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Im so excited because a week from tomorrow, Im going to London for the first time! I absolutely cannot wait, and if any of you have some wildly exciting London suggestions, I welcome them in the comments. Hooray!

So, since Ive got London on the brain, Ive been thinking of one my favorite tv characters of all time. Cassie from the British show Skins was played by Hannah Murray. Cassie is a sweet, but lost teenager with all kinds of problems. When Cassie was on the screen, I couldnt look away. She was such a lonely and confused little girl that I just wanted to care for. The acting was amazing and just thinking about it makes me want to Netflix the whole series again.

Another reason I love Cassie so much, is her hair and clothes. She always had some kind of cute touch to her hair. Maybe a bow or clip, messy waves or a piece here or there pinned up. Nothing every too done, which is my kind of style. I love the look of just spending 2 minutes to jazz up your hair. If the 2 minute style is a contest, then Cassie wins!

Isnt she amazing? Did you ever watch that show?

(PS Im not talking about the short-lived American version of Skins on MTV. The British one was amazing.)

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  1. Kristen @ More Than Mulberries Says:

    Im sure Kelly has give you all sorts of great tips.I get heartsick for London all the time. Its a magical city and this is a great time of year to go! On Sundays, there are tons of vendors and artists up and down Bayswater (by Kensington Palace) I got some great art there. Have a spot of tea in the Orangery there when you are done!

    Have a great time!

  2. Beth Says:


  3. amie Says:

    i keep forgetting to comment about london!! my husband and i lived there for a year and LOVED it. we want to move back soooo badly! if you like food in the slightest you have to hit up borough market right by london bridge station, its INSANE. the best food in the city in my opinion! so many different vendors and food, its unreal. i suggest grabbing a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich from a vendor and then walking down the south bank after. youll see tower bridge (the one that everyone thinks is london bridge but actually isnt!), the tower of london, st pauls cathedral (the most beautiful church in the world in my opinion!), the tate modern (free entry! awesome art! free and awesome bathrooms too!), the london eye, and parliment with big ben. then you can go across the river and see westminster abby and walk a little ways to see trafalgar square and all the other famous sights. london is super walkable, i highly recommend walking as much as possible, youll stumble on all sorts of amazing little places! have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Adrienne Says:

    You should so try this restaurant/take out eatery:

    I havent been there yet but we are visiting London (again) later this year and Ive seen it mentioned a couple of times on blogs and really want to try the food!

    Have an awesome time, I LOVE London, such an amazing city. Oh the food!

  5. Ko Says:

    DEFINITELY hit up portobello market. I got some amazing things there that I continue to get comments on 2 years later. And, of course, topshop is a must, though it may have the same items as NYC I thought the tower of london was very cool. Just hanging in the park is nice too. And I agree, the tate modern is fantastic. I suggest doing the hop on hop off bus tour the first day you are there to get your mind around the city (and you will learn lots of fun facts). Once youve done that you can just walk everywhere. Bring comfy shoes, and when your feet are killing you, hop into Harrods sock dept and get your tootsies a treat.

  6. Laced Hair Extensions Says:

    Ahhhh I am still so excited for you to go to London!! I wish that I could sneak in your suitcase!!!

  7. LynnG Says:

    I have been there about 4 times and absolultely love it! I mean, who can get tired of London cuz isnt there a saying when youre tired of London, youre tired of life? When I was around Trafalgar Square, we just asked the cabbie where the best place to get fish and chips were and man did he deliver. It was a cute old pub in a hidden ally so no other tourists were there. Definitely authentic British fish and chips. And dont be afraid to get lost. Sometimes you happen upon the best places when youre not looking :)

  8. b.a. Says:

    i LOVED the Brit version. the little boy all growed up from About a Boy?! so cute & funny!

  9. Gita Says:

    Okay, so were both going to London at the same exact time. Awesome!

  10. Jessica Says:

    Please please please eat some indian food while you are there. london has the best indian food Ive ever eaten in my life. Ive only been there once, 10+ years ago, so I dont have the faintest clue where I ate, but it was the BEST! That is all.

  11. Lucy P Says:

    If you want to do Portobello Market, you must go on a Saturday. Dont get caught wandering around on a Sunday when its finished! Friday at Portobello is when all the fashion stalls open, and if you just want to do that then Friday is the best and least crowded day to go. Walk up and down Golborne Road at the top of Portobello Road, there are lots of cute shops there too. Georges Fish & Chips up there is excellent. (A pricier fish & chip place off Notting Hill Gate is Geales, where The Smiths used to have band meetings. Its been done up now, so its gone all posh. Still good though.)
    An excellent pub to go to in Notting Hill is The Cow on Westbourne Park Road, and opposite is The Westbourne. Great food in the back, super local crowd, fun, trendy, great on a Saturday night.
    I would recommend walking from Notting Hill Gate tube through Kensington Park towards the Serpentine Gallery in the middle, where there are really good and serious art exhibitions (at the moment its Anri Sala). Id also check out the Albert monument which is just near there in the park. There is a side road that runs behind Kensington Palace where all the billionaires have houses, and where some of the embassies are based. Its pretty amazing to wander there, and its a closed road to traffic so if the suns out, its fun to walk down there and imagine what youd do with all those rooms
    Id recommend some of the shops behind Carnaby Street, and having coffee and a sandwich at Fernandez & Wells. Having a drink at the French House in Soho is a must! Super crowded but wonderful place that was the hangout for the French taking refuge during the war. They dont serve pints, its all in French measures. If you want a great meal and have a bit of money to spend, go to the St John restaurant in Farringdon. There is also a bar there where you can hang out if they have no tables.
    The no 9 bus is the only old routemaster (traditional) red bus still going, and it takes a great route past lots of monuments and dumps you in Trafalgar Square at the end, where you could wander around the National Gallery.
    There is SO MUCH to do, Im in Notting Hill so if you want more help, give me a shout! xxx

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