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Posted in News on October 21st, 2011 by Reagan

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I dont know where this photo comes from, but I love it. Hair to your waist, long flowy dresses and a center part. Its kind of my dream.

I actually think this is a photo from a cult type family, and a few of the wives are clearly pregnant. Which is kind of weird, but I still love it.

Anyway, I am the kind of girl whose hair naturally  wants to have a deep part. I have to force it in the center, and I think at this point it (it meaning my hair) is almost used to it.

The best tip for forcing your hair to part some where it doesnt want to, is to part it when it is wet. Like sopping wet right out of the shower. If you need to, you can blow dry it into place.

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  1. Jess Says:

    My hair is just slightly below my collarbone and I have been trying to do this for a while. For some reason though, a middle part does not seem to have the same amazing effect if you dont have long locks.

  2. Jmae Says:

    OMG I too was like ACK cult pic right away! Ahaha Its like a rouge Colonel Sanders! HA I LOVE to do a center part-did one just the other day! Problem for me is that even though I have stick straight hair-since I do a side parteven w my flat-iron, it still has slightly more height on one side than the other haGrrrr

  3. Adam Hawthorne Says:

    Great picture, I love it! They all look so good!

  4. jeannie Says:

    I dont know who else to ask who will give me an honest opinion (this is a hair question). I know already how you dont like the keratin treatments for yourself.

    I had one done last year and LOVED the results. It was the GK Global Keratin Treatment (not Brazilian Blowout brand, but thats probably splitting hairs ooops, no pun intended!). I followed the instructions carefully: sulfate-free shampoo only and didnt over wash it (I never do, anyway). I used their GK brand (does it matter if you use their own brand? does it really enhance the outcome if you use their brand because it has the same ingredients that are used in the treatment, therefore extending the life of the keratin results?

    Or, is any sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner fine? Like, Pureology brand?

    Finally, is it an okay thing to do to my hair again?

    My hair was utterly fantastic, afterwards. I loved it. It had shine, swing, was easy to straighten (or let the waves stay, but I never did, I was SO enamored with my newly-straight hair!), etc. I think I got it to really last a good five months. During the summer I reverted to my regular shampoos and basically considered it over. But, Ive found that I can still style it straight, more easily than I could in the past. I had the first treatment last December 1. Im scheduled for my next one this Wed., Oct. 26.

    Is it damaging to do it again? I have really great hair. Im not bragging, its just true. Its very wavy and to get it to look fantastic, I do always have to style it in some way or another, using heat. Im careful; I know how to be careful. But when I had the Keratin, my hair looked like its never looked before: like I had DIFFERENT hair altogether, and it was so much FUN. It also had the appearance of a younger persons hair. Im 44 and have a youthful demeanor and long hair and Id say my hair looked like I was 22 (not *me*, but my hair sure did).

    Anyway, I want to know if it will be okay to have it done again. The stylist is top in her field (and Ill pay for that, its not inexpensive) and will do it properly; I have no concerns about that. I really just want to know if another treatment will adversely affect my hair in ANY way. I see my regular stylist monthly; I take very good care of my hair and put a lot of $$ into it so I dont want to wreck it! Its long and pretty.but I really would like to do it again.

    Thoughts? Comments? Id love to know what you thinksoon (sorry!) if you can. My appointment is at 10am on Wed. and if I am going to cancel I must do it tomorrow. (They are closed Mondays so Im okay for today.) Ive searched online but cannot come up with really the discussion I want: is a second treatment, almost a year later, going to be okay for me? My hair?

    Thanks, if you can!


  5. caro Says:

    youre spot on with the cultish feeling, that pic shows :)

    (and i love my center part, too!)

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