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This picture is so edited (Instagram!) that you cant really see the true color, but I went pinker! This is definitely a semi-perm color, because it came from a shampoo! Niles from my work, who is a color assistant, asked me if he could try this pastel shampoo on me to see how my hair would take it.

It really really took it. The pink is beautiful, but it is so bright, that I feel like the natural looking roots dont really marry with the bottom. Its like Little Orphan Annie on top and My Little Pony Tales on the bottom. But Im crazy and Ill try anything so I dont care. In fact, I really like having pink hair. And people on the street want to talk to mewell girls. This is definitely a man-repelling hair procedure. Which I dont mind because Jake loves me for the crazy pants that I am.

Im anxious to see how long this pink lasts. Ill make sure to give you a full review of the process! And some better pictures soon too!

Tonight Im going to pick a giveaway winner, so hurry and enter!

One commenter said she should win because her hair is gross and for some reason that had me laughing for 3 hours. I like a simple explanation like that.

Good luck yall!

4 Responses to Pinker.

  1. Camila Says:

    oh so you actually read the comments?? hmm maybe I shouldve left a more interesting comment than just, ME! hah

  2. Tori Burton Says:

    By any chance was this the Davines colored shampoo?! I love that stuff!

  3. Alisa Says:

    Ive been searching far and wide for pastel shampoos, do you happen to know the brand he used? I suppose I could use colored shampoos that are meant more for toning and upkeep of colored hair like Bumble and Bumble has but Im curious to try an actual pastel shampoo!

  4. Sapatos Timberland Says:

    Eu acredito que não é estranho a todos para a reciclagem de garrafas de plástico, mas você já pensou em recuperação de garrafas plásticas foram?


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