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Posted in News on January 5th, 2012 by Reagan

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One of my favorite clients is a beautiful, bubbly young make-up artist at the MAC store in Times Square. I have to be careful when she is in my chair because I could talk to her for so long about beauty products and hair and fashion, that my whole day could easily get backed up. She came in to see me on NYE (they had to close the Times Sq store because of all the tourists!) and we got to talking about lipstick. She told me that Iris Apfel is doing a collaborative line with MAC and I got so excited. You see, Iris Apfel is one of my most major Lady Crushes. (If you dont yet know, a Lady Crush is like a girl crush, but in a more sophisticated/elderly way). The line is full of bright, matte colors, and according to my client, Pink Pigeon is going to be my new favorite lipstick. I cant wait to see it in person, something tells me that she is right!

The other day, my friend Jana linked to an article of Iris sharing all her views on hair, beauty and fashion. The 90 year old doesnt believe in plastic surgery, uses Cetaphil, and only dyed her hair one time. The article is inspiring and reminds me why I have such an extreme admiration for Iris and her generation. My Grandma who passed away last year just before turning 90 was very similar in a lot of ways. She wore nice clothes and had her hair and make up done beautifully whether she was leaving the house or not. So very dignified. Their reasons for caring about beauty and hair seemed less vain than our generation somehow.

Anyway, I hope youll read the article. My favorite part of the article was when Iris was talking about plastic surgery, she said, I think if women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?.

And one more I don’t like trends anyway—I like tradition.

Well said Iris, Well said. What a cool lady.

What do you think of my Lady Crush Iris Apfel?


11 Responses to Hair and Beauty tips from Iris Apfel

  1. Amber Says:

    Its not less vain though. It was just that it was something that was very much expected of women back thenit was the standard. You got your hair and nails done, and if you didnt then people knew you were poor or déclassé. Whereas nowadays women at least have the option to throw on a hat, and leave the houseeven if theyre not typically encouraged to do so.

    I think it would be way cooler if she would have said she disproves of the way society/the media expects women to consistently look young and perfect, instead of disproving of the women themselves. Blaming women for playing a game that theyre constantly being told they HAVE to play is a little irresponsible to me.

  2. Allison W Says:

    I just read the article and Wow! She is amazing! I love your Lady Crush. I like her perspective on beauty and fashion. You have to find your own groove and your own style and still try to do things to make you look your best because you feel better but dont go overboard because then its not you.

    And I think she was disproving of how society encourages plastic surgery and for everyone to look young, its just not realistic to look that way when you are older.

    She is an awesome, classy lady and I cant wait to check out her makeup line. :) Thanks for posting this!

  3. Rihanna Says:

    I think this was a very informative and exciting post! I am inspired and encouraged. What a great Lady Crush. My also passed this summer and she aged so gracefully I can only hope to be as classy as she was. I guess she is my lady crush!! ( Are family members allowed to be crushes?) ;)

  4. Suzi Says:

    Amber I disagree, the women getting plastic surgery to stay up with the game is their own deal. They can choose not to they could instead love themselves, take care of their bodies and not get caught up in the medias game. To blame the media would be right, I suppose, but to blame the women is also right. Theyre making those choices. They could not get Botox and instead get purses. I mean, hard decision? I dont think so. The media gets is power from those who give it to them.

    She probably blamed the women because in her time people took responsibility for their actions instead of saying, Well, it was their fault.

    Thanks for sharing this article, Raegen! It was a great read. I love her generations time, so classic and hard-working.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Forget the media. It only has power over you if you let it. Love my graying hair and probably will never color it. Rock on, Iris!

  6. Bethany Says:

    This reminds me of my lovely great grandma.she died 2 years ago at age 90 and up until 2 weeks before she died she went to the same hairdresser every week to get her hair set. When she died her sweet hair dresser actually came to the funeral home and did her hair because Mrs. G was too much of a lady to be buried with her hair undone

  7. beauty hair stores Says:

    I just read the articles and that woman is amazing. Ive learned a lot from her and I am going to share this. Thanks for giving a head start!

  8. heather b. Says:

    thank you so much for posting this, reagan! it gives me so much hope about getting older. i have quite a few greys (im 25, they started when i was 17) and no interest in covering them. i cant wait for fun streaks!

  9. Amy Says:

    Iris is a great person to have a Lady Crush on! I think that this MAC line is a good representation of what Iris has to say. The line from what Ive sen is about having fun and being confident with bright, bold colors. I picked up possibly the last Flamingo and Party Parrot and I cant wait to wear them.

    Also, its always nice to have a good story behind some of the make-up pieces you purchase If anyone compliments your bright lips you can tell them about this amazing woman who designed the line. What a conversation starter, right?

    Thanks for the links Reagan :)

  10. Kris Says:

    I love this! She is amazing!

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