My faked 1920s updo.

Posted in News on November 15th, 2011 by Reagan

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A few weeks ago I was at Target and I saw this shiny beaded headband in the hair accessories for $2.99. I thought about how it matched the shiny beads on the dress I got for my friends wedding and dreamt of some cool 1920s updos I could do with it that day.

Having been honored to be the on sight hairstylist for the entire wedding party, I was pretty busy. After putting the veil on the bride and kissing her and crying, I looked at my watch (also known as a phone) and realized I only had about 20 minutes to get ready for the ceremony. I ran to my room, showered my body, dry shampood my hair, threw on the headband and grabbed pinned grabbed pinned grabbed pinned and repeated. I ended up with this variation of the low messy side bun with a 1920s twist. The headband and the messy bun having a wider span and being less low helped with the 20s look the most. The red lipstick helped fake that I had lots of make up on, when really if you looked closely youd see that there were giant patches of half smeared in foundation! haha. Worlds greatest faker!

I was completely 100% ready for the wedding in less than 15 minutes. Showered, haired and make-uped. I can scarcely believe it myself.

When we walked into the chapel, I sat down next to my friend Bobby and he turned to me and said You look like youre straight out of Boardwalk Empire!. And I screamed (in my head because I was in a church) with delight. My vision of a 1920s do back in the hair department at my local Target in the Bronx had somehow been successful with only a 3 minute time slot.

I was able to cry and hug friends and dance like crazy at the reception with no worries.

I should write a book called the art of fake-spending a lot of time on stuff.

25 Responses to My faked 1920s updo.

  1. April Says:

    Amazing! I love it. Will you do a video on how you did this do?

  2. Lea Anne Says:

    You look amazing in that dress, its totally to die for!

  3. Becki D. Says:

    Please do!

    All us runnin-around-in-circles-with-no-time-for-ourselves ladies would certainly appreciate the tips!

    You could call it Hairied Women Unite! (Harried/Hairied.get it? No? People might think its about women who need electrolysis? Yeah.)

  4. Fran Says:

    WHERE did you get that dress? You look fantastic!

  5. Rae Says:


  6. Chrissy Says:

    Thats a great idea for a book! :-)

    I need some read lipstick! I usually only have 15 minutes, so I should learn some of these how to fake things tricks. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sky Says:

    When I saw that dress was full length I about died, especially since Im a willowy, tall girl like you. Where did you get it? Also, if you are ever considering selling it, please, please let me know. Your hair is amazing. I also have wavy hair, but definitely not cute wavy, more like Ive been up all night getting into trouble hair that probably makes people want to send me to rehab. Any ideas?

  8. Tif Says:

    Thats an amazing dress Reags! You looked very lovely.

  9. Shannon Says:

    I would totally buy that book if you wrote it.

  10. Kat Says:

    Holy cow! Gorgeous, but GORGEOUS dress. I love it!

  11. Kat Says:

    *gorgeous hair

  12. Rachel C Says:

    Thats a great look you threw together! That usually happens to me only when Im planning on doing nothing all day Ill throw my hair up and think it looks real cute, but if I ever actually try to recreate the look to go somewhere it never works out like I want it to.
    Anyway, youre too cute!

  13. tammy Says:

    Awesome hair. Love it.

  14. Magalie Says:

    Stunning, congratulations! I would love to have you making wonders in my hair some day.
    Best from the night in Norway!

  15. Allison W Says:

    You should write it because I every time I dont spend very much time on myself, it looks like it! You look fabulous! :)

  16. Eleni Says:

    You look amazing! And the red lip that seals the deal. I only wish I could look so good in 15 min. Nice work.

  17. natasha b Says:

    Gee, Reags. Do you know I am a big fan?! You are all that and some puddin.

  18. Kara Says:

    Seriously, stunning and maj amaze!!! You look awesome as per usual.
    I have gotten all the girls in my office hooked up you and your blog.
    I think you should prob move to Chicago ;)

  19. kacy Says:

    Love the hair! Also, love the dress, just wore one like it in white and lace for my wedding! Who made it?

  20. Patrícia Spíndola Says:

    Oi Reagan, sou cabeleireira aqui do brasil e sua super fã, me identifiquei com sua história por que muitas vezes arrumo todos, mas eu mesma fico de fora, Quero me inspirar em você e dar truques no meu visual cada vez mais eficientes

    sempre acompanho seu blog aqui do brasil
    Patrícia Spíndola

  21. Erin Says:

    Both of those dresses are amazing!

  22. carla Says:

    You look beautiful! That dress is lovely, Where is it from?

  23. berenice Says:

    Anyone know from where is the dress??? =)

  24. Reagan Says:

    thanks guys! my dress is nicole miller!

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