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Posted in News on December 7th, 2011 by Reagan

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Last month my salon participated in an event in Brooklyn for stylists and colorists. Some platform work was done (cutting and styling), and the owners of my salon both had their work showcased (one for color, one for wigs). We spent a few weeks working our fingers to the bones on the wigs my boss, Larry, designed. He is really an artist and it is so fun to learn from him. He comes up with these ideas, and works with us between clients, asking for our advice and welcoming any ideas. Its so great to make such beautiful pieces as a team!

This is literally a swimming cap that he hammered spikes into. He carved out one side and added diamonds, and the other side is wiry braided extensions.

Here are some wefts I turned into wide, thin fishtails that we never ended up using.

I only worked on this beautiful braided mess for a little bit. It is braids of all different shapes, sizes and textures. Some are uniform, some are uneven and messy. There is also rope in there and some of the hair has been burned. I tried it on and it was so heavy and cool feeling. It is kind of a modern artsy take on the Victorian era.

I helped make this wig earlier in the year for a different shoot. I sewed approximately one million wefts of extensions including the blue and yellow/green ones. Its actually a normal wig turned inside out with extensions sewn underneath. The feathers are actually a trimming from Mood that we made look like a cap. This wig was hard work, but my boss had a completely new vision for it with this event. I got to wrap and set it in perm rods, which we all know I love to do!

Here is the final product at the event. I wish I had some closer shots of each piece!

I love this one so much. It looked perfect on the model.

Work friends, hooray!

Sometimes its so nice to do some non-traditional work like this. I gets that creativity flowing!

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  1. Lacy Says:

    My favorite is that rooster wig!! Actually they are all pretty sweet!!

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    I just found out about your website, and I wanted to let you know that I love it :-) Ive been searching the web for ages trying to find cute girls that talk about hair but all I could find were boring girls with monotone voices. Now however! I have a huge Christmas list put up haha!

    Thank you!
    (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  3. Allison W Says:

    SO cool! This is awesome. :) I went to a hair fashion show called Hair Wars once, it was so fun to see all the crazy stuff they came up with. So creative and fun!

  4. kati Says:


  5. Melinda Lyon Says:

    Cool wigs! I love the last picture! You are so beautiful :D

  6. Aerine Says:

    Omg! i love everything about these wigs! I cant wait to try and make one myself!!! love your site by the way there is not a day where i do not get on and see what cool and crazy things your up to! Keep being the incredible you girl!!

  7. Aerine Says:

    I told and showed my boss the wigs you all made and i think our salon is going to get together and try to make some too! We probably will just do it for fun but I want to do a fundraiser for a charity by having a fashion show! My favorite wig is the one that you turned inside out and permed and put feathers on to make it look like a hat! That was incredible

  8. LO Says:

    Hi, I have a friend who will be undergoing her 7th cancer treatment in 2 weeks and she is anxious to find a better wig than the ones shes had before. She asked me for some help in locating a good one. Do you have any advice for ones in Los Angeles that are not scratchy, beautiful, stay on all day, and are easy to brush and clean? Price doesnt matter. Help please!!

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