel killed it. She looked so cool out there with her one of a kind Prada gown and her retro hair. I couldnt find a great profile shot, but she had some kind of sideburn chops that completed the look. I think she may have been wearing a wig, because her hair is normally a lot longer, and I doubt she cut it.


I always love Michelle Williams, but it wasnt until she walked up onstage to accept her award that I saw how subtly slinky she looked in this gown. She could not be cooler. Showing hardly any skin and almost no jewelry, and she still looks gorgeous. Also, her speech about being a mom had me tearing up. Shes a lady. Oh yeah, and I loved that she brought her best friends Busy as her date.


Claire Danes and Emily Blunt tied for first as my favorite gowns. I could not find a photo of Emilys gown anywhere though! They both chose dresses that looked perfect with their hair color.

Ive realized that my favorite gowns are usually sleeveless. I dont like strapless on me, so I think I naturally lean towards a little fabric up top. There were so many hits on the red carpet, I could have gone on and on. Felicity Huffman? Tilda Swinton? Laura Dern? They all looked awesome. Who am I missing?


13 Responses to 2012 Golden Globes

  1. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    Zooey and Michelle were my faves. I love how Michelle rocks that pixie cut. Ive never seen it look so good on anyone.

  2. Holland Says:

    rooney mara. simple, black, very elegant.

  3. whitney Says:

    I felt like the women last night actually looked like Hollywood stars. For the past few years, most everyone has been a miss for me not enough risks, not enough glamour. But last night they killed it! Reese was my favorite. She GLOWED in that dress. And Kate Beckinsale she looked like she was poured into that dress. Amazing.

  4. Courtney Says:

    emma stone!!!

  5. Kris Says:

    We love Michelles pixie cut too! Zooeys hair was to die for too!

  6. Emily Says:

    Also, if you look very closely, Zooey had tiny tuxedo tops on her nails! So cute!

  7. Bonny Says:

    I love this!! I didnt get to watch..we dont have cable, so I missed out. I would love to see the ones you thought were a miss as well!

  8. Amy Says:

    Emily Blunt!

  9. Laraine Says:

    Your red carpet review was almost exactly like mine!

  10. Rae Says:

    Agree, agree, agree! Almost every woman was a complete hit, but what was with all the man tan??
    Also, it took a couple minutes but I thought Nicole Kidmans dress was perfection on her. It was like it was painted on, in a good way.
    Loved the back of Felicity Huffmans dress! I absolutely adore her.

  11. Maissaa Says:

    The only overall look of these that I like is Kate Beckinsale’s. I also like the hair and make-up of Zooey Deschanel.
    I think Reese was way off. Though the dress is beautiful with a stunning color, her choice of hair style did not match the glamour of the dress and accessories she was wearing.

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