A peek into my kit: Tools

Posted in Answers, Products on December 21st, 2011 by Reagan

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Hello there! Todays peek into my kit is all about my tools!

First up, I like to be prepared for the possibility of hair cutting. What if they are desperate for a bang trim? What if their ends are trashed? At a wedding recently, I ended up using my razor for two different brides maids..otherwise their heavy bangs would have been flopping in their face the whole day! I almost didnt bring my cutting tools and boy am I glad I did. So add your shears, razor (this one!), and a cutting comb (carbon!) to your check off list of what to bring.

Also, at least one rat tail comb (this one!) and possibly a teasing comb (not pictured, but like this) if thats your thing.

Next, I like to bring an assortment of brushes! I love my Mason Pearson for doing pin straight blow dries, smoothing out up dos, brushing out curls, etc. I love my pocket size Mason Pearson for bangs and little jobs. I sometimes use my Masons for teasing too! For round brushes, I like the Ibiza, and use two sizes, small and medium. I never need any other sizes.

A good blow dryer with nozzle is so important. On many jobs I dont even use a flat iron or curling iron, just a good blow dry. I have been using the Twin Turbo for about 7 years. I only took a break once when someone gave me an FHI. Once that broke I was right back to the Twin Turbo. I actually have two. Its the perfect air flow and the even perfecter heat.

Curling irons in a variety of sizes. I have about 4 Hot Tools marcel irons. 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch. I use the 3/4 and the 1 inch the most.

This are the most commonly used tools. Depending on the job you might need a defuser, a flat iron, foam for forming, clippers, etc.

Anything you other stylists out there swear by?

Photos by Jake Breinholt for Hairdresser on Fire.

8 Responses to A peek into my kit: Tools

  1. Marcie Says:

    Im not a hairdresser, but I still think its awesome that youre letting us all take a peek into your kit. Thanks for sharing. And, cool pics Jake! :)

  2. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    I grew up having my mom use Hot Tools curling irons on my hair, and in recent years I have been using cheapo curling irons from Target and wondering why my hair wont curl. Need to get back to those Hot Tools!

  3. Courtney Says:

    I just switched to carbon combs and I didnt like them, the teeth are too sharp and close together. Also, the teasing brush i use is identical and only costs about 4 bucks! This is it: http://www.folica.com/tools/hair-brushes/cricket-amped-up-teasing-brush

    This is my fav blowdryer, although it only goes a couple years before the cord shorts out, i keep buying the same one.

    I use this curling iron for waves

    and this one in 1 1/4 inch for big curls


    For the longest time we were all using flat irons to do curls, but Ive grown to hate using the flat iron and I love working with curling irons.
    My flat iron is FHI but its shorting out in the cord, as usual.

    For round brushes i use Moroccan Oil ones but dont really like them.

  4. Rae Says:

    I love my marcel so much I could marry it. Just last night I was laying in bed thinking about how I need to get a bigger one.

  5. Kristen @ More Than Mulberries Says:

    Hi Reagan could you explain to me the difference between the hair dryers that I buy at Wal-Mart and Target (usually I go through 1 a year) and the ones stylists use? Im really wanting to invest in a better hairdryer, but Im not sure what Im even looking for. All of the salon ones feel SO heavy. But maybe thats better? (Is this just the stupidest question you have ever gotten on here? Sorry) I like the $14.99 price but if Im damaging my hair or making it worse, then I need to plunk down and invest here on a good tool.

  6. Meghan Says:

    Now try not to think of the 80s. But when it comes to tools in my kit, I never leave with out my crumbing iron. Crimping and then back brushing the crimped section can create amazing texture on fine hair. Try curling a crimped, back brushed section, or rope braiding a crimped back brushed section, then turn that rope braide into a bun. omg results are amazing. It is also a geat way to create volume or shape for an up do, crime hair, back brush section, lay smooth hair section over it. With a crimping iron possibilities are endless. :)

  7. Meghan Says:

    Sorry typo with crumbing iron, I mean crimping iron.

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