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Posted in News on November 4th, 2011 by Reagan

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What do you think about the shaved sides look?

I think it can look so cool on the right girl. Ive seen some major hits and also some extreme misses with this trend for sure. I cant say that Im really tempted to do this look on myself for several reasons, the biggest being that I like my hair as big as possible, so every strand has a very important job.

Recently Jake did a photo shoot with Radcollector. The concept was what a girlfriend does while her boyfriend is away. Apparently she wears his clothes and jumps on his bed, haha.

Anyway, this girl is hot. And to top it off, she has STEPS!

I love the one of her shaved head/top knot combo!

So, are you brave enough for the shaved side look?

All photos by Jacob Breinholt for Radcollector

17 Responses to Shaved Sides

  1. Rachel C Says:

    I could never pull off this look, but loved it on Anya from Project Runway. Shes beautiful!

  2. Nicole Franks Says:

    Agreed right girl. I like to be trendy, but as a stay-at-home mom of two (& one of the way) in the middle of suburbia I like to stay neutral. Ha! Ive got the middleschool-blend-in thing down pat ;) But recently feel in love with the style on Anya, project runway winner. I thought it was so sty-delish!

  3. Melinda Lyon Says:

    I personally think its going to die fast. The other day I saw a girl and my first thought was o half of her hair is shaved, she must have cancer. Then I though O maybe not because it is a trend. Lol, who knows trends grow on mm. Maybe Ill shave some of my heavy hair off and pull a good curly head shave.

  4. Kelli R Says:

    Nope, I am not a fan of the look. Every time I saw Anya I thought how cute her hair could be if it wasnt shaved. And what happens when you want to grow it back out. Im hoping this trend is not around when my girls are older.

  5. Maura Says:

    I Love this look and am seriously thinking of doing it once my hair is grown outI dont mean to sound stuck up or anything but I think I could rock this look!

  6. brissa Says:

    yes i love it!!! i got steps last february. it was the best decision ever. its fun to have and adds a little spice to any hairdo!

  7. Em Says:

    Im love it! I tried it a year ago, I had thought about it for a long time and finally got the guts! Now, its been a pain in the butt to grow out, but Im glad I did it!
    heres a pic of when it was in its prime:

  8. abl Says:

    It looks great on herbut like others have said, not everyone can pull it off. I definitely helps to have a beautiful face like the girl in the picture!

  9. Sharon Steele Says:

    I love the look on Elie Goulding. It would be a bear to grow out but looks great on those brave enough to try it.

  10. Zoe Says:

    Not a fan on long hair. Love it on funky shorter dos though. Got to have a few different colours aswell, not outrageous but even caramel/copper foils in dark hair just give the cut a little more interest. Still trying to find the right client to do it on though!

  11. peg Says:

    I think its a heinous hipster trend that makes otherwise beautiful girls look like poop. The girl in this post is beautiful but her hair is stupid.

  12. The Lunatic Fringe Says:

    I think you need be have a super cool personality to carry of such a cutting edge hair style and possible under 25?

    Hairdressers Canterbury

  13. Cami Says:

    I had been looking forward to doing it to myself for two years(over dyed my hair as well as being in chlorine about 3 hours a day) and had to cut my hair to about two inches. I am lucky enough to love short hair and have only had hair down to my shoulders about twice in my life. I finally grew it out to a little past my shoulders and had my boyfriend shave a small section of my head (I didnt want to pay for someone to shave part of my head, seemed like such a waste of money). I love it, it takes some getting used to, but its fuzzy and everyone touches your head like your pregnant and have a big belly, which is silly. it can also be hidden, but I havent done that yet. I am planning on just cutting my hair into a pixie cut again once my little shaved portion is grown out enough, although I saw someone growing theirs out and it looked cool.

  14. Katie Says:

    This video reminded me of your post:
    Girl, you got Skrillex hair hahaha! I have a few friends who have shaved sides, but its not for me. I recently got whispy baby bangs, which I love but thats the shortest my hair will ever be :)

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  17. Shona Says:

    I soooo want my hair like this I think its very cool!


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