Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

Posted in News on September 12th, 2011 by Reagan

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Please forgive me for the amount of photos I have crammed into one post.

I was lucky to be able to attend Betsey Johnsons Spring 2012 runway show on Monday night. I was even luckier to be on the second row! It was a lot of fun and while I was there, I realized that I had never actually been to a show, only backstage doing hair! I dont usually do runway because it stresses me out, but being at this show made me want to go back to it. And not to mention, the hair was done by the salon I assisted at back in the day! I kept wondering who I knew back there workin away on the models.

So, here are some pictures from the show. Most of the photos were taken by Jake, who was back in the standing area. He opted not to deal with the chaos of the photo pit this time around. He ended up getting some good shots anyway. He had about a foot and a half long lens on his camera, so he didnt really have any excuses there.

The hair was pretty simple. Heavy side part, with all the hair pulled to one side. Then soft flowy curls combed out all glammy-like.

Below is my favorite dress of the night. I want to buy it.

I argued with a few people if the writing on the legs were tights or if it was sharpie. At first I thought it was tights, but then I looked closely and could see that it was written and that the girls werent even wearing tights. NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME. I kept saying, theyre not tights! Its a marker. And everyone was like, nope. tights and were going to buy them. I was right, yall. I was right. We blew up this bum picture when we got home and it was a clear message WRITTEN IN INK.

Another beauty. I love the necklace and the dress.

The number one thing I was excited to show you all, is all the hats Betsey had in her collection. I just wrote about how we need to accessorize our heads more. Yay!

I decided while I was sitting there, that seeing Betsey Johnson do her famous cartwheel down the runway was one of my greatest moments in life. Everyone in the room was smilling. This woman is almost 70, you know that? I want to grow up to be like her. And her. Sometimes I cant wait to be old and crazy.

Me with my goodie bag. Containing cupcakes, chocolate, Redken hair product, Stila eye-liner and lipstick (what the models wore in the show), Betsey Johnson socks, and pink hair extensions! Everyone working at the show wore the pink hair extensions. It was so fun. A great little touch!

After the show we hung out at the Lincoln Center fountain for a minute. I saw a million other bloggers. I talked to the Wanderlust people for a little bit. They were all sweet as can be. And I saw the Cupcakes and Cashmere girl too. And the Glamourai. I got my picture taken a few times and Jake and I called it a day.

Oh yeah! Jake gave me a camera when we split off, and I took a few pictures from the second row. AND I made friends with the cute girl next to me. (And I saw a client of mine who works for Glamour Magazine but I blanked on her name and I almost died of embarrassment)

Id say thats all, but that would make my coverage sound small! It was kind of a lot. Thanks for reading!

12 Responses to Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

  1. Rae Says:

    How fun to go to a Betsey show! My girlfriend works for Stila and works her show every Fashion Week. She always hooks me up with the goods. I hope the liner was the all day stay water proof liquid because Im freaking obsessed with it.
    Love the marker on the legs/butt and love that you were right. Also love that you guys got a pic of Betsey mid wheel. I saw her once and she was just as spunky and cute as always.
    Those studded hats and the dress are a little Gaga-esque, no?
    And I love that you want to be Maude. It makes my freaking day.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Im hugely jealous that you got to go to this show! Your pics are great! Betsey is totally a rockstar, I want to be like her when Im her age, too
    Ive seen more and more hats lately since the whole Royal Wedding.everyone seems to be wearing a fascinator. Its a mini-British hatwear invasion!

  3. whiskas Says:

    I once saw Betsy Johnson, colored hair and all, crossing Broadway in the middle of the day smoking a j.

  4. Laurice Ray Says:

    Thanks for sharing all your fun pics! I cant even imagine what an awesome experience it was to be at the show! Betsey is the BEST!!!!!!!!! Glad you had fun!

  5. Rachel C Says:

    Love the fascinators, dont love the earrings love your outfit too!

  6. Linda Says:


  7. Vanessa Says:

    Two things: One: I am always talking about how I cant wait to be an eccentric old lady and my grandmother told me I dont need to wait, I already am. It made me laugh, especially because I couldnt tell if t was meant as a compliment or not. I think her point was why wait? :) Second I came across the glamourai blog when I was searching for ideas on how to cut my hair, and loved hers. Then when I wanted to go back and find it again I couldnt remember what it was called. I searched all my internet history and couldnt find it. The joy, oh the joy, when I read your post and there it was!! So, thanks girl, you made my day!!

  8. Vanessa Says:

    Hi could you tell me what shade Stila lipstick? I want to get it! Thanks :)

  9. jessica kiehn Says:

    give me a break. if anybody in any third world country saw a fashion show like this going on in America they would be SICK. as am i.
    no offense to you whatsoever. But its just like for real? Hot pink and leopard bras and puffy Barbie skirts? People gawking at and thinking they need that crap as they sit and stare at girls on display like dogs at a competitive dog show? And the ladys name written on the models legs? Come on people. Lets get real.

  10. Jenn Says:

    Loving the thick, side-swept curls as a Fall trend. Beautiful for both casual and elegant affairs.

  11. Cherie Says:

    2 pairs of Betsey Johnson tights on EBAY for under $25!!! Username ReeRee_03

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