a video shoot with my husband and friends.

Posted in News on September 27th, 2011 by Reagan

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It was a dream to work with my husband and friends on the Aussie video shoot yesterday. I hope to do this much more often, and to always be able to have so much say in how the day goes. I chose many of my friends as models, who were all beautiful and so fun to work with, and Jake was there to film all 5 videos and all the stills too.

Here are just a few photos from the day. Im not pressing my luck by trying to upload any more because blogging has for some reason been pure hell for me this morning. (broken laptop, images not showing up, entire hdof website not showing up..)

I cant wait for the videos to be all edited and ready to show you!

8 Responses to a video shoot with my husband and friends.

  1. freckledk Says:

    Those are gorgeous, gorgeous shots! Cant wait to see the videos.

    Ive been watching your tutorials, and am failing miserably at the straightening iron curls and the Blake Lively waves. I have hair like the second gal pictured (fine hair, but tons of it) and want my hair to look like the gal in the first.

  2. Martha Schoo Says:

    You are such a talented stylist, as shown in these photos! I am still loving the look you gave to me in August when my daughter, Emma, and I traveled from Canada to see you. We were so thrilled to finally meet you and have a bit of time to connect with you in person. You are lovely, positive, sweet and oh so stylish! You suggested that I try bangs and I am loving them because they make me feel more current and happy! It is amazing the lift that the right hair cut can give to a person. Seeing todays photos of you in action brought me back to that special day in New York City at your salon! Thank you, Reagan!

  3. Hadley Says:

    I couldnt have had a better time yesterday, and these shots are beyond beautiful. Thank you again. XO, H

  4. jeannie Says:

    Great hairstyles and wonderful photography. My two passions. Hair, and photography. I love my hair but I need help to know what to do with it; cool styles I can actually do on my own. I am an amateur photographer. Was told I was hired as an intern to a prominent local photographer but hes not really planning to work with me. Why, I dont know. He should have said no thanks when we met. I was so happy and excited when he said yes and I helped on one shoot (where I felt superfluous) and despite my emails and the last one I sent asking, do you really want me?) but no luck.

    I want to know how to do a smooth pony with that bump in the center of the crown. Can you do a tutorial on how a girl can style that into her own hair? Its such a great look, as well as your various braids. Well, thanks so much!

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