J. Crew Spring 2012

Posted in News on September 14th, 2011 by Reagan

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Its still fashion week for another day here in NYC, and yesterday was J.Crews presentation. Jake went as press, and got these photos for me. They had lots of hats in the collection, and those who werent wearing hats were wearing painfully tight pony tails and tangerine lip color. Did you know a perfect, slicked pony tail is one of the hardest things to master in the hair world? In fact, personally, they are my weakness. You get it all perfectly smoothed out,  and one false move forces you to start over. I took a 3 hour class on ponies once. They used about half a bottle of mega-hold gel and had the model lay down during the styling and everything. I thought it was a little much, but afterwords she looked like she had had a face-lift.

Pony rant over.

This hat below is my favorite! I have a panama hat, but it is pretty cheap. I think Ill invest in a nicer one next spring.

Resuming pony rantThere is something amazing about a girl who can pull of a slicked pony. I love to have hair all messy around my face, so to me, slicked hair is out of my comfort zone. But look at this girl below. She is such a babe with her tight hair and her crazy cheek bones.

Do you wear a sleek pony?


All photos by Jake Breinholt

11 Responses to J. Crew Spring 2012

  1. Laurice Ray Says:

    I could NEVER pull off a slick pony. My heads way too weird! Im more of a poof kind of girl.

  2. Jan B Says:

    I could never wear a slick pony either. My hair does not like to be contained.

  3. Alyssa Says:

    I have way too many flyaways around my face to even try the slick pony. Im more off a messy hair kinda girl. But Ive always been jealous of those that could do the slick back pony.

  4. Nicole Franks Says:

    I L.O.V.E a slick pony. My secret dirty hair ;) the dirtier the BETTER!! for that pulled back, tight, look!! Its my fav when its been a week + w/o a washing and i get the perfect pony. Sorry if thats TMI, but had to sharewhich you prob already know the dirty hair secret!!

  5. Erin Says:

    I am feeling inspired to try a super slick pony tomorrow! Now I wish I had tangerine lipstick to go with it

  6. Katrina Says:

    I appreciate that thats hard! one of my biggest frustrations in life is my inability to do an even moderately dressy pony that isnt super low. and even then. everything goes wonky.

  7. jeannie Says:

    A sleek pony is such a distinct look that few people can successfully wear, and Im not one of them. Id love to part my hair down the middle, and sleek it back into a pony either high, medium, or low. But I need my hair to be styled more softly and I need some sweep bangs framing my face. My head and face looks best with a mid-high pony and I want to learn how to get that lift in the crown. Can you do a tutorial on that? Youd make my life if I could learn to do that. The end of my Paul Mitchell wooden rat tail comb has been a very helpful accessory in creating some interest at the crown area, and a messy part. I would like a tip or two in wrapping my hair around the pony elastic, too, if you dont mind :-) I do a makeshift one on my own, and most of the time I can make it stay but Im sure theres a better way that you DO know about.

    I love ponies; I wear one every day. I live in the humid south so I keep my hair up several months of the year. Come October or November Ill be able to start feeling comfortable wearing it down, and Ill have until about May to enjoy long hair, loose. But I still put it up every day at home, or up/down/up/down all day long. I had a Keratin treatment (Global Keratin) last December and OMG I loved it. Now Ive learned to blow my hair straighter and use the flat iron (I dont do it every day and know to go easy on it but I still do love that iron) to create a straighter, swingy look. My hair is naturally thick and wavy. Im lucky that I have good hair. Ive used some of your cute braids and my 14 y/o and I love your tutorials. She braids my hair and her friends! We need a cute pony lesson, though, please :-)

  8. JLC Says:

    I just love Ponys.. So hard to get right

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