Hair Answers: Dealing with cowlicks

Posted in Answers, Products on October 28th, 2011 by Reagan

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Q by Heather: Id like to get your take on cowlicks.  I have hair that looks very similar to yours, maybe a little thinner, and I have HUGE issues with the whorl at my crown.  Its fine when I wear it curly, but when I go straight it seems that no matter how I blowdry or tease, after a very short time you can see my hair start to split in the drives me nuts!  I end up having to wash my hair way more often than Id like because its the only way I can get it under control after sleeping on it.  Any suggestions?

A by Reagan: Heather, youre on the right track! There are a few tricks to dealing with cowlicks that I have found very helpful. The first trick is to leave the hair in that area a little longer. You dont want to be cutting short layers or fringes where there are cowlicks. The extra length with help weigh down the hair, making it more manageable. My next tip is to comb and blow dry that area first, while the hair is still quite wet. Make sure you are blow drying against the grain of the hair, this will help to manipulate that little tuft to lay down a little more. My final tip, is instead of shampooing your whole head in the morning just spray down that area and start over. My favorite blow dryer is the Twin Turbo, give that a shot. They range from $90-$150 on Amazon. And for the millionth time, use a nozzle!!

Cowlicks are such needy little things, right? They love all the attention like that one girl from highschool! haha. Good luck!

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  1. nicole Says:

    I love your blog so much!! Totally info :) One ? How do you get your pics that big?? Ive tried every pixel to no avail. Is there some sort of plug in or widget I am missing?? Thanks for all of your great posts and advice :)

  2. Heather Says:

    Thanks for the tips! Its been better, but I think I had my layers a little too short in my quest for volume.Im working on growing them back out now. Ive been re-wetting the bad spots and loading up on dry shampoo, which, I agree, is the greatest product ever made!

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    Is it possible to use a perm solution on the problem cowlick spot for a longer lasting solution?

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