Braids for the maids

Posted in News on November 22nd, 2011 by Reagan

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I did 12 heads of hair the day of Maggies wedding. In the weeks approaching the wedding, Maggie asked me a few times if I wanted her to find someone to help me with the hair. I knew I didnt need one (plus, what if our work clashed?), because we had decided the look for the maids, would be braids.

Maggie gave me a few rules:
No Peasants or Pinheads (meaning, they need volume and dont make them look like milkmaids!)
All updos, no tails.

Braids were a genius idea, because they are quick and you can do them on any hair type.and I worked with every hair type that day. Fine, processed, thick, silky smooth, curly, virgin hairetc. Also, because I was doing 12 people, I could only allow about 30 minutes per girl. I started at 6:30 and finished around 2:30. The major time saver, was that I didnt have to blow dry anyone. I brought lots of products, my kit and my cutting tools anyway, and just did touch ups when needed. (and two bang trims!)

Here are just a few pictures of some of the girls. (who are all my friends. it was so fun!)

And last but not least, an image of the maid of honor fishing the bouquet out of the chandelier. Have you ever seen the bouquet toss end up in the chandelier? It was glorious.

Braids were a beautiful way to have a theme, but avoid being too uniform. You can get so creative with braids. Once you get them down, they can take you anywhere. Just like Reading Rainbow!

Click here to see more about braids!

23 Responses to Braids for the maids

  1. Heather Strasser Says:

    I love them all! You are amazing!

  2. Flora Says:

    I am practicing my braids so that I can do all kinds on myself.

    And I am guilty of throwing the bouquet in a chandelier at my very own wedding reception. One of our friends climbed on her bfs shoulders to get it down, and I threw it again, this time not so high.

  3. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    I love that no bridesmaids hair looks like anothers. Nothing is worse than matchy matchy bridesmaids!

  4. Eleni Says:

    So beautiful. And although you say it was easy, it looks far from it.

  5. Amanda Blair Says:

    just like reading rainbow hahahahahhahahhaha. I love this look actually. The first one and the last one are my favorite braids. Love, love, love!

  6. Meaghan Says:

    wowwww! beautiful! tutie on that last one please! is it just a halo braid and then pieces woven in after? love it. oh, aaaaaand i have the reading rainbow song stuck in my head now! hehehe

  7. Sarah Jane Says:

    You are amazing!

  8. Nonny Says:

    Gorgeous hairstylies! I love braids and can do them on myself no problem but I have fine hair and always end up looking like a complete pinhead? Any tips???

  9. Debby Chien Says:

    Wow youve got some amazing talent there! Keep up the good work.


  10. Betsy Says:

    The last braid is divine!

  11. Alexandra Says:

    Reagan! Im dying to learn how to do the double decker braid. (Thats my nickname for it). The last hairstyle on this page. Pleaseeee do a video on it :) Then Im going to run off to London wearing fancy red lipstick & my hair in a double decker braid & probably never come back. Except of course to visit you at Whittemore House.

  12. Emma Says:

    Great job Reagan! i loved the idea, you are the bomb! I hope we get up to NYC very soon to see you guys and you know you always have a place to crash in Baltimore too! Emma x

  13. Alicia Says:

    i have a curly hairs so what type of style can suit me better

  14. s.a. Says:

    OMG. Those braids are out of control, especially the last one! You have mad talent.
    Please do a tutorial for that last one.

    Love, love, love the chandelier/bouquet/shoulder ride shot. Looks like an awesomely fun wedding.

  15. Rebeka Says:

    I love love this idea! ALL of the girls look amazing their hair is just so perfect.

  16. Camila Fuenzalida Says:


  17. Rae Says:

    Love. The last one before the chandelier snafu photo is my fav.

  18. Rae Says:

    PS Amazing you did all that hair. Seriously impressive.

  19. Lesley Davidson Says:

    These are all simply fabulous! They all look super sophisticated! Would be awesome to see each girls hair before (to know how short the hair can be to do these). I have just at shoulder length hair and would love to try any one of these!

  20. Amy Says:

    This is the best idea!! More people should put their bridesmaids in braids. And wow, Im going to study these pictures to see if I can do something similar there are some really cool dos here!

  21. Judith Says:


    These braids are gorgeous! You inspire me :)

  22. shera Says:


  23. CHI Hair Straightener Says:

    The back of the hair into two shares surge loose down the other stocks in one direction rotation, coiled to loose on the side of the ear after hair bundle.


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