Hats in London

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I want to share some photos of my London trip soon, but first (and most importantly) I want to talk about the hats!

Ive written about my love for the British hat culture before and now that Ive seen it in person my love for it only burns deeper. First I tried on a few in a vintage store.

Then on my second day in London, as if by magic, I walked past a wedding. Hats galore. Now Im pretty sure this was a rich and powerful wedding, because the bride and groom were married in St. Pauls Cathedral, and that is pretty serious. Also, we caught a peek at a program and later googled the couple to find they are rich and powerful (and sexy!). This might explain the wonder and amazement of the hats. They were spectacular. 


 I really must invest in more hats.

4 Responses to Hats in London

  1. Kristen @ More Than Mulberries Says:

    The one in the last photo is called a fascinator. Which makes me love them even more. I used to walk by a Greek Orthodox church to get to the tube and saw so many great weddings with hats and fascinators everywhere. I loved it. I should have worn one instead of a dumb veil for my wedding.

  2. Christina @ Hair Romance Says:

    I love how its the norm to wear hats to weddings in England. We only wear them to the races here or practical hats for sunny weather. I adore hats, youve made me want to wear one today!

  3. Danae Says:

    Please, do what you can to get the hat trend going here! Its not fair they get all those fun, fancy hats and all we get aretrucker caps! (with sparkles!)

  4. MBT Skor Billigt Says:

    MBT skor du älskar, som granatäpple öppna rader av Snövit, dina känslor, som regn, klockspel vind, gråter, obegränsad BUZZ, din goda, som vågor svallande, brusande, oändliga .


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