The Reverse Ombre.

Posted in News on November 16th, 2011 by Reagan

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I got a question a few months ago from someone asking if I thought a reverse ombre would look good.

My first thought was No way, do not do it..

Then I saw this picture. And I love it.

But I still say No way, do not do it.


this looks hot on her, because she has interestingly striking features. Also, she appears to be Scandinavian and her hair is very light naturally. The beauty of the ombre, is that it is so low maintenance, and it looks so natural. The sun naturally would lighten our ends. This is all the horrible upkeep of platinum hair, and once youve got roots coming in it is going to look like a big blocky mess.

Imagine this: Dark Roots, a block of Platinum, a block of medium, a block of black. Even if you have the worlds greatest colorist, after just two or three weeks, this would look like you need to find a new colorist.

Dont do it! Youll regret it! Just look at this photo with me and awe at the interesting hot girl.

But if you DO do it, send me a photo, pronto.
(did you know Pronto is one of my favorite words? It is, but I hardly ever get to use it!)

Photo seen here

20 Responses to The Reverse Ombre.

  1. vanessa Says:

    I agree altho it looks amazing on herDont Do It! i can only imagine the blocky mess :p

  2. tammy Says:

    I can see why this is a pretty picture but I think the brown on the ends just looks dull and boring. It looks like in real life it might look mousy and dead on the ends. But I do agree it is a pretty picture. I dont think anyone should actually attempt this unless they are about to cut all their hair off the next day.

  3. Lena Says:

    Personally I don´t like it at all, not even in the picture.

  4. Anya Says:

    I saw this on your Facebook page and thought you were about to praise it and got scared that i would lose my love for you..but I am so happy you said no when I opened the main page. Agh, I can love you still!! As a colour tech of many years, I am weeping for this model. Nevermind the upkeep, but how horrid her hair will look the next time she washes it is my fear. The bleeding of black onto the blonde, the awkward fading as this was probably put ontop of no pigment, the horror! Seriously, people need to understand that some colours are not wearable. They are artistic and beautiful and tons of fun to do for us, but are not meant to be sported by the average person on a budget with a 6-10 weeks hair maintenance routine. Think of how avant garde runway looks trickle down into trendy wearable styles and treat your hair the same way- draw inspiration and let your colorist have the final say. This is serious business! / end rant

  5. On Stage Hair Design Says:

    I agree. This girl is very editorial, and while it look amazing in the shot, I cant imagine that if I saw her on the street I would think the same.

  6. Emma Says:

    I do not like the look of this. However, I was wondering if ombre is just blonde-brown or if can be brown-black? Im a brunette and Id like to have a darker brown to seep in on the end of my hair. Any suggestions?

  7. alex Says:

    This reminds me of Utah hair, circa 2004. Yikes. It got the best of us

  8. tammy Says:

    Hm. I thought the reverse ombre was dark roots, light ends. :/

  9. Megan Says:

    I let a stylist friend of mine do the ombre look on me, even though I was totally against it. I should have stuck to my guns, because she ended up doing a dark brown on the root of my hair, with blonde ends. Guess it would be low-maintenance if my hair were naturally brown, but it is a very very light blonde naturally-so in a couple of weeks, the whole look was very strange! Blonde roots, brown middle, blonde ends. Weird.

  10. Cera Says:

    Although I dont like the picture above, I cant help but wonder, would the reverse ombre really be that bad if someone had naturally blonde (not platinum blonde) hair and did the tips brown, or maybe even red? Please reply and tell me what you think!

  11. Sarah Says:

    I did a reverse ombre with my hair. its a deep red on top then brown black at the bottom. its okay maybe a little too trendy for me

  12. Mary Says:

    I actually want to try this, but with my natural color, not blonde. Im naturally red/auburn and I think it would be fun. I would probably want to try this with a demipermanant dye.

  13. Kailyn Says:

    My hair is naturally a darker (level 8ish) ash blonde and I have been coloring it dark (3G) for awhile now. Ive tried going back blonde a few times but no one is ever able to get close enough to my natural shade. (My skin tone doesnt do well with yellowish blondes and platinum is too harsh for my taste.) Its getting longer and to the point that root touch ups are a hassle. I am looking for a way to gradually fade out my darker color for my naturally lighter one. I searched for reverse ombre because I like the subtle contrast of the regualr ombre, but there isnt much info out there. I figured I could let my roots grow out again and work from there. What is your advice about reverse ombre for my hair color situation?

    Thank you!

  14. Amanda Says:

    Aline is Brazilian :)

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  16. synthetic clip ponytail Says:

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  17. Rachel Says:

    I definately want to do this. However, keep my natural light brown roots :)

  18. Kittens Mew mew Says:

    I actually have a red to black ombre that happened after I started growing out old black hair dye. It looked dreadful for several months, but now I really love it.

  19. Michee Says:

    I have This look n it is not hard at all to maintain my hair is platinum already n I do my new growth every 3weeks so the bottom is Demi it fades out n I just re touch it up once every couple months n it does not bleed I love it its different from everyone and their mother having an ombré I get lots of compliments and hows :)

  20. Rhian Says:

    i have naturally blonde hair and i was wondering if i should reverse ombre my hair in to a light brown shade because it would be minimal upkeep because i wouldnt have to re-dye my roots as they would be my natural shade of blonde? let me know :)


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