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Posted in Products on November 3rd, 2011 by Reagan

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One of my favorite places to shop for hair accessories, is American Apparel. I only spend about two minutes in the clothes sections, and the rest of the time is hovering over their hair stuff. They have great hats, bows, headbands and clips. Their selection has gotten huge and my collection is growing along with it!

Here are a few of my favorites. I have all of these (but in different colors) and wear them all the time!

Leather bow.

Seen (a snippet of it) here.

Navy Blue Velvet Twist scarf

Chiffon Twist scarf. (I have this one in black)

So the twist scarfs are awesome. There are a million ways you can wear them. They have wires in them, so you can twist them in all different ways. You can make them look like a little rose bud, like in the first picture, or you can twist them to give them a more *turban effect. I also like to wear mine with a little bit of a subtle off centered bunny ear look. Its quite cute!
Seen here!

I also have the grey version of this wool floppy hat, which is the perfect sun hat for winter.

Anyway, Im basically obsessed with the headwear section of American Apparel. Do you wear hair accessories?
Go here to shop!

*Ive noticed that pretty much everything is considered a turban these days. This is just a scarf with a thick twisted look for a similar effect.

5 Responses to American Apparel hair accessories

  1. Allie Says:

    i love wearing turbans, headbands and just hair accessories in general. something i do often is blow dry my wavy hair with a comb (wide tooth or regular depending on what im going for)once its almost dry and touch up the roots and front with a flat iron if needed. this gives my hair a piecey rachel zoe type look with goes great with a chic headband or leather clip. blowdrying with a comb can give a stringy affect for most peoples hair but it works perfectly with mine. im sure as a hairstylist you know of a way better way to ahieve this boho look but the comb-blowdry actually is really quick and successful with the right textured hair.

  2. holly Says:

    i love the twist scarf on you, so cute! i love those things but they always slip right out of my hair! even with bobby pins, its clear they dont wanna stick. any tips?

  3. Lindsey Says:

    Any time I wear headbands or wraps they slide off the back of my head. Thinking I must have a weird shaped head, haha.

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