Building a “hair foundation”.

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I have a strong belief that any hair can hold curl. A lot of clients swear that theirs is the hair that will never hold curl, and it is my true joy to prove them wrong.

All you need is products. Possibly handfuls upon handfuls, but that is all you need.

My very favorite foundation is mousse. I talk about mousse all the time, but I don’t know that I ever get much more specific than saying that it is great for volume. The truth is, mousse is the world’s greatest foundation product. Note: sometimes my clients are shocked to see that I might use two or three handfuls of mousse in their hair. That is when I don’t have time for nonsense (or misbehaving hair).

Here is what you’re going to do. Shower (or just shampoo/condition your hair). Towel dry. Put in several handfuls of mousse. Every inch of your hair will be moussed, root to tip. The key is to take the silky/softness out. Then you are going to comb through. Then you’re going to blow dry. Then you are going to curl your hair and possibly set it in pins (while it cools). And it is going to hold.

All day. Can you imagine?

It might not feel like real hair, but it will look beautiful and it will hold. Some people are lucky enough to have hair that does what you want it to with little effort and little to no product. The rest of us have to work a little harder!


Here are my favorite mousses.

Redken Full Frame



Go on now. Go get some curly hair!

9 Responses to “Building a “hair foundation”.”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I am so happy that you talked about handfuls of mousse. I use a lot of mousse in my curly hair to get it to be the perfect combo of defined yet not crunchy curls. I hate having my hair “styled” by professionals because they always try to use a tiny amount of mousse and then are confused why my hair is frizzy. I always feel like I should grab the product myself and give them a little lesson. But I never do… Thanks for spreading the word on lots of mousse!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Rebecca – my curly haired comrade! I was about to post exactly what you said. So, ditto! I always have my stylist blow out my curls when I get a trim because no one knows how to make it curly like I do it. I think they would freak out if they saw how much mousse it takes!

  3. Darci Says:

    This is going to make you a little ill (my hairdresser hates this) but my hair didn’t hold curl well until I stopped using shampoo/conditioner or any product. I wash with baking soda and that’s it. It’s amazing how awesome my hair is.

    I know a hairdresser will never convert but I can’t recommend “no-poo” enough. My fine, thin, boring stick-to-my-face hair needed so much product and attention and was dry and bad and now it’s amazing. Like, little-girl shiny amazing. Everyday. EVERYDAY.

  4. kate Says:

    I’ve been washing my hair less frequently (I used to be a daily washer, now I go every other day… and occasionally a third dirty day will slip in there). The problem is that I have such fine hair that I have to use GOBS of product, and then I have buildup! I use shampoo & conditioner on the first day. I blow dry with root lifter (mousse-type) and I run a Joico serum through to keep my hair from getting all dry and damaged when I blow dry & heat style. I also use hair spray and occasionally “dust it” stuff on the roots (if I’m doing an updo or need some extra lift at the crown). On the second (and sometimes third) day, I use dry shampoo. It just seems like I have a lot of ‘junk’ in my hair by the second/third day! So I’m not sure how to balance LOTS OF PRODUCT with NOT WASHING DAILY.

    How do you prevent your hair from looking gunky when you go four or five days between washing?

  5. Amy Says:

    I’ve been trying to do the mousse thing like you always suggest for more body and to hold curl. It definitely is giving me more body-But, it seems to make my ends all crunchy. I mean, like, 1999 girls think it’s cool to wet scrunch and gel their hair crunchy. Am I doing something wrong? I think I may be a hair idiot.

  6. Gita Says:

    Darci, do you mind elaborating on the baking soda washing method? ‘Cause MY fine, thin, boring hair didn’t do well with it, as it dried it out, while leaving some grease behind – NOT exactly the effect I was looking for! Thanks.

  7. Jessica Says:

    Hey HOF, I was just curious to know if the Redken is really “medium control” or if you are just advocating for the Redken mousse in general?? I’m styling for a photoshoot next week and usually use Bumble & Oribe, but I want to get away from that when I’m working “probono” :)

  8. Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE Says:

    I’m curious if you have any experience/recommendation for fragrance-free products. My mom has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder so if I wear anything with ‘fragrance’ ‘parfum’ or ‘perfume’ in the ingredients, I can’t go anywhere near her unless I shower first. It’s a pain so I like to try just always be fragrance free… I’ve found good shampoo/conditioner but no amazing mousse/hairspray yet!

  9. CHI Hair Products Says:

    Take the right amount of hair shaping gel, hand Tuirou open, apply evenly to the hair intermediate part to the tips section to form a sense of fluffy abundance of air.


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