Weekend Achievement.

Posted in News on August 21st, 2011 by Reagan

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On Saturday Jake had to run 20 miles for his marathon training. Sometimes I run marathons too, but right now Im not feeling it at all. I let Jake have fun on his 3 hour run while Jen and I went to the Food Truck Festival in Southstreet Seaport. I love having a friend who eats all the same things I do, because that means that since we are sharing, we can try out double the food trucks, but split the calories/cost in half. Smarties we are. Im sure no one on the face of the Earth has ever thought of sharing food before.

So, here we are with my first ever Lobster Roll. It was wonderful. Gourmet food trucks are kind of a trend right now in NYC (everywhere?) and I love it! This food truck ships their lobster fresh from Maine. Not a bad first LobRoll.

There were dozens and dozens of trucks, but it was hard to get a good shot. Here are a few!

I love to tie a scarf in a bow on my head during the summer. I do it now and then when the dirtiness of my hair isnt fooling anyone.

So, while it might seem like my weekend achievement was downing a LobRoll, it was actually creating a beautiful 5 strand french braid on Jen. I plan on doing a tutorial for this, but keep in mind this is even harder to do than the Halo Braid.well, the french part. Once you are no longer frenching 5 strands, its quite doable. But the french part has me swearing and hushing anyone in the room who might be distracting my tangled fingers.

The 5 strander is really quite lovely though. I was pretty excited to run over to the blog to show all my hairies!

13 Responses to Weekend Achievement.

  1. Allison W Says:

    Ohhthat looks so yummy! I need a scarf for my head. And your braid looks awesome! :D

  2. kati Says:

    that braid is divine. dont judge me too hard, but i dont even know how to french braid! i never figured it out/no one ever taught me growing up. and now i feel like im going to pass on that tragedy to my daughter if i dont figure it out quick! this would be like a miracle for me :)

  3. Erin Says:

    I love that were called your hairies!

  4. max Says:

    That braid is amazingI cant wait til you post the tutorial so I can try it!

  5. Rae Says:

    Love that braid, Ive never seen anything like it!

  6. Rachel C Says:

    Ive seen a lot of braids, but not this one. Cant wait to see how its done.

  7. Melissa Says:

    Oooh cant WAIT to see this tutorial. It looks so pretty!!

  8. Amanda Blair Says:

    Yum! I wanted to go to that but I was moving all dayboo. That braid is PRETTy!

  9. Jenny from the braid Says:

    You guys, that braid was epic. Im sad its not in my head anymore, and I hope I get picked to be the model for the toot.

    I got a compliment everywhere I went on my amazing braid, including Buffalo Exchange- where I got some great thrifts- Reagan remind me to show you later. Oh yeah, back to the braid- I felt like Reagan was dismantling a bomb in my head, the focus was intense.

  10. Katherine Says:

    Five strand braid?! That thing is beyond glorious. I cant wait to see the tutorial!

  11. Melissa Lehman Says:

    Beautiful braid! Oh, and food, glorious, food trucks! Food trucks are becoming pretty big here in Orlando too.

  12. Chelsey Says:

    I cant wait for the tutorial. I learned this braid 10 years ago in hair school but cant remember how to do it. Its such a beautiful braid! Thanks!

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