Lana Del Reys flowery headpieces.

Posted in Celebrities on January 9th, 2012 by Reagan

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I was recently introduced (well, my ears were) to Lana Del Rey by my friend Amanda Blair (you guys know her!)

Before I knew she had a pretty face and beautiful hair, I met her voice. She can sing so beautifully that all you can do is listen. Ive been listening to her for about a month now, and have started to become interested in who this girl actually is. So, yes, she has amazing hair and a gorgeous face (and dude, pouty mouth!)also, she calls herself a gangsta Nancy Sinatra which is important to me because These Boots Were Made For Walkin was the first song I ever memorized.But her flowery head pieces are the thing about her. They make me scream out loud and I want one in every color. And I want them to be made out of real flowers like hers.

See below.


Im always a little sad to find out that some musicians come from a lot of money. It seems like an unfair advantage in the art world. To me, musicians (or any artist) are supposed to struggle in the beginning, it makes their music more authentic. Lana came from millionaire parents who found the right people to create an image for her (her real name is elizabeth grant) including a good plastic surgeon, but at least the girl really can sing. Its just a little weird to find out that someone who seems so mysterious and interesting is kind of a fake. Despite all the controversy over her, her music is worth checking out. Give Video Games and Blue Jeans a listen!

Also, its pretty safe to say that Im basically in love with floral head pieces. I think I like the top one the best.

12 Responses to Lana Del Reys flowery headpieces.

  1. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    I first heard Video Games on Gossip Girl and fell in love with that song. Her voice is truly spectacular and her floral hairpieces are gorgeous!

  2. Amanda Blair Says:

    She is my fave! Yay, Im glad you like her too!

  3. sarah Says:

    I agree she has a beautiful voice, seems a shame her persona is so inauthentic! She apparently lived under a bridge for a while! Yeah right!

  4. Allie Says:

    Heres something I thought you might like: Its the hollygolightly sleep mask, just like the one from breakfast at tiffanys! Now you just need some tassle ear plugs.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I have a flower halo that i got at a medieval festival and constantly want to rock it, but i never have the opportunity to weat it. It looks great on Lana though!
    Thanks for posting her videosshe is amazing!

  6. Rachel Says:

    Couldnt have said it better!

  7. Marija Says:

    hi, like your blog! :)
    i was wandering if you could help me, im thinking of dying my hair like this (lana del rey color), but im not sure which dye i should use.. my natural color is dark brown, but month and a half ago i dyed it into dark hue of red by using semi-permanent dye.. it almost all gone now and im thinking its safe to try another color.. ive heard that you cant get any lighter shades by using semi-permanent dyes, so i guess that i should go for a permanent one? is there any way i could get a more natural look by mixing two different dyes? im sorry if im asking a lot of silly questions, i really have previous experience with this.. :-/

  8. Angela Brown Says:

    These hair styles are really awesome.

  9. cruise the maldives Says:

    This is so cool..thanks so much for the info. Love it!

  10. Tania Says:

    I think she sounds a lot like Melanie and I am a huge fan of Melanie as well. Very glad that 60s hippy-ish sound is coming back to music. :)

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