Slow Motion Hair

Posted in News on August 24th, 2011 by Reagan

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On Monday Jake, our friend Tadd and I filmed this video. Tadd is a scientist and has this crazy camera that films 1,000 frames per second (or something. thats what i overheard them saying), so you can see every little detail of the shot. Usually Tadd films bullets being shot under water so that he can study the fluid dynamics (also what i overheard) and sciency things of that sort, but we decided to focus on hair for the night!

Here is what we came up with!

Slow Hair from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

36 Responses to Slow Motion Hair

  1. Amanda Blair Says:

    THIS IS SO COOL! I love the progression of your facial expressions when your whipping your hair back and forth (hey, thats a song!). And the way your hair forms a perfect mohwak as it whips up and downSOOOOOO freaking cool!!! Also, it looked like a lot of fun to dunk your head in a bucket.

  2. Rae Says:

    This is SO FREAKING COOL! My favorite part is the second time you stretch out the curl and let it bounce back. Your hair looks so damn shiny and soft, I just want to get my hands all up in it. (Does that sound weird??)
    Awesome work you guys. Loved it. I didnt want the video to end.

  3. lacy Says:

    I love your facial expression during the water toss. Pretty sweet!

  4. Jan B Says:


  5. brissa Says:

    what a neat idea! i love slow-motion videos! it was cool seeing the real time as well as the 1,000 frame time.

  6. Julie T Says:

    Wow! That Scientist Tadd is hot!!!!

  7. tammy Says:

    Really cool!

  8. berta Says:

    wow!! how awsome and lucky of you to have a friend with such talent!! great marketing ideas can come of thisso lucky! wonderfully awsome video guys, great job!!

  9. bridget Says:

    wow, wow, wow!

  10. Reagan Says:

    @berta: thank you! I really agree. ive watched it several times and i just keep thinking how lucky of me to be able to be in a video like this. the camera itself is extremely expensive (over 1,500$ a day to rent) and it felt like such a great opportunity to make something like this! once in a lifetime, really!

  11. eliza Says:

    AMAZING, It truly shows how incredible hair really is!

  12. Talia DeNae Says:

    You look like Ariel! Kenzie and I used to whip our hair like that at the pool when we were little. I like to think we looked as amazing as you did in this awesome video. I loved the bouncy curl and the bang trim shot with all the little hairs flying about. I loved it!

  13. whoorl Says:

    Just gorgeous! I hope you dont mind that I shared this gorgeous video on my blog

  14. Lacretia Says:

    Coolest. Thing. Ever. I want slow motion hair! Though, Im convinced it would not be nearly as pretty as yours. :)

  15. Stephanie Says:

    This is awesome. Its like hair porn you know, if you roll like that.

  16. ellen patton Says:

    Amazingly cool. But everything Tadd does is cool. :)

  17. Kerry W Says:

    Thats awesome! My favourite part is where you pull the curl and it bounces back like a spring. Your hair looks so shiny and awesome in that shot! How did you curl it? Curling iron or straightner?

  18. Shannon Says:

    As someone with a huge head, Im a little jealous you can stick your head in a bucketand not get stuck. :)

  19. Adair Says:

    I LOVED watching the shears cut your hair. I think it would be fantastic to see more slow motion shots of dry cutting.

  20. Carol Says:

    So amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Melissa Lehman Says:

    Oh! So! Awesome! I wish I could slow motion some moments in life like this. Babys first smile, that first kiss, my daughter doing her first pirouette

    Thank you for sharing!

  22. stephanie joy Says:

    I love! So very cool!

  23. Allison W Says:

    Love it! :) So looked so awesome whipping your hair!

  24. Bri Kim Says:

    All I could think while watching this video was I whip my hair back and fourth

  25. Rebecca Says:

    Ellen, I was going to send you the link to this, but you found it before me:) Very neat. Tadd is wicked smaaaat. ~the Boston Menzies

  26. Cari Hicken Says:

    TADD!! Wow. Seeing you and Designmoms link to this really cool video? You rock. Way to go! What an awesome camera.

  27. Sharon Kieffer Steele Says:

    Brilliant. Just loved it.

  28. Rita Says:

    This is awesome! As a previous post said I didnt want it to end. I really felt that way too. Hope you decide to continue this sort of work. Its amazing to watch and you have a wonderful talent for using that amazing camera.

  29. Kate the Great Says:

    I was sent over here by DesignMomI agreethis is cool. Whats even cooler is that this is what you guys do in your spare time.

  30. jeannie Says:

    loved it!

  31. Lauri James Says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  32. Juliette Says:

    So Im sitting here in my hot a$$ apt. and I am finally able to catch up on some of your tuitorials and I have to say that this vid. is amazing and very beautiful. So awesome.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  33. Suzi Says:

    Im in love with you.


    But seriously. Youre amazing. And so is that slow-mo video. I wish you could be my everyday stylist. That would me fantastic.

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    I aspiration you possibly will be my on a daily basis stylist. That would me unbelievable.

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