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Before I forget, I want to talk about Halloween!

My ragdoll costume was last minute. In fact, I was going through my closet in a panic for a costume, and I saw this dress! Every time I wear it, people tell me I look like a ragdoll, so it was just kind of the perfect last minute costume!

One major factor for me with Halloween, is that I want to have “special” hair and/or make up. My ragdoll hair wasn’t all that difficult or crazy, but it’s not every day that I get to wear my hair in high pig tail braids with satin ribbons, so I was very happy with it. My make up was a little more work. I used individual lashes on the top and the bottom. It took some time, but it totally reminded me of a doll. For my lips, I first used very light concealer to make them blend with the rest of my face, then I drew a smaller doll looking heart mouth.

I love Halloween. Do you dress up? Do you go for scary, funny, cute or sexy?

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  1. Kristie Says:

    Love the costume…so fun! Your braids and make-up totally make the look.

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    A Short-Haired Gal Jealous of All Your Braid Tutorials

  2. Erin C Says:

    I was a Red Crayon this year. I am a preschool teacher so I don’t like to cover my face or do anything else to scare my kidos. Your cosmtume was super cute!! What did the hubs go as??

  3. Rebeka Says:

    Your costume is so cute. Also you’re sooo skinny and I’m jealous! Ha. I didn’t dress up for halloween this year. I didn’t have any good costume ideas, and so I wasn’t really excited about it which in turn meant that on halloween weekend I had no motivation to dress up. Vicious cycle.

  4. Frannie Says:

    I love this! I whipped up a cigarette girl costume last minute. I really love the make up and the lower lashes! Different from the eyeliner ones I usually see. Thanks, I feel inspired to dress up more!!

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