Tutorial: Tony Hair

Posted in Tutorial on September 21st, 2011 by Reagan

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Thank you all for being so patient with this tutorial. So many people have asked about it, and I feel bad that it took so long!

I wanted to mention, that this style was 100% thought up by me. Ive never seen this style before, nor anything like it. But the day after we filmed this video, another blogger (non hairstylist) posted a picture tutorial that is semi-similar to this one. I just wanted to clear that up since I had previously told you that I invented this for Jen on Tony night. Which is still true.

As always, send pictures!

17 Responses to Tutorial: Tony Hair

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Love this! Im not so sure I can do this one to my own head, but I sure am going to try!

  2. Jessica W Says:

    You/Jake, always pick the best music for these videos! I LOVE Foster the People! This is one of their best songs!

    Ive really been looking forward to this tutorial! Im super excited to try it! Thanks for uploading it! :)

  3. Shelby Says:

    Lovely! I have to imagine that it would look good with traditional braids as well as fishtails. About how long did it take to do one of those fishtails? I havent been able to do it on myself yet, but Im determined to get it eventually. It seems like it would take a long time.

  4. Nikk Says:

    Love it! What a gorgeous undo. Super alternative to a plain ole bun. Most definitely going to try it thanks for the inspiration !

  5. Amber Says:


  6. Christina Says:

    yay!! thanks so much! i cant wait to try it

  7. Joellen Says:

    Yay! im so excited about this!

  8. Andrea Says:

    Hey Reagan! Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial and all the other ones youve done. Ive been reading both of your blogs for a while (love reading about Piper since I have a little dude that is close to Pipers age) and I just wanted you to know that you have really inspired me to put more effort into my hair. Ive always been a make-up girl and never put much time and/or effort into my hair. Whenever Id go out, Id have a friend do my hair for me or just let it look all crazy messy in a not-so-cute-way. But since reading your style blog and watching the tutorials Im honing my hair skills and actually enjoying it, no longer seeing doing my hair as a chore!! I know this all sounds so cheesey but as a mom to two little kids (one of which is 3 months old) feeling pretty and put together is priceless. Ive been practicing my halo braid for while now and Ive almost got it down (its no joke doing it on yourself!) and as soon as its up to snuff, Ill send a pic. Thanks again, you da best!

  9. Tiara Says:

    So cool! I always wanted to know how to do fish tale braids. I cant wait to try it!

  10. Lauren Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks, and that I already tried this out on myself. I have hair down to my butt, so I had lots to coil around. It looked super cool, but I had a hard time getting it to stay in place. My hair is so heavy, it wanted to pull loosewill keep trying! I wish I could post a pic of it here!

  11. Sara Says:

    and I have a new hair style for work (it can sit under the brim of my hat!). wonderful, wonderful. I will hopefully send pictures.

  12. Ko Says:

    Can you let us know what nail polish you wear in your tutorials?


  13. Cassie Hansen Says:

    Yay! I loved this style, Im excited to try it but a little worried since I have enough hair on my for 12 people, hopefully it will look as good. I love your site!

  14. Erin Says:

    So beautiful. I would have never guessed that was how you did it.

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