The chat follow up.

Posted in News on September 30th, 2011 by Reagan


Hairlings, I have really enjoyed all of your chatting comments. I really learned something! Honestly, it is quite awkward to ask at the beginning of an apointment are you a chatter or do you want me to shut my trap?, so I never know for certain if the client is a chatter or not, unless it is the most obvious body language ever. Or I guess mouth language. Either one.

So, I wanted to tell you that if I happen to be shampooing my own client, and they dont initiate the convo, Im going to zip it and let them enjoy their head massage. Because you guys are so great and told me you like silence during the shampoo!

Also, I had to laugh when one commenter talked about how it is so straining to try and have a conversation during the blow dry. I cant tell you how many times Ive had to embarrassingly nod my head cluelessly at what the person in my chair is saying, because I cant hear a word with the 20 blow dryers going at the same time in the background. I always feel rude saying what?, pardon?, Im sorry?, say it again, please?. So I try my best to read lips and strain like a 90 year old to hear the gossip. (its almost always gossip that is hard to hear because they are talking more quietly than normal when dishing goss.)

This is how happy I look when I can hear my clients. (also this is how happy I look when Im dancing.)

Have a great great great fabulous weekend, guys! Im working some hair magic for a short film this weekend. The film is about an underground music scene in the late 1950s-early 1960s. Cannot WAIT to do that hair.

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  1. Rae Says:

    Oh man, I didnt even think about the shampoo part! I have to say, I mentioned that I chat away with my stylist back home since Ive known her almost 15 years, however, someone else shampoos my hair and Id really prefer to just relax and not chat during that part but homegirl is a chatterbox. Shes easy to talk to and a total doll, but I always think, I just want to relaaaaax. Shhhhh.

  2. Annie Says:

    I love this subject. Im not a talker at a salon, I would prefer to read a magazine or even just sit in silence than try to tell my life story to someone I dont know. But Ive always felt like I HAD to chat with my stylist! Ive never felt like it would be OK to really sit there and read my book! So, thanks for letting me know thats OK!

  3. kati Says:

    i am cracking up about the talking over the hairdryer part. the most awkward part! hahaha.

  4. Frieda Says:

    Im undecided on the topic- complete silence is awkward, but on the other hand, i dont want my stylist to chew my ears off.
    The last trim I got, the stylist didnt talk at all aside from asking me how i wanted my hair cut, so next time Ill go the the salon back home where i get the juice on all my former class mates

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