Has a client ever made you cry?

Posted in Answers on September 30th, 2011 by Reagan


Me crying at work because Im cold.

I got an email yesterday from some girls who are in beauty school. They have been dealing with some rude clients and wondered if a rude client has ever made me cry?

Yes, yes they have.

When I was an assistant, there was this really mean old lady who had done every plastic surgery known to man at least 15 times. I dont know if this was the reason for her hating the world, but I just dont know. Im open to it. Anyway, I was about to blow dry her hair when she stopped me to ask how old I was. I answered 21, she said give me someone else. you dont know what youre doing, youre too young. i just dont want to deal with this today.. I said that Id go find her someone older (haha) and while I walked around the salon looking for someone older than 21 to blow dry her hair, she sat there muttering loudly about someone so young shouldnt be working here. they dont know what theyre doing. my day is just too busy to have a bad blow dry.

I went to the back area and started crying. I felt so bad. This lady was a repeat offender, though, and had made at least 2 or 3 other assistants cry before.

Nothing else comes to mind as far as crying, but there was another time maybe 3 years ago where a woman was equally rude. She was the kind of woman who thought she was super fabulous (but wasnt), so she acted like a diva wherever she went. I think she probably left the salon and called all of her friends to brag about how she just yelled at the girl blow drying her hair.

Anyway, In the first 5 seconds of the blow dry, she said Stop! Arent you going to do it this way?. I said yes, but Im first getting these frizzy hairs in the front so they dont dry on their own. She started flipping out and saying I didnt know what I was doing and ran out of the salon with wet hair. Then in the doorway, she turned around and yelled If you want to learn how to do a REAL blow dry, try going to the Upper East Side!!.  And that was the last time I saw her and her ugly knock-off Coach handbag.

The funny thing, is that I did learn how to do a blow dry at a salon on the Upper East Side. That is where you go for an old lady blow dry. I can do that if you want to look like a news reporter, but I would much more prefer to make you look like a Victorias Secret model, if you will only let me.

In both of these cases, I didnt do anything wrong. It was just nasty people taking out their nasty attitudes on me.

So, chin up! Just make fun of the rudies when they leave. There are other ways to get your point across besides stomping around and being rude, so in my opinion, they deserve it.

13 Responses to Has a client ever made you cry?

  1. Rae Says:

    What a couple of Bs.
    You look adorable in that photo.

  2. Cassidy Says:

    Ah the things that people say when you live in NYC. Go learn how to blowdry on the upper east side, doesnt quiet of the same ring to it when the upper east side is just on the other side of the railroad tracks of a small town in Texas. Glad to see you can make light of the rude people, because let me tell you, even though its small town, people love their big and and big attitudes.


  3. john Says:

    When I was assisting ,a client called back later that day and said I dont think John is doing you any favors so after 8 months of working in a great salon I was let go. Cried a little that day.

  4. kati Says:

    news reporter hahahahahahahaha

  5. Russanne Says:

    I basically work in a salon that is the equivalent of the upper east side but for Boston. Every woman wants to be a news reporter in this part of town. I think they all need to get a life. Hooray for thick skin though! I never knew my skin could be so thick!

  6. Becki D. Says:

    Jeez Louise. I cant believe people take a blow dry so seriously. That in itself is comic! Freaking out over a color that didnt turn out like you were expectingmaybe. Freaking out over somebody BLOWING YOUR HAIR DRY THE WRONG WAYI dont get it!

    Go Reagan! I dont think I could hold my tongue!

  7. Bribedell Says:

    Geez Louise. I would never complain over blow dry. Hell I probably couldnt even afford one from you! So I really would not be complaining then :)

  8. Elaine R Says:

    i find that How old are you comment incredibly rude. I am younger than most people in the profession Im in, and when people ask me that question, I always respond with Twenty-two. How old are you?

    It shuts them up pretty quick. Especially the 50-year old b*tchy ladies!

  9. margaret Says:

    Reagan, youre an amazing blogger! You make me feel like youre my best friend when Im reading. Wait, can we really be best friends, though?

  10. Kacey Says:

    Im the youngest stylist in the salon I work at, so I get that too. Even though Ive been in this profession for 5 years.

    But I remember the one client that made me cry. I was still in school and pregnant at the time, so that only made matters worse. A woman brought her son (6 years old tops) in for a haircut. I used my clippers and gave him a rockin awesome haircut. Then I pulled out my trimmers to clean it up and give it the final touches. I literally no more than turned them on, not even touching the boy with them, when the mother jerked the boy out of the chair and started yelling at me that I cut his neck. She was screaming the whole way out of the school and refused to pay for his $5 haircut. My instructor had to chase her down in the parking lot and examined the little boys head for a cut which WASNT there! My instructor said it was quite obvious that she was looking for a free haircut. She got what she wanted, but only after completely humiliating me. But seriously, you couldnt splurge the $5?!

  11. Joellen Says:

    I just wanted to say that I am in love with your hair in that picture. It is amazing!

  12. ash Says:

    HmmmI dont think I have ever cried about what a client has saidI once had a man ask (loudly) for another stylist because she was hotter than melittle did he know she is one of my best friends.she smacked gum in his ear, talked nonstop, got the back of his shirt wet.definately not professional but sometimes people get what they deserve. We had a good laugh

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